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Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
Group 2 Italy Business Customs
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Group 2 Italy Business Customs


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  • 1. Italy
    3rd Period
    JT Cherry
    Adam Flores
  • 2. Top 3 Industries In Italy
  • 3. What is the official language used in conducting business
    Italian is the official language in Italy for casual speaking as well for conducting business
  • 4. Work Days in Italy
    They work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week.
    This is a 40 hour week just like us.
  • 5. Holidays in Italy
    January 1: New Year's Day
    January 6: Epiphany
    April 17: Easter Monday (in 2006)
    April 25: Liberation Day
    May 1: Labor Day
    June 2: Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic
    August 15: Feast of the Assumption (also known as Ferragosto)
    November 1: All Saints
    December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception
    December 25: Christmas Day
    December 26: St. Stephen's Day (Boxing Day)
  • 6. Tips for Business in Italy
    Most businesses can conduct in English. Yet , a courteous letter in Italian will gain more attention.
    Refrain from giving gifts that carry your business logo.
    It is important to arrive for business meetings on time.
  • 7. Introductions in Italy
     Greetings are enthusiastic yet rather formal.  
    The usual handshake with direct eye contact and a smile suffices between strangers.
    Once a relationship develops, air-kissing on both cheeks, starting with the left is often added as well as a pat on the back between men. Wait until invited to move to a first name basis.  
    Italians are guided by first impressions, so it is important that you demonstrate propriety and respect when greeting people, especially when meeting them for the first time.
    Many Italians use calling cards in social situations.
  • 8. Italian Business Gifts and Entertainment
     Do not give red flowers as they indicate secrecy.
    Do not give yellow flowers as they indicate jealousy 
    If you bring wine, make sure it is a good vintage.
    Do not wrap gifts in black, as is traditionally a mourning color.  
    Do not wrap gifts in purple, as it is a symbol of bad luck.
  • 9. Greetings in Italy
    When being introduced during a business or social meeting, shake hands with everyone present -- men, women and children. Shake hands again when leaving.
    Ladies should extend their hand first to men.
    Friends may greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks.
  • 10. Business Women in Italy
    Italian women attend high school more successfully than do Italian men.
    This helps to explain the greater presence of women in the labor market.
    Italian women are still well below the levels of other European and American countries.
    Most women spend most of their time working around the house.
    35 percent of young working mothers spend more than seventy hours working per week, and more than half, including those who work more than seventy, work more than sixty hours per week.
  • 11. Religions in Italy
  • 12. Offensive business custom that would be considered offensive in this country?
    Being late often is considered very rude when conducting business.
    Making a appointment with less than 2 weeks advance is also considered rude.
    Extravagance is frowned upon.
    When meeting your boss for the first time, give them a handshake.
    Look colleagues in the eyes.
    Friendliness and smiles go a long way, yet still be polite, formal and appropriate.
  • 13. What is a dish that would be common to order at a business dinner?
    Any nice pasta is very common and tasty to order at a business dinner.