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Comment installer Dspace étape par étape

Comment installer Dspace étape par étape

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. DSpace on Windows XPInstallation GuideVaibhav GaikwadDr. V N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies , Thane (W)Maharashtra INDIAVaibhav.gaikwad2@gmail.comPre-requisite Softwares:1. Java jdk-1_5_0_06 postgresql-8.1.3-1.If you install PostgreSQL, its recommended to select to install thepgAdmin III tool Apache Ant 1.6.2 or later. Unzip the package in C: and add C:apache-ant-1.6.2bin to the PATH environment variable. For Ant to work properly, youshould ensure that JAVA_HOME is set. apache-tomcat-6.0.20. apache-maven-2.2.1
  • 2. Installing Java1. Double Click on the Setup File.
  • 3. Click (I accept the terms in the license agreement)
  • 4. Click Next
  • 5. C:Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06 (Check Path)Click Next
  • 6. Installing Java
  • 7. C:Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06 (Check Path)Click Next
  • 8. Browser RegistrationClick Next
  • 9. Installing
  • 10. Installation CompletedInstalling Apache Ant & Apache Maven1. Copy folder and paste in C: or Desktop (Apache Ant)2. Copy folder and paste in C: or Desktop (Apache Maven)
  • 11. Setting up PATH for Java, Apache Ant, Apache Maven (SystemVariables)1. Right click My Computer, click Properties, click Advanced, click Environment Variables, select“PATH” from System Variables, click editPATH for Java C:Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06binPATH for Ant C:apache-ant-1.6.2 binPATH for Maven C:apache-maven-2.2.1bin2. Add the above PATH variables in the edit box as last item (With Semi-Colons after each PATH);C:Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06bin; C:apache-ant-1.6.2 bin; C:apache-maven-2.2.1bin
  • 12. Setting up ANT_HOME & JAVA_HOME for Apache Ant and Java (UserVariables)1. Right click My Computer, click Properties, click Advanced, click Environment Variables, click“New” from User Variables for user and add the following and click OKVariable name: ANT_HOMEVariable value: C:apache-ant-1.6.2
  • 13. 2. Right click My Computer, click Properties, click Advanced, click Environment Variables, click“New” from User Variables for user and add the following and click OKVariable name: JAVA_HOMEVariable value: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.5.0_06
  • 14. Checking the PATH and HOME variables1. Go to command prompt (Click Start, click Run, type cmd)Click Ok
  • 15. 2. In the command line type mvn -version (see the version displayed)3. type ant -version (see the version displayed)4. type java –version (see the version displayed)
  • 16. Installing PostgreSQL and Creating dspace userInstall PostgreSQLClick Next
  • 17. Click Next
  • 18. Click Next
  • 19. Click Next
  • 20. C:Program FilesPostgreSQL8.1 (Check Path)Click Next
  • 21. Here Type Account Password (eg. library)Verify Password (eg. library)Click Next
  • 22. Password (eg. library)Password (again) (eg. library)Click Next
  • 23. Enable Procedural languagesClick Next
  • 24. Enable Contrib ModulesClick Next
  • 25. Ready to InstallClick Next
  • 26. InstallingClick Next
  • 27. Finish
  • 28. Start pgAdminIII
  • 29. Connect to the database by right clicking PostgreSQL 8.3 (localhost : 5432) and clicking Connect.
  • 30. Type Here Password of PostgreSQL Installation (eg. library)
  • 31. Add Login Role for “dspace” and Create database “dspace”
  • 32. Create Login role (dspace)Provide password as “dspace”Remember to click of Role Privileges
  • 33. Creating database
  • 34. Create database by giving Name as dspace “dspace”Owner “dspace”Encoding must be selected as UTF 8
  • 35. Installing Apache TomcatDouble click on Setup File to install tomcatClick Next
  • 36. Click Next
  • 37. Click Next
  • 38. Click Next
  • 39. Type Here Password (eg. admin)Click Next
  • 40. Paste here C:Program FilesJavajre1.5.0_06Click Install
  • 41. Installing (Apache Tomcat Setup)
  • 42. FinishWhen Tomcat is running , you can see the icon of tomcat on systems tray area ofwindows. You can stop the service , start the service by right clicking this icon.
  • 43. Compiling DSpaceDspace extract file
  • 44. Extract a Desktop or otherClick ok
  • 45. Extracting from dspace
  • 46. 1. Copy to C: [this is our source directory] dspace-1.5.2-src-releaseHere Path is C:dspace-1.5.2-src-release
  • 47. 2. Create a directory with name “dspace” in C: [this is our installation directory]e.g.: dspace.dir = C:/dSpaceHere Create New Folder in C Drive & rename this folder dspace
  • 48. 3. Start the Postgres Service [ Start > Programs > PostgreSQL 8.3 > Start Server]
  • 49. Generate the DSpace installation package by running the following fromcommandline (cmd) from your [dspacesource]/dspace/ directory: and execute thecommand “mvn package”Go Start , Run (Type cmd) press okOpen the cmd window after type C: (Press Enter)C:cd dspace-1.5.2-src-release (Press Enter)C:cd dspace-1.5.2-src-release >cd dspace (Press enter)C:cd dspace-1.5.2-src-release >cd dspace>mvn package (Press enter)
  • 50. After this window come
  • 51. Completed the mvn packages come build Successful Message in your screen.
  • 52. Install DSpace to [dspace] (e.g. C:DSpace) by running thefollowing from commandline from your[dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace-[version]-build.dir/ ant fresh_installCommand for Installing DSpaceHere open the cmd after typeC:Documents and Settingsuser>cd (Press enter)C:>cd dspace-1.5.2-src-release (Press enter)C:>cd dspace-1.5.2-src-release>cd dspace (Press enter)C:>cd dspace-1.5.2-src-releasedspace>cd target (Press enter)C:>cd dspace-1.5.2-src-releasedspacetarget>cd dspace-1.5.2-build.dir (Pressenter)C:>cd dspace-1.5.2-src-releasedspacetargetdspace-1.5.2-build.dir>ant fresh-install (Press enter)
  • 53. Completed the ant fresh install come build Successful Message in your screen.
  • 54. Create an administrator account, by running the following from your [dspace][dspace]bindsrun org.dspace.administer.CreateAdministratorCopy the Web application directories from [dspace]webapps to Tomcats
  • 55. webapps dir, which should be somewhere like C:Program FilesApache SoftwareFoundationTomcat 6.0webapps
  • 56. Restart the Tomcat and see DSpace is running at http://localhost:8080/jspui/ andhttp://localhost:8080/xmlui/http://localhost:8080/jspui/ (Display )
  • 57. http://localhost:8080/xmlui/ (Display)
  • 58. Here Login ( Your email address & Password) given you earlier step.)
  • 59. INSTRUCTION FOR PUTTING DSPACE ON Local Area Network(LAN) OF CAMPUS/INSTITUTETo change the URL from local host to particular IP (internet Protocol)address. OpenC:dspaceconfigdspace.cfg in text editor / word pad
  • 60. Change the dspace.url by writing your IPAfter save the textfile
  • 61. Type the URL as http://machine IP :8080/jspuiCongratulation !!!