APMP Foundation: Learning from Experience


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Final module of the Bid to Win APMP Foundation Distance Learning preparation series.

Covers the syllabus topic Lessons Learned Analysis

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APMP Foundation: Learning from Experience

  1. 1. APMP® Accreditation Programme Learning from Experience: Lessons Learned Analysis Preparing for the Foundation Exam Learning from Experience© APMP 2005 and Bid to Win Ltd 2010 Version: 0v9
  2. 2. Where have we go to? Choosing the right Establishing Requirements Developing Strategy opportunities Planning the Proposal Managing Time, Communicating your Plan Phase Cost and Quality Learning from Experience 2© APMP 2005 and Bid to Win Ltd 2013
  3. 3. Lessons Learned AnalysisApplying experience to improve performance Learning from Experience
  4. 4. Lessons Learnt Analysis & Management• Ensure that internal and external feedback on the proposal is obtained• Recognise systemic proposal process problems and suggest changesSyllabus Requirement
  5. 5. Make sure lessons are learnt, not just noted:
  6. 6. Internal De-Brief: Participants and Timing Conduct shortly after submittal while participants’ memories are still fresh Participants are Advantage of from the capture learning lessons and proposal personally teams Internal De-brief - see Proposal Guide, Page 216, Section 6 Proposal Guide 216
  7. 7. Feedback on ProposalsInternal• How correct was our strategy?• Did we have accurate market intelligence?• Did we have appropriate management support?• How effective was our proposal management process?• How well did the team work together?• Did we have the right people?• Was the proposal consistent?• Did the proposal conform to all instructions?• Did we produce the proposal at a reasonable cost, in reasonable time?
  8. 8. External Feedback: After the evaluation has completedCustomer and Follow aCapture Team structured members process External De-brief Proposal Guide 216
  9. 9. Feedback on ProposalsExternal• How did the proposal contribute to winning or losing?• How easy was our proposal to evaluate?• Was the proposal consistent?• Did the proposal conform to all instructions?• How well did the customer understand our offering?• Did we show understanding of the customer’s requirements?• Did we provide appropriate levels of detail?• How well did we work with the customer during the process?
  10. 10. Recognising Systemic Proposal Process Problems in interpreting in describing Errors customer your offerings needs between you inside the Misunderstandings and customers team for increasing for schedule Causes costs delays within one across many Inconsistencies proposal proposals
  11. 11. Lessons Learned Checklist Proposal Guide 226
  12. 12. Key Learning Points:Lessons Learned Analysis & ManagementEnsure that internal and externalfeedback on the proposal is obtainedRecognise systemic proposal processproblems and suggest changesSyllabus Requirement
  13. 13. Preparing for theFoundation Exam