Enrollment Processes- Changes for the Millennials Generation


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An illustrated view of changes to the admissions funnel considering cross media, marketing automation and new approach strategies for kids that live, sleep and breathe all things digital. This infographic includes a comprehensive planning guide. #cross media, #marketing automation, #college admissions

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Enrollment Processes- Changes for the Millennials Generation

  1. 1. 2004 2014 Two of the most notable challenges in Admissions today: 1. MEDIA SHIFT Where is your target market spending their media time these days? 2. ADMISSIONS PROCESS How much manpower goes into converting prospects to students? 1. Cross Media “Integrated Platforms” 2. Interactive Dialogue © 2014 MSP Digital Marketing Business Intelligence Technology Project Management -Consultation -Integrated Cross Media Functionality -Sequencing & Implementation -Print Production Services -Integrated New Media services 3. Marketing Automation FEEDBACK Strategic Calls To Action 2a. Direct Mail Interactive Communications 2b. Mobile Marketing Interactive Communications any media format increased two-way interactivity future relevant messaging Some Examples of Interactive Communications can be illustrated as follows: Direct mail with calls-to-action drives students towards mobile and web-based landing pages. Traditional Admissions Lookbook Mobile Optimized Lookbook There are tools that make media synchronization easy! Direct Mail Email Mobile Social Media Broadcast MediaPrint Ads WWW Campaign Dashboard Systems Events Thank You! CTA THANK YOU PAGE OPTIMIZED LANDING PAGE CALL TO ACTION DIRECT MAIL MARKETING AND it shows the young student-prospect that you are Direct Mail Email Mobile Social Media Broadcast Media Print Ads WWW Events Call To Action Landing Page Interactions Data Capture A B C Pro�iling Tags Marketing Automation Engine A B C Direct MailMobile Email Call Center Direct MailMobile Email Call Center Direct MailMobile Email Call Center Any Media Promotions Segmented Output Cross Media Follow-Through o bjectives messageseg m entation crea tive gr aphic design target ID dir ectmail events look book s SO CIALMEDIA OUTREACH CO PYRES PONSE VARIATION S W EB data SE O Inquiries Applicants Admits Enrolled Students administrators increased enrollment higher student aptitudes reduced incentive aid packages Despite these challenges, there are opportunities for: Segmented Admissions Funnels Prospects Inquiries Applicants Admits Deposits Response Rate Conversion Rate Acceptance Rate Yield Rate Enrolled Enrollment Yield Rate digitally modernized. The Generic Admissions Funnel As you progress, you can develop multiple Admissions Funnels. Strategic Calls To Action 16-17 PROSPECT FEEDBACK Strategic Calls To Action Graduate PROSPECT FEEDBACK Strategic Calls To Action C.E. PROSPECT FEEDBACK Strategic Calls To Action Online PROSPECT FEEDBACK Strategic Calls To Action Gap Year PROSPECT FEEDBACK Your supplier partner should act on your behalf as a well-oiled machine. Be certain they can provide you with: The Whiteboard Infrastructure Deployment Refinement - Target Markets - Message Segmentation - Data Analysis - Predictive Modeling - Presumption of Cross Media Mix - Call To Action Strategies - Admissions Funnel Requirements - Augmentation with Interactive Communications - Augmentation with Marketing Automation - Parent Engagement - Finalized Marketing Blueprint Delivery - Mixed Media Optimization - Cross Media “Integrated Systems” - SEO - Interactive Media Development - Data Capture Optimization - Marketing Automation Development - Copy Development & Message Segmentation - Creative Services & Template Development - Responsive Design - List Services - 1-to-1 Direct Mail - 1-to-1 Email Marketing - Programs & Events - Traditional Response Channels - Digital Response Channels - Response Automation (Admissions Funnel Processes) - 1-to-1 Fulfillment Support - Project Management - A-B Distribution - Testing - Marketing Dashboards with Exportable Data - Measurement - Refinement - Continued Rollout - On-going Project Management These opportunities include Social Mobile Mass Media Email Direct Mail videos links interactive trackable Advantages EnrollmentProcessesinaDigitalMediaAge message relevancy = increased conversion rates! student-prospect advantages: digitally engaged interactive platforms Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 Marketing Automation Supports: message relevancy media format preference admissions funnels increased student enrollment quality vs. Seamless