Web Analytics & Data Warehousing Preso For Syncsort


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The presentation for a Webinar where I spoke on the benefits of moving clickstream data into a data warehouse.

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Web Analytics & Data Warehousing Preso For Syncsort

  1. 1. Web Analytics & Data Warehousing Changing the game for marketing….
  2. 2. The game is changing everything we know… “We can‟t just count eyeballs, conversions, and ratings… A different way of thinking is called for. It‟s all “personal” now. Marketers have to ask a new question – „How do we solve this interesting problem‟ You have the data. But now what are going to do with it? That‟s the opportunity.” Seth Godin The Omniture Summit March, 2010
  3. 3. But it’s not changing what we do…. Using data to drive business value – is still about deriving insight to effect change.
  4. 4. There’s so much more data now… Web site data is used to drive business value. Web analytics tools are built to drive customer acquisition insight But Web data can & should tell us so much more about customers.
  5. 5. Marketing people hate math…. With more responsibility the need for deeper insight and less stats. The need for in-depth trends - 360° analysis Gaps in Web Analytics Tools are widening…
  6. 6. Mind the gap….. The 4 C‟s Counts, clickpaths, conversions & computers Value through our acquisition and our engagement funnel… We‟re not getting the whole picture from Web Analytics…
  7. 7. Today’s WA built for mediocrity
  8. 8. Today’s WA built for mediocrity Vast amounts of WA data that goes unused It‟s not just the 2% who converted… It‟s the 98% who didn‟t… …and who are those 2%?
  9. 9. The New Marketing Funnel… Use Clickstream Data in concert with other data. Inform the CMO about the complete customer lifecycle
  10. 10. Layering in a solution to the data stream… Speed up the data Processing. Speed is king. Handle all of the different types of data without writing custom apps.
  11. 11. Safety tips… 1. It‟s iterative. Walk before you run. DW is scary to marketers. 2. With marketing it‟s mostly speed. Not depth. Decisions are sometimes subjective 3. Dashboards should be dashboards not a thesis.
  12. 12. Thanks…. “Most importantly [good CMO‟s] will make the leap from providing fuzzy marketing metrics to clear business metrics that the CEO and CFO care about because they drive the bottom line.” Josh James CEO Omniture The Omniture Summit March, 2010
  13. 13. Photo Credits. Paulo Brandao Maison Bisson Sylvain Bourdos Byrne 7214 Tim Cummins