PASSPORT GMIDPassport GMID is an award winning online business information resourceproviding intelligence on industries, c...
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Constitui um acervo de informações e estatísticas por País que incluem variáveis demográficas, econômicas e indicadores de estilo de vida para 205 países (histórico e projeção). Volume e valor de vendas de varejo para 330 produtos em 52 países (histórico e projeção). 205 perfis de países analisados pela Euromonitor.
Dados de consumo internacional, por segmento de indústrias e serviços. Adicionalmente 4.000 análises de bens de consumo por país ou globalmente. Profiles mercadológicos de Marcas & Companhias. Fonte: Portal ESPM. Disponível em: <http: />. Acesso em: 09 nov. 2012.

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Euromonitor - guia do usuário

  1. 1. PASSPORT GMIDPassport GMID is an award winning online business information resourceproviding intelligence on industries, countries and consumers. Thepremier source for international marketing data, Passport GMID supportsteaching and research across a wide range of disciplines, and has becomea must-have resource for students and faculty at universities and businessschools worldwide. Passport GMID contains four areas of access: Markets,Reference, Sectors and Industrial.Passport GMID offers access to■■ 10 million statistics■■ 18,000 reports “ With students and staff from all over the world, we find the international coverage ”■■ Research on 80 national markets■■ Daily commentary on emerging trends■■ Thousands of business information sources invaluable.”■■ Easy-to-use powerful data analysis functions —Judge Business School University of CambridgeWho Passport GMID supportsUNIVERSITIES STUDENTS■■ 75% of America’s best graduate schools subscribe Students have access to the same high-value■■ 80% of Europe’s leading business schools research as the world’s top banks, consultancies, subscribe manufacturers, retailers and government agencies Passport GMID supports a wide range of courseFAC U LT Y work, including:■■ Supports course content across a wide range of ■■ International Business and Marketing disciplines including business, marketing, market ■■ Social Sciences research, statistics and economics ■■ Geography■■ Provides key background data on consumer trends, ■■ International Relations opportunities and threats ■■ Economics■■ Features data and written analysis of all FMCG ■■ Humanities sectors and service industries plus ingredients, ■■ Travel and Tourism packaging, distribution and retailing ■■ Food Marketing ■■ Environmental Health To find out more email
  2. 2. Passport GMID contains 2REFERENCE PA S S P O R T G M I DA vast and unique source of international demographic,macro-economic and marketing data.■■ Economy and finance ■■ Income and expenditure ■■ Population and homes ■■ Government, labour and education■■ Infrastructure and environment■■ Technology, communication and mediaMARKETS ■■ Alcoholic Drinks ■■ Home and Garden ■■ Apparel ■■ Home CareMarket performance of 24 consumer and service ■■ Automotive Products ■■ Hot Drinksmarkets across 80 countries, identifying the big ■■ Beauty and Personal Care ■■ Packaged Food ■■ Consumer Appliances ■■ Packagingpicture issues driving change. ■■ Consumer Electronics ■■ Personal Goods ■■ Consumer Finance ■■ Retailing■■ Industry headlines ■■ Consumer Foodservice ■■ Soft Drinks ■■ Consumer Health ■■ Tissue and Hygiene■■ Company profiles ■■ Eyewear ■■ Tobacco■■ Industry level reports ■■ Fresh Food ■■ Toys and Games ■■ Health and Wellness ■■ Travel and Tourism■■ Market sizesS E C TO R SIn-depth focus into 200 categories at company andbrand level.■■ Consumer trends briefings■■ Sub-category data■■ Sizes■■ Company shares■■ Brand shares■■ Category level analysis■■ Global market reportsINDUSTRIALData on and analysis of all industries in the world’slargest economies – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China,France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico,Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, UK andthe USA.■■ Every industry by SIC code■■ Industry performance ■■ Competitive environment ■■ Import and export trends■■ Bargaining power - buyers and sellers To find out more email © 2012 Euromonitor International
  3. 3. As a client you receive 3PA S S P O R T G M I D K I T “ PA S S P O R T G M I DAlong with your subscription, you will receive aPassport GMID training kit containing everything youneed to market and use the database, including the There is nothingPassport GMID user guide, logo usage guide, and asocial media and marketing guide. else as comprehensive for consumer market ”D E D I C AT E D ACCO U N T M A N AG E M E N TYour personal account manager is always available help with specific research queries and set uppersonalised training sessions, ensuring you get the —US Business Librarianmost out of the system. Passport GMID can be fully Columbia Universitynetworked throughout your organization allowingyou to save searches and share insights.Research and delivery platformFUNC TIONALIT Y R E S E A R C H CO N T E N TPassport GMID’s easy to use interface makes it simple Passport GMID reports, statistics and commentaryfor students to find, save and export information. provides the definitive research platform and■■ Output to Excel and Adobe Acrobat includes:■■ Data manipulation - including growth rates, per ■■ Country statistics capita and currency conversion ■■ Company information■■ Charting capabilities ■■ Consumer lifestyle statistics■■ Saved searches ■■ Future demographic reports■■ My Pages ■■ Manufacturer company and brand shares ■■ Future demographics reports ■■ Market reports ■■ Country reports and profiles ■■ Industry statistics ■■ Strategy and country briefings ■■ Comment on emerging industry, country and consumer trendsConnect with EuromonitorG A I N E XC L U S I V E ACC E S S TO :■■ Videocasts ■■ Industry events■■ Podcasts ■■ Customer service euromonitor groupRegistration?gid=744327■■ Webinars ■■ Contests■■ Industry news ■■ Datagraphics and facts euromonitorinternational user/Euromonitor To find out more email © 2012 Euromonitor International
  4. 4. Geographic Coverage 4AFRIC A AND THE Niger Macau Romania* Cyprus PA S S P O R T G M I DMIDDLE EAST Nigeria* Malaysia* Russia* Denmark*Algeria* Oman Maldives Serbia and Finland*Angola Qatar Mongolia Montenegro* France*Bahrain Réunion Myanmar Slovakia* Germany*Benin Rwanda Nauru Slovenia* GibraltarBotswana Sao Tomé e Príncipe Nepal Ukraine* Greece*Burkina Faso Saudi Arabia* New Caledonia IcelandBurundi Senegal North Korea L AT I N A M E R I C A Ireland*Cameroon* Seychelles Pakistan* AND THE Italy*Cape Verde Sierra Leone Papua New Guinea CARIBBEAN LiechtensteinCentral African Somalia Philippines* Anguilla LuxembourgRepublic South Africa* Samoa Antigua MaltaChad Sudan Singapore* Argentina* MonacoComoros Swaziland Solomon Islands Aruba Netherlands*Congo, Democratic Syria South Korea* Bahamas Norway*Republic Tanzania Sri Lanka Barbados Portugal*Congo-Brazzaville Togo Taiwan* Belize Spain*CÔte d’lvoire Tunisia* Tajikistan Bermuda Sweden*Djibouti Uganda Thailand* Bolivia* Switzerland*Egypt* United Arab Tonga Brazil* Turkey*Equatorial Guinea Emirates* Turkmenistan British Virgin Islands United Kingdom*Eritrea Yemen Tuvalu Cayman IslandsEthiopia Zambia Uzbekistan* Chile* ECONOMICGabon Zimbabwe Vanuatu Colombia* REGIONSGambia Vietnam* Costa Rica* APECGhana A S I A PAC I F I C Cuba ASEANGuinea Afghanistan AU S T R A L A S I A Dominica CommonwealthGuinea-Bissau American Samoa Australia* Dominican Republic* EUIran* Armenia New Zealand* Ecuador * EurozoneIraq Azerbaijan* El Salvador G8Israel* Bangladesh EASTERN French Guiana MercosurJordan Bhutan EUROPE Guatemala* NAFTAKenya* Brunei Albania Mexico* NAMKuwait Cambodia Belarus* Peru* OECDLebanon China* Bosnia-Herzegovina* Uruguay* Your own tailor-madeLesotho Fiji Bulgaria* Venezuela* groupingsLiberia French Polynesia Croatia*Libya Guam Czech Republic* NORTH AMERICAMadagascar Hong Kong, China* Estonia* Canada*Malawi India* Georgia* USA*Mali Indonesia* Hungary*Mauritania Japan* Latvia* WESTERNMauritius Kazakhstan* Lithuania* EUROPEMorocco* Kiribati Macedonia* AndorraMozambique Kyrgyzstan Moldova Austria*Namibia Laos Poland* Belgium** Industries, countries and consumers research for 80 geographies To find out more email © 2012 Euromonitor International