Folleto terminado euska!


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Folleto terminado euska!

  1. 1. From Bilbao to San Sebastian in a bus. From Biarritz to Vitoria Gazteiz by plane. With overnight in Hotel Amara Plaza (11’50h-13’50h), when you arrive you canis a good place to live, a better place (****) with lunch and breakfast lunch in a restaurant that you choose. Youto visit! have reserve in Hotel “Silken Ciudad de included and with a reserve in rte. “Las Tablas” in Bahia de la Concha. Vitoria” with dinner and the breakfast of the next day included. During the day you can visit some sites of During the day you have a schedule visit Donosti like “Museo San Telmo”, along three prominently places of the city: “Palacio Miramar, etc; and you stay in the “Museo de Ciencias Naturales”, “Museo same hotel overnight with dinner and de arte Vasco contemporaneo” and toWe know that you want feel good breackfast (of netx day) included. “Centro Interpretación de S’alburua”. –emotions in your travels and you then you have the dinner, next breakfast anwant to learn and enjoy about other overnight reserved in the same Hotel thancultures, traditions or simply about the last lands.We offer you a ten nights trip in From Vitoria to Oñati by bus. In Oñati youEuskadi. From 23 of June to 3 of have a reserve for lunch and for dinner inJuly we have prepared a cultural to traditional food restaurants and atravel around the Basque country! reserve for overnight and breakfast in Hotel “Arantzazu” (****). From Donosti to Biarritz by bus.From Palma to Bilbao by plane of (11’30h-12’35h). In Biarritz you can takeAirberlin (15’10-16’30h). You have a lunch at some restaurant and then visit thereserve in Hotel Abando (****) site.overnight with dinner and breakfast You stay overnight in Hotel “Le grandincluded. Large”(****) the dinner and the next breakfast are included.
  2. 2. During the day you have reserved a From Durango to Bilbao by train.Schedule visit of Oñati with lunch (10’15h-12h). You can stay in the hotel This is the last day. The breakfast isincluded. Then at the night you have (Hotel “Abando” ****) where you have included in the prize of hotel, but lunchreserve in a high quality restaurant included lunch and dinner. isn’t included. You have to take a plane to“Arkupe” and overnight is in the same return to Mallorca at 17’15 pm.hotel tan the last day with breakfast of thenext day included.From Oñati to Durango by bus.(10’30-12’30h). At Durango you havereserve in restaurant “Larrinagatxu” forlunch and dinner and overnight in Hotel“Gran Hotel Durango” (***). Thebreakfast of the netx day also is included. The breakfast in included in prize of hotel, like the dinner, the overnight and the next breakfast. But during the day we have prepared a Schedukle visit of some characteristic places of Bilbao: -“Guggenhein Museum”, “Euskaulduna Palace”, “Catedral of Santiago”, etc. And An informatic work made by Kike you can tak lunch in some restaurant. Oñate Vega and Biel Bernat Bosch.