How to record an electronic instrument - Marcin Badura
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How to record an electronic instrument - Marcin Badura



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How to record an electronic instrument - Marcin Badura How to record an electronic instrument - Marcin Badura Presentation Transcript

  • How to record an electronic instrument. By Marcin Badura
  • Hi everybody!• My name is Marcin, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Poland.• In this assignment I’ll be teaching you how to record an electric instrument focusing on the turntable and mixer.
  • Step 1: Connecting turntable with mixer
  • The first thing you need to do is to connect your turntable to your mixer.You have to use the stereo RCA cable with attached ground wires.Grounding a turntable helps you avoid the humming noise caused byelectric interference so don’t forget to screw the ground wires with thegrounding screws.Then connect the RCA male ends with their female versions on bothturntable and mixer.
  • • Remember that turntable will work only with phono inputs on the back of your mixer so don’t hook it up with line inputs .
  • Step 2: Connecting mixer with an audio interface.
  • • Now in order to get the signal out of a mixer you need to connect it to your audio interface by using the stereo RCA – ¼ inch TS cable
  • Put the TS jacks to an audio interfacepreamps and plug the RCA endings to line outputs of your mixer.
  • Step 3: Record• Press record on your DAW• Now play a record and smoothly adjust the gain knobs on both mixer and audio interface. Remember to not go into red on either one of them.
  • Step 4: Enjoy!
  • Few words from me:• Creating this presantation went pretty easy, I hope that you can find useful informations in terms of recording an electronic instrument which is a turntable.• I wanted to post a video for you guys but unfortunately I didn’t have as much time as I wanted so I decided to make a short presentation on the subject. I know that in the next assignment I will post a better quality work.
  • What do you think?• If you think I missed a something or I could clarify the subject better let me know.• Thank you for taking your time on my presentation.