Evaluation of final images


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Evaluation of final images

  1. 1. Evaluation – Salford QuaysFor this unit, I had to go out to Salford Quays and then take several photographs around SalfordQuays and then edit them in Adobe Photoshop. Having clear understanding of this particular unitand brief set, I have managed to complete the task set which I feel is an excellent standard. I havedone then to the point where I think they are effective, different and what I enjoy. I tried to be asprofessional as I could with the photographs that I was taking; however some of the photographscame out in different qualities. Some were blurry and some were perfect quality, and this gave methe option to define what I did wrong with images as not focusing the camera properly and not fixingthe composition all the time correctly. In order to get a steady camera and sort out a propercomposition, if I was going to do this project again I would get a tripod which would bettercomposition.There are two artists who I looked at in order to preform my Photographs or final images and theywere Andrew Brooks and Simon Butterworth. They both take landscape photographs and they havetaken images of buildings light up at night as well as natural open spaces. The research I did on theseartists was effective as I tried to perfect the standards they go through to take their images andmake them how they look. Through trying to get to professional standards images, I have editedthem in the way I think would be better to present them and different yet bold and outstanding likethe artists themselves. Throughout my editing, I have asked for other people’s opinions to see whatworked well through the editing process and what didn’t work well and even if they had liked theimages I have edited so far and I have sat and spoken about what would work with the image itselfby looking at what is in the image and deciding what to do and also what effects/filters would beuseful.The different stages I went through to get my final edited images were all effective. The research helped medecide what I wanted to exactly take images of and how I would like to hopefully edit them. The planning andpreparation didn’t go as I thought it would because I didn’t really plan when I was going to do it and thepreparation was a last minute thing. If I was to do it again I would plan several day trips to take the images asthe weather can also have a big impact on the image being taken from it being sunny or it raining, there will bea different type of atmosphere coming from the image. The time management and the project managementhave both been all over the place as I started the assignment. As it has gone further down the line, they haveboth become more into place and I know where I am I know what needs to be done and what hasn’t beendone. It has slightly fallen into place as well as the creative ability. Editing the images and recording what Ihave done to create the final image has been long and difficult as some of the images I had just edited withoutrecording so thinking back on what I had done and thinking about what I need to do to recreate the imagewasn’t easy.My final artwork has just blown out my original intentions as I felt like I wouldn’t create as good of images thanI already have done and they wouldn’t turned out to near professional standards. As the images have turnedout better than expected, I had chosen a couple of the Salford Quays images to put into my portfolio as I feltthey worked well and the editing was great. I had no initial audience for my images however, people who havelooked at the final pieces of art work have enjoyed what I have done and either liked or loved the images. Ipersonally love what I have done as I know it’s my work and I am getting to where I want to be with the actualphotography, my skills are developing slowly and my Photo Shop skills are becoming more advanced as I knowhow to use it and what to do with the tools.