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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns


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Description of Pay Per Click; Creating a PPC Campaign; Keyword Competition; Customer Buying Cycle; External Factors That Can Affect the Success of a PPC Campaign; What to Expect From a PPC Service …

Description of Pay Per Click; Creating a PPC Campaign; Keyword Competition; Customer Buying Cycle; External Factors That Can Affect the Success of a PPC Campaign; What to Expect From a PPC Service Provider; PPC Resources

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Week 6Bhupesh Shah, B.Sc., MBA | 416.720.1205 | | M500 | @ethnicomm
  • 2. Agenda Why it’s not a majorWhat is PPC PPC Campaign advertising vehicle just yet Creating Keywordeffective PPC Image vs. Text Competition Ads Customer External ResourcesBuying Cycle Factors
  • 3. Pay Per Click (PPC) internet advertising model: advertiser only pays if a user clicks on the adSource:
  • 4. PPC? traditional advertising – I know that works! click fraud? I don’t have time to actively manage this.
  • 5. PPC campaign Define Create landing Create the adsobjectives page(s) ResearchKnow your keywords (incl. Monitor product negative keywords) Determine howKnow your much you will Tweakcustomer pay for a conversion
  • 6. Where can you run a PPC campaign?
  • 7. Text Ads max 25 characters for the titledisplayed max 35on charactersfour for alines display URL max 70 characters for the ad text
  • 8. "Features tell, butbenefits sell."
  • 9. Know your customerSource:
  • 10. Take advantage of trends and seasonalitySource:
  • 11. Create a sense of urgencySource:
  • 12. Think about the of your keywords.Source:
  • 13. Have a strong call to actionSource:
  • 14. Use the toolsSource:
  • 15. Test, Tweak and TryTest different ad headings, keywords and copyTweak the ads and measure the impact on CTRsTry different advertising platformsEnsure your landing page is consistent with whatyou said in your PPC ad (no bait and switch)
  • 16. PPC Power Words
  • 17. Image – Heading - Copy words thateye-catching spark call to image interest or action curiosity
  • 18. Image Ads vs. Text Ads Image higher CTRs lower CPC not much reading required greater control over the “look” of the ad Text Text stand out due to their due to designsimple design stand out simple their higher CPChighercontrol over the “look” - less CPC less control over look of ad
  • 19. Targeted to US males age 30+ who had indicated onPlentyOfFish that they have children.
  • 20. Image Ads vs. Text Ads.Plentyoffish case study: POF -Case Study: TheImpact of Images in Online Ads
  • 21. Keyword CompetitionSource:
  • 22. Questions to consider when selecting keywords... What is the What plurals, compound- What questions typical customer words or misspelled words are they asking? looking for? are used? Are theWhich customers local?manufacturersdo I carry? What problems do I solve?Whatmodel#’s,part#’s,colours, Are there synonyms,sizes do I related words oroffer? categories?
  • 23. Keyword ROI Traffic Conversion single keywords 2 keyword phrases 3 keyword phrases 4 keyword phrases 5 keyword phrases 6 keyword phrases 7 keyword phrases 8 or more keyword phrases
  • 24. Selecting the Right Keywords/Key phrases you want an less indication ofcompetition interest
  • 25. Selecting the Right Keywords/Key phrasesdog walker in Toronto - uses a localkeyword and is a specific key phrase
  • 26. Usenegativekeywordsto filter
  • 27. Use the Keywords/Key phrases in your websitedomain name: http://Toronto-dog-walkers.comfile name: need-a-dog-walker-in-Toronto.pdffolder name: name: dog-walker.gif(not image1.gif or DSC00003.jpg)video title:If you need a dog walker in Torontoyou’re barking up the right tree.mp4(not Video1.mp4)
  • 28. Use the Keywords/Key phrases in your websiteHyperlinks:If you need a dog walker in Toronto, contact us.(not If you need a dog walker in Toronto, contact us)Page Title: Do You Need a Dog Walker?Within the page…If you need a dog walker, TorontoDog Walkers is right in your neighbourhood!
  • 29. Have lots of pages – each containing few, unique andrelevant keywords Home page
  • 30. Remember: what are visitors doing?Researching Shopping Problem Ready to Solving Buy
  • 31. Buying Cycle NeedRecognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Purchase Evaluation
  • 32. Example: Buying Cycle on the Internet
  • 33. External Factors Political Environmental Social/Cultural Technological Economic LegalSource:
  • 34. Resources Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Google Keyword Tool Google Insights for Search Google Global Market Finder Google Trends Wordtracker - 7 day free trial. thesaurus.comSource:
  • 35. Resources
  • 36. Resources http://www.theoutsourcingcompany.com
  • 37. What to expect from a PPC service provider. You have to invest the time to educate them on your business.Source:
  • 38. What to expect from a PPC service provider. Account setup Keyword research and selection Landing page Tracking Code Implementation Ad writing Split testing Monitoring Administration Analytics reporting