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Producer and audience
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Producer and audience


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  • 2. IntroductionWithin the film industry, there are always film producers who willproduce a film yet target different types of audience.This is becausethe film then will be able to consume more money for the making ofthe film and release great different ideal merchandise which canhave a wide variety of age range. For example there are films outthere which are targeted for teenagers which younger children willbe included in the audience as children themselves will want to seethe DVD.There will be merchandise which will appeal to bothchildren and teenagers.They will each get their own selection ofthings they can buy like jewellery, pens and note pads which could beconsidered for teenagers whilst the children would get toys, teddiesand possibly bedding helps raise money from the making of the film.Making it worldwide and loveable the producers will make moremoney than they initially used for the budget.
  • 3. SynopsisThe Marvel Studios Iron Man 3 is a whole new adventure andmission forTony Stark as he comes against an enemy who reachesno bounds. As soon as Starks personal world is destroyed before hisvery eyes by his enemy, he then sets off on a quest to find theperson responsible.This journey itself will test Stark at every turnhe makes. After a while he is left to survive and complete his questwith using his own devices and not dependant on the suit, relyingon his ingenuity and instincts to protect all those that are closest tohim. Fighting his way back, he then finally realises and discoversthe answer what has haunted him for a while, and that veryquestion is does the man make the suit or the suit make the man.
  • 4. For the new release of Iron Man 3 (2013) directed by Shane Black is becoming ahuge success. Only having been release 18th April 2013, there is already a crazy feelfor the film and its merchandise. By having Kevin Feige produce Iron Man (2008) aswell as Iron Man 2 (2010), and now the new release of Iron Man 3 (2013) there onlyseemed to be one set target audience from the start which have all been carriedthrough new experiences from each Iron Man films. Having all of the Marvel fanstargeted, as well as the youngsters are targeted as it has been made from comicbooks, It has been made to stay friendly for them. After it being a success andeveryone loving the film and merchandise made and money made from it, theprequels have been made and the franchise growing. Having a new director for thefilm, has gave the actual film another meaning to go and see it as its like there is agreat expectation of the film. Having a budget of around $200 million and thengetting a box office taking at around $1,196,616,000, shows how much of a topquality film people seem to think it is.
  • 5. As the distributor of the film isWalt Disney StudiosMotion Pictures, this also enables the actual film itselffor more audience. As I was saying before, with itbeing kept friendly for a younger audience this willallow Walt Disney to release the majority of themerchandise aimed at children in all the Disney storeswhich are placed in different countries.
  • 6. Marketing of Iron Man 3The film Iron Man 3 has been marketed by using a very wide variety ofdifferent ways. As the days are becoming more modern, advertising a filmhas become easier to do on the internet through things such as socialnetworking sites. Having little adverts pop up which enable people to clickon it which can direct them to an official website makes marketing againmuch easier then it may have been 10 years ago. Having official websiteswhich hold the official trailers as well as sites such asYouTube allows theaudience to view what is on offer for a brand new film.YouTube itself willonly hold the trailer and nothing more because it is one place anyone cango to watch thousands and different videos, trailers, music videos and soon.Whereas the official website for a film such as Iron Man 3, holds a trailer, a synopsis,screen shots of the film and even more advertisement links at the bottomwhich like to more marketing for the film. Bringing out and pushing moreof Iron Man merchandise is reinforcing that the new film has beenreleased or going to be released again discretely promoting the film so
  • 7. From on screen advertisement to print, Iron Man 3posters have been placed everywhere. From bus stops,to posters in the actual cinema to show what will bereleased soon or even what is in the cinema it all linksinto place and relates.You can’t go wrong with themarketing of a film especially Iron Man 3 which is aprequel from the first and second. Having picturesposted on Billboards, in newspapers and magazines, it’snot unmissed to the human eye so the marketing isdown to aT. Knowing the older generation are morelikely to look within the newspapers, and the fairlyyounger generation are going to be looking withinmagazines, that’s just hitting the target audience aseven now the majority of people within the world lovethe Marvel films. As well as images and posters withinmagazines, interviews and reviews are held in more ofthe film magazines which also encourages people tosee the film, film mad people who want the secondopinion to know if other people like it which could alsocome under word of mouth, reading a review orinterview can get more people intrigued to watch thefilm.
  • 8. Word of mouth is one of the essential ways of people hearing about afilm and making them want to go and see it. It’s all good seeingtrailers and saying you want to go and see it as trailers always seem topick the most vital parts of the film to show, they show the moreexciting bits to grab the audience’s attention and then sometimes itcan turn out disappointing. With the Iron Man 3, it has become a bigthing more people are going to see the film in my opinion from wordof mouth. As it is the third one, some people can say the film itself canbe dragging so the people who go to see it and tell other people thatits good or brilliant makes all of the people who haven’t saw it want togo and see it. Its becoming a point where, a friend or families opinionand thought on a film encourages people to go and see the film. All ofthe marketing skills which Marvel have used, seem to mush togetherand work together helping each skill out, no film is successful withoutan audience who enjoys the films and watches them. Having abrilliant campaign going and focusing 0n the target audience hasmade the film a success.
  • 9. Media Term – Anchorage (Anchor)Fixing of meaninge.g. The copy text anchors (i.e. fixes to one spot)the meaning of an image (for instance, a singlerose, that could be used for an ad for anythingfrom a dating agency to a funeral home) in a printadvertisementIt fixes the meaning of an image and directs thereader to the text. For example, newspapers usecaptions to anchor the meaning of photographs.
  • 10. Looking at the actual poster andhaving the Iron Man 3 in huge letters,and people would think that that isanchoring the actual film but Ipersonally don’t feel it is.The factthat it has Marvel above the bigletters, it is standing out on theactual Iron Man image.This isshowing everyone that it is a Marvelfilm and Marvel related. It reinforcesthe image and the comic book feelagain and for all those Marvel fanswhich can be considered as thetarget audience.
  • 11. Finding Information on TargetAudienceThere are many methods of how to find out the target audience of a film.The main wayin which I feel that they would get more success from a method is figuring out the genreas well as the age certificate of the film.This would lay a base for finding the right targetaudience because after this has been done they can then set out to who they want thetarget audience to be. Knowing the genre of the target audience which can possible beconsidered as the demographic group. By also looking at other similar films orsequels/prequels is another method they can use to make it easier for them to focus onthe target audience.This can make it easier for the producers to select the demographicgroup. By also doing a mix of either or a range of surveys, online blogs andquestionnaires also gives off a clear indication and a better result on the kind of audiencethat a producer wants to target.
  • 12. Breaking the information into trying to find the right target audience up into severaldifferent categories/factors is another method in how to target a specific audience. Notall of these factors work or fit into everything but they are all still yet considered withinthe research on the audience. By thinking of all possible outcomes and possibilities thefactors help the producers.The factors which are thought about are: Age Gender Religion Race Sexuality Education Occupation Annual Income Disposable Income Current and desired lifestyle Media Interests Buying Habits Loyalty to brands