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 Scott Gunter and Elizabeth Rosenweig -- Designing a Cohesive Customer Experience

Scott Gunter and Elizabeth Rosenweig -- Designing a Cohesive Customer Experience






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     Scott Gunter and Elizabeth Rosenweig -- Designing a Cohesive Customer Experience  Scott Gunter and Elizabeth Rosenweig -- Designing a Cohesive Customer Experience Presentation Transcript

    • Designing a Cohesive Customer Experience
      Elizabeth Rosenzweig – Bentley University
      Scott Gunter – Usability Sciences
    • About Us
      Scott Gunter
      VP of User Experience at Usability Sciences
      Over 13 years as usability / user experience researcher
      Has led over 250 research projects on behalf of companies like Microsoft, J.C. Penney, Nokia, Kohl’s, Oracle, and Nike.
      Elizabeth Rosenzweig
      Principal Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, Bentley University
      Over 25 years experience in UX field
      Founder and Director World Usability Day
      4 Patents in UX Design
    • Today’s Talk
      Touch points and the User Experience
      Virtual Ethnography
      Some solutions
    • Setting the stage
      Your company has continued to expanded its market presence by adding a…
      Facebook page
      Mobile enabled site
      iPhone app
      Android app
      Weekly promotional emails,
      Each of which received extensive user testing before deployment.
    • Touch points
      Is the experience across each of these new touch points consistent?
      What about with the existing touch points (e.g., website, store, etc.)
      Are the individual touch points working together to enhance the customer's total experience?
      What role does each touch point play in your customer's journey?
    • “You recently moved into a new apartment and would like to purchase a reasonably priced leather sofa.”
    • Customer Journey
      Was the experience consistent across each touch point?
      Was trust being built along the way?
      Was the brand messaging consistent?
      Was the customer compelled to continue shopping?
    •  Multichannel Customer Experienceby Consultancy, November 2010
      • 49% of company respondents say a joined-up multichannel customer experience is very important to their organization,
      • 41% say multichannel UX is quite important.
      • 68%recognize a strong link between long-term business performance and customer experience.
    • Multichannel Customer Experience cont’d
      • 69% of organizations are just beginning to develop a UX strategy.
      • 9% surveyed have no strategy for improving the customer experience.
      • 38% report that ownership of the multichannel customer experience lies within a combination of different departments.
    • Forrester Research
      Global eBusiness And Channel Strategy Professional Online Survey, Forrester Research Inc., November 2010
      Retailers who had focused on multichannel integration found:
      an average of 48% increase in online sales
      28% reduction in operating costs
      25% increased profitability
    • Cross-Channel Experiences in Retailhttp://pervasiveia.com/blog/cross-channel-retailing
      83% of consumers prefer retailers offering a continuous and consistent shopping experience across the different channels
      Pervasive information architectures are consistent information spaces that are not limited to the Web, but bridge across all active communication channels for a given company, product, or service. In the the team promotes a heuristic approach to design them, based on 5 related indicators: place-making, consistency, resilience, correlation, and reduction. 
    • The Cross-Channel Experience, Slide Share Presentation by Nick Finck
      3 Types of Touch points
      • Static Touch points
      • Interactive Touch points
      • Human Touch points
    • Cross Channel Touch Points
      • Web
      • Email
      • Packaging
      • Product
      • Streaming media
      • Mobile
      • Retail
      • Sales Support
      • Environment
      • Click-to-Chat
      • Social Media
      • Broadcast Media
    • 3 Types of Touch Points
      • Static Touch points
      • Online or on paper (newspaper, magazines) information only
      • Interactive Touch points
      • Often online, internet or mobile internet, allows for interactions:
      • Search
      • Find a product
      • Ask about a product
      • Find a store
      • Etc.
      • Human Touch points
      • In person, usually at the store
    • Static Touch Point
    • Interactive Touch Point
    • Human Touch Point
    • How can “Out of the Box” thinking help?
      Virtual Ethnography
      Brings together disparate elements to understand a complex problem
      Time, Space and Technology- where do they merge
    • Virtual Ethnographyby Christine Hine
      Ongoing study of how people interact online, through the social world of the internet
      Time is viewed differently in a virtual world, it can slow down or speed up with no relation to the laws of physics
      Space becomes an altered reality, whereas it must adhere to the laws of physics in the physical world
      Technology then evolves based on how people use it
    • Consider This
      Space and Time create a context for interaction
    • Space, Time and Technology
    • Some Steps To A Solution
      Identify your core customer
      Put the user at the center of the process:
      Inventory your touch points
      Identify attributes of each touch-point
      Create journey maps
      Evaluate touch points within journey map
    • More Solutions
      Research new ways to create and augment online reality
      Use tools of Virtual Ethnography to study online social behavior
      Observe the effects of Space and Time on touch points
    • Today’s Talk
      New customer experience must integrate many touch points
      What are examples of different touch points
      What is the latest thinking
      What can you do to apply this to your work
    • Q&A
      Any questions?