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UT Annual Giving Brown Bag - Everything Email
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UT Annual Giving Brown Bag - Everything Email


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Everything E-Mail! Welcome to the Brown Bag Luncheon! Grab a handout, take a seat, and feel free to munch during the talk. Desserts and drinks are available at the front. We will begin shortly! June 2012
  • 2. Everything E-Mail! What’s New in Annual Giving? • We are taking more of a multi-channel approach starting September • More emails will be sent by Annual Giving • Schedules and plans will be sent in August • And remember – email services from Annual Giving is always free! June 2012
  • 3. Everything E-Mail! General Best Practices • Keep it mobile friendly – mobile readership has tripled since 2009* • Make the From recognizable and consistent • Branding shows professionalism and legitimacy • Beware oversaturation • Segment and target your audience • Track performance to see what works and what doesn’t • Test, test, test! Source: Informz whitepaper, 2012 June 2012
  • 4. Everything E-Mail! UT’s E-Mail Clients 16% Yahoo 39% Gmail 15% Hotmail AOL 12% Other 8% 10% Source: VIP 2011 June 2012
  • 5. Everything E-Mail! iModules • E-mail software for the university • Syncs with VIP for e-mail addresses • Events and Communities • Development Office can create design, lists (queries) • Support: June 2012
  • 6. Everything E-Mail! Subject Lines • Be clear about the contents of the e-mail • Keep under 30 characters for mobile • Customize by audience (parents, donors, alumni) • Avoid keywords which look like spam • Use dates to drive urgency • Test, test, test! Newsletter: July/August 2012 A special centennial takes bloom June 2012
  • 7. Everything E-Mail! Content • Clear call to action • Personalize when possible, but know the limits of the system • Important information should be above the fold • Space links for taps as well as clicks • Make links descriptive (“fueling bodies, funding minds” vs. “click here”) • Short, narrow, and sweet! June 2012
  • 8. Everything E-Mail! Why a Solicitation? • Fundraising for one particular cause • Clear timeframe to reach goal • Specific, targeted audience • Small dollar goal June 2012
  • 9. Everything E-Mail! McDonald Observatory End of Year Solicitation June 2012
  • 10. Everything E-Mail! Why a Newsletter? • “Don’t just ask me for money!” • Shares information about what’s current in your area • Makes solicitations not look like they are out of the blue • Links to articles on your website, increasing traffic • Link tracking self-identifies your audience’s interests • Soft ask can result in a few gifts June 2012
  • 11. Everything E-Mail! School of Nursing Semester Newsletter June 2012
  • 12. Everything E-Mail! June 2012
  • 13. Everything E-Mail! Gift Buttons • Give the opportunity to give! • Link can be customized to your initiative on the online giving page • Placement depends on the type of e-mail June 2012
  • 14. Everything E-Mail! Footers As part of CAN-SPAM, your footer MUST have: • Mailing address (physical address preferable) • Unsubscribe information It’s good to include: • Links to Contact and Privacy Policy • Their e-mail address to know where it was sent • Social media links June 2012
  • 15. Everything E-Mail! Annual Giving E-Mail Statistics (Fiscal Year to Date) • E-mails sent: 998,457 • Average open rate: 20.48% • Average click-through rate: 12.13% • Unsubscribe rate: 0.21% Comparison*: • Average open rate: 23.4% • Average click-through rate: 2.2% Source: Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study 2012 June 2012
  • 16. Everything E-Mail! Annual Giving Services • Design, content, custom data, send e-mails, reporting • Solicitations, newsletters, information campaigns • Contact: Tod Francis and Bianca Bickford Web Infrastructure Team Services • List building (queries), send e-mails, iModules support and training • Invitations and announcements • Contact: Jeremy Cumbo and Ryan Beavers June 2012