Context, Chaos & Change - Why Content Strategy Is So Important For Content Marketing


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My workshop presentation for the LavaCon 2013 Content Strategy event.

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Context, Chaos & Change - Why Content Strategy Is So Important For Content Marketing

  1. 1. 1.Context: The overwhelmingbusiness case for contentstrategy in content marketingChaos: The Real World ofcontent marketing and howenterprises are making it upas they go.2.Change: Unified content strategy,marketing and technologychanges everything.3.
  2. 2. 1.The overwhelmingbusiness case for contentstrategy in content marketing
  3. 3. “The 19th century was defined by the novel.The 20th by the cinema.The 21st will be defined by the interface.”- Lev Manovich
  4. 4. -Howard Gossage
  5. 5. -  William ClarkGartner Analyst
  6. 6. Social"Security"Subscribe"Search"Social &Augmented RealityContextual basedsecurityManagement &DeliveryPersonalized results
  7. 7. Your Competition Is NotYourCompetition
  8. 8. million homeswith broadbandconnectionpeople “cut thecable cord last year”% of all primetimebandwidthFrom Netflix.
  9. 9. of mobile usersare smartphone usersof mobile Americansbrowse the mobile WebAverage gadgets HH:2 computers, 3 laptops,2 video capable cameras,2 cell phones, scanner,3 TV’s + DVR’s, 1 Gamebox, 1 Kindle/iPad
  10. 10. Whew!
  11. 11. How do we….As MarketersBecome ContextAware?
  12. 12. +
  13. 13. Content MUST be well organized Content Governance MUST be in place UI/IA Strategy For ALL Channels Is Critical
  14. 14. Chaos: The Real World ofcontent marketing and howenterprises are making it upas they go.2.
  15. 15. What I’ve learned about the process ofcontent & marketing over 24 Months...
  16. 16. 1. Most organizations are siloed -now even within Marketing.2.Most organizations are startingto transform their marketinggroups...3.B2C and B2B processes aremore different than they mightfirst appear.4. Marketing doesn’t want MOREtechnology.What we’ve learned about the process ofcontent & marketing over 24 Months...
  17. 17. 1.The key is utilizing technology tode-silo the PROCESS, not theteam.2.Collaborative roles andprocesses created to facilitatebetter communication.3.Alignment of governance,measurement and goals.Different for B2B and B2CWhat we’ve learned about the process ofcontent & marketing over 24 Months...
  18. 18. Content Marketing Team/RolesMost are creating theresponsibilities, but have keptthe traditional titles.Where is content strategy?It’s not there….. Yet….
  19. 19. 1.Most vendors and agencies thinkof enterprise marketing as onebig team. It’s so not.Right now – it’s a mess and neithertechnology vendors nor agencies havesolved it....2.Big gaps in capabilities arebeing filled by freelancers andagencies (but not for long)3.Startup technologies areproviding point-solutions to filltechnology gaps.
  20. 20. Web Social Social CRM Brand E-MktgOwns:Web Site &OptimizationMeasured:TrafficSEOLeadsOwns:FacebookTwitterMeasured:EngagementOwns:CRMTwitterMeasured:NotOwns:TVMeasured:AwarenessOwns:BlogSocialContentMeasured:Working On It.Content Strategy Not Aligned. Web, Social, PR, eMktgMeasurement Not Aligned - and in fact conflictsResult - process and tool silos emerging - questions on WCMSPROwns:PR ContentNewsRoomContentMeasured:PRBig Insurance Company
  21. 21. Re-alignment of marketingContent MarketingBuilding content strategyaround E MarketingHiring: Writers, EditorsDeploying: EditorialCommunity is gone?What happens to Newsroom?What happens to Resource center?What happens to Web Site?
  22. 22. 1.So – Who’s Driving Content Marketing Adoption?2.Who we aren’t seeing…. Yet….a – Public Relations (this is changing)b – Customer Service & Retention(except in social)We see content marketing – being managedout of:a - Product Marketing / Demand Generationb – Brand Marketing / Awareness(especially B2C)c - Social Teams / driving ROI on socialprograms
  23. 23. So – Who’s Driving Content Marketing Adoption?3.Most companies still see most social platforms (LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook) as ways to promote content BACK tothe target- Especially true in B2B Demand Generation- Slideshare, Youtube and others are different. They areseen as “extensions” of branded repositories /distribution channels (so they don’t care aboutcommunity)4.Perhaps unlike digital marketing trends, this is a bottomup strategy – NOT top down. And agencies are notleading brands. Rather, brands are pulling their agenciesinto this.
  24. 24. And How About Social ContentNetwork The B2B Marketer Value Shareability Amplification Distribution Net ResultB2B Marketers distribute content on networksfor different reasons. Whether they knowit or not.Content Strategy is a must for social too.
  25. 25. LET’S TAKE A BREAK….
  26. 26. Unified content strategy,marketing and technologychanges everything.3.
  27. 27. The reality of WCM in marketing!
  28. 28. The reality of WCM in marketing•  Less than half of customerstrust paid advertising"•  92% trust earned media."•  But… more than 60% trustowned media."•  Systems of Engagement thatcreate content-drivenexperiences are powering thistransition. "
  29. 29. Constant Engagement is an imperative
  30. 30. Social to engage new prospects. Results: 3 week close instead of 1 HR. 217% more likely to make firstpayment and continue to makepayments.
  31. 31. B2B Software SaaS Company “okay, we’ll try thiscontent marketingthing” CustomerAcquisition 1.2x the cost 1.5x as long
  32. 32. B2B Software SaaS Company “wait for it....” CustomerAcquisition Spent 2X as much Stayed 5X as long 2X more likely toshare
  33. 33. Engagement is imperative!•  60% of consumers that engagedwith a brand through socialchannels are “significantly” morelikely to recommend or purchase."•  “Fully Engaged” consumersrepresent an average of 23%premium in terms of ‘share ofwallet, profitability, revenue andrelationship growth”"•  “Actively disengaged” consumersrepresent a 13% discount in thissame measure"
  34. 34. Business as usual – isn’t!•  The old maxim “adapt or die” is stilltrue. But usually marketers knewwhat we were adapting into."•  In today’s marketplace thequestion for the visionary CMOisn’t “What must we evolve into?” "•  Rather, it’s how can we build anagile marketing organization thatcan rapidly adapt to . . . theunknown and unpredictable? "
  35. 35. So, what’s the challenge?

It’s a Change….!Human Capital Index – Corporate Culture Performance Kotter & Keskette
  36. 36. Sources of innovation!Systematic ProcessSwept Into ItSerendipitousReplicated FromPrevious Job!
  37. 37. Producing EngagingContent2012 Content Marketing challengesProducing ContentMgmt Buy-InBudget
  38. 38. It’s time for marketing to step up
and Content Strategists can bethe catalyst!•  We must create andcommunicate newprocesses – anchoredaround an ability to change."•  Doesn’t matter whether it’s anew WCMS, or WEM/CXMor SOE"•  Deployment /implementation is the criticalfactor."
  39. 39. So – what’s the net result?!
  40. 40. What happened?!
  41. 41. So – what’s really going on?!
  42. 42. So – what’s really going on?!
  43. 43. How we buy content technology!•  We identify all theshortcomings of oursystem (real andperceived)"•  We make a wish list tofit the design of ournew presentation NOTour new process."•  We get demos fromvendors who show usall the new stuff todifferentiatethemselves."Our "Wish"List"Vendor "New Stuff"All The Stuff"Our CMSDoesn’t Do."
  44. 44. How we implement the same!The stuff wedon’tunderstand.We’ll wait forphase 2 onthisThe rationalized thepurchase of thetechnology.Our "Wish"List"Vendor "New Stuff"All The Stuff"Our CMSDoesn’t Do."
  45. 45. Conclusion:!•  All WCM’s fail"•  All WEM’s / SOE’s will fail too."•  Smart Content Strategy & Good Technologyimplementation – that enables CHANGE – iswhat’s key."•  How do we, as marketers, and contentstrategists get to good implementation."
  46. 46. Building the process!
  47. 47. Building the process!
  48. 48. Building the process!•  FIRST: Successful communication withcustomers means our engagementprocess is BUYER FOCUSED."•  SECOND: Successful deployment oftools means we are clearlycommunicating our needs to ourimplementation team. "
  49. 49. Anatomy Of A Unified CM Process
  50. 50. Align audiencewith goalsIdentify the larger storyto be toldMap that story againstpersonas, goals andcapabilitiesCreate planAnatomy Of A Unified CM Process
  51. 51. PurposePillars Of ContentMeasurement & ROIDriversContent ExecutionHigh Level SEO StrategyContent Creation/Curation Workflow &ProcessContent Re-purposingProcess / SocialAnatomy Of A Unified CM Process
  52. 52. Learn  1.  Plan  Audit  Analysis  Strategy  2. Create  Workflow  Writing  Delivery  3. Govern  Measurement  MaintenanceAnatomy Of A Unified CM Process
  53. 53. Content Promotion“marketing themarketing”  Measurement againststory & goals  Content & ConversationPlan.Anatomy Of A Unified CM Process
  54. 54. It’s where mostcontent agencies start.  Google  sez  there’s    4  million  ways  to  say    We  listen  to  you...  We  repeat  it  back...  We  design  it...  We  develop  it...  We  help  you  maintain/measure  it...  
  55. 55. Exercise time!
  56. 56. Action StormingSITUATIONLarge niche industry technology software companyNo innovation in your sector in 20 yearsYou have a new product that will change the paradigmYou want to launch this product using content marketingStrengthsGlobal brand – you are the “Authority” of your niche industryYou’ve got strong product development teams – and the leadingindustry expertsWeaknessesNo one’s going to believe you? Analysts? Customers?Content is all over the place (tech, community, website)No strong center of contentExercise!
  57. 57. PHASE 1 – LET’S COME UP WITH ACONTENT MARKETING IDEAThat can help to differentiate themThat can help to launch this new product(s)That can drive existing products forwardWhat Is It?What Content Strategy Will We NeedWhat Technology Will We NeedExercise!
  58. 58. IMPLEMENTORSNEXT – VOLUNTEERSLet’s Pick One IdeaNow you are the implementors – regardless of what they haveprovided you,what will you implement?Exercise!
  59. 59. USERS AND MAINTAINERSCan you use this thing? What questions do you have? What’smissi……?Exercise!
  60. 60. • Larger story of CREO.• 4 Pillars Of Content• Measurement Goals• Refined AudiencePersonas• Built The Story Map
  61. 61. • Defined Process• Assigned Roles• Sourced All Content• Editorial Calendar (FirstThree Months)• Integrated Story Map
  62. 62. • Align story map &calendar to plan• Sales content scheduled• Work w/ agency & salesto ensure right calls toaction