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Classification of Triangles
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Classification of Triangles



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  • 1. Objectives: Within the timeframe the students will be able to: • identify the kinds of triangle; • name the basic parts of a triangle; • classify triangles according to its side and angles; • measures the sides and angles of given triangles; • cooperate actively in a given task.
  • 2. What is a line segment? A line segment is a part of a line consisting two endpoints and all the points between them.
  • 3. Angle what is it? An angle is formed by two non collinear rays with a common endpoint.
  • 4. Acute Angle Right Angle
  • 5. Obtuse Angle Vertex
  • 6. A carpenter cut different triangles with different sizes. He wanted to classify these according to sides and angles and he found difficult in doing it.
  • 7. Triangles Classified according to SIDES
  • 8. SCALENE TRIANGLE E D F No two of its sides are congruent.
  • 9. ISOSCELES TRIANGLE G H I At least two of its sides are congruent.
  • 10. G H I Vertex angle – common endpoint of two rays Leg Leg Base angle Base angle
  • 11. EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE J K L All sides are congruent.
  • 12. Triangles Classified according to ANGLES
  • 13. ACUTE TRIANGLE M N O All of its angles are acute.
  • 14. RIGHT TRIANGLE P Q R It has one right angle.
  • 15. Acute Angle Acute Angle Hypotenuse- longest side and it is side opposite the right angle. Right Angle Leg Leg
  • 16. OBTUSE TRIANGLE S T U One of its angle is obtuse.
  • 17. EQUIANGULAR TRIANGLE X V W All of its angles are congruent.