Marketing "white bread" in a 12 grain world


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There is increased ethnic diversity in Canada, especially in the GTA which will require a change in how we view this market. Visible minorities will be visible majorities in the next 20 years. Is your organization positioned for continued growth?

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  • Interesting facts. gives good insight into future and how companies should start planning for it now.
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Marketing "white bread" in a 12 grain world

  1. 1. Marketing“white bread” in a12 grain worldBhupesh Shah, B.Sc., MBA | ethnicomm inc.October 17th, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda What does diversity mean right now? A 12 grain world Stuff that messes up the traditional marketing approach. Marketing Impact. Marketers that get it.Image: Rawich /
  3. 3. 140+ languages and dialectsSource:
  4. 4. 31% don’t speak Englishor French @ home (City of Toronto)
  5. 5. Source: of Toronto)
  6. 6. South Asians and Asians - the most visible of the visible minorities
  7. 7. In 5 years,50% of the GTA will be comprised of visible minorities
  8. 8. in 20 years ~25% of the residents of the GTA will be South Asian, exceeding all other minorities by far (StatsCan)Photo courtesy: Shanu & Karim
  9. 9. in 20 years ~67% of the regions population will be from a visible minority community (StatsCan)Photo courtesy: Shanu & Karim
  10. 10. Marketing “white bread” in a 12 grain world will leave out over 2/3 of the potential marketSource:
  11. 11. “70% of the retail sales growth in Canada over the next decade will likely come from visible minority groups” (CIBC)Source:
  12. 12. Top 5 mother-tongue languages Chinese (420,000) Italian (195,000) Punjabi (138,000) Tagalog (114,000) Portuguese (113,000)Source:
  13. 13. Top 5 visible minority groups in Toronto(2006 - % of population)
  14. 14. Immigrants go from poverty to “near” Canadian average income levels in about 4 years larger households, more dual-parent families and more multiple-family households greater incidence of homeownershipSource:
  15. 15. Education is a top priority! (% with University Degree at Bachelor Or Above) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Filipino Chinese South Asian Latin American Canada White Southeast Asian BlackSource: Statistics Canada
  16. 16. The idea of a visible minority is going to have to shift or its going to start getting more and more ridiculous to talk about a minority of people who in fact are the majority… Prof. Richard Day, Department of Global Development Studies - Queens UniversitySource:
  17. 17. Photo courtesy: Niki Pham; High/low context cultures; family;values; religion and other stuff is killing our traditional approach.
  18. 18. The Harpers are on to something…Source: - THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
  19. 19. The face of Canadians is changing "Soon a larger share of this visible minority population will be people actually born in Canada…children of immigrants or grandchildren of immigrants.” Laurent MartelSource: Statistics Canada: Projections of the Diversity of the Canadian Population, Catalogue no. 91-551-X
  20. 20. Affluent minority “socialites” exist even if they’re never shown in the National Post!Photo courtesy: Shanu & Karim
  21. 21. High Context Cultures: ME, Asia, Africaand Latin America, Mediterranean,French-Speaking Canada Non-verbal A lot remains communication unsaid / cues important Interpersonal Trust before relationships transactions important
  22. 22. Collectivist –family/peer grouphas influence onpurchasing decisionIntuition over factsbut still asks a lot ofquestionsFeelings over rational
  23. 23. Flowery language; like storiesand storytellingIndirect / FormalTradition/History importantPrefer f2f interactions
  24. 24. IndianStandard Mañana Time
  25. 25. Low Context Cultures: English Canada/USA, muchof Western Europe Individualistic Fact based decisions over intuition Action oriented Precise, brief, blunt, direct Logical
  26. 26. Words speak forthemselvesf2f not as important asgetting everythingclear and documentedTime very important –things measure bytime/productivity
  27. 27. Family Values marriage nuclear family or partially extended family “old-fashioned” economic relationships (wife @ home) HH income pooling male inheritance; parents may stay with elder sonSource:
  28. 28. Religion Chinese New Year Lohri (Buddhist / Hindu / Sikh) Easter May 24 weekend Ramadan Eid-Al-Fitr Diwali Christmas
  29. 29. Finance prefer to seek financial advice from someone who understands the cultural nuances that may affect their investment goals “enduring loyalty and word-of-mouth” can be had saving for long-term goals is ingrained into the culture – no need to make that sales pitchSources:; “A Self-Imposed Barrier for Advisors Serving South Asian Clients”, AdvisorOne Oct 9, 2011. Web
  30. 30. Time to broaden our palate Photo courtesy of: Brown Man Clothing Co.Image: Paul /;
  31. 31. Best Buy doesn’t get it…Source:
  32. 32. Our traditional marketing messages – headlines, copy, commercials…are FAST messages doesn’t work as well on high context “slow” cultures takes time to build relationships but they are generally deep-rooted/ longer lastingSource:
  33. 33. Our traditional marketing messages – headlines, copy, commercials…are FAST messages Trudeau effect – Liberal partySource:
  34. 34. How do I do thisImage source:
  35. 35. Targeting high context cultures online low context: fast message culture, flat structure is the norm; straight text for navigationWürtz, E. (2005). A cross-cultural analysis of websites from high-context cultures and low-context cultures. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 11(1), article 13.
  36. 36. Targeting high context cultures online pages should be portray collectivist diverse and values hierarchical use of imagery vs. straight text for EN FR…now navigation multicultural pages - Chinese, Punjabi, Tamil tabs focus of people and product togetherWürtz, E. (2005). A cross-cultural analysis of websites from high-context cultures and low-context cultures. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 11(1), article 13.
  37. 37. Source:
  38. 38. Source:
  39. 39. Long-term perspective:Lifetime value of a customer retention discounting is not the only way repeat sales upselling
  40. 40. Visible minorities are not all the same
  41. 41. Demographic segmentation
  42. 42. Psychographic segmentation Savings/Investing mentality Prestige conscious “Succeeder” lifestyle Higher education levels
  43. 43. Behaviour segmentation lifestyle purchasing patterns where/how do they spend their time? condos and monster homes
  44. 44. Benefit segmentation How are your products being used or not used? What does the customer need or desire?
  45. 45. How do you want to be perceived in the minds of the visible minority target market?Source: Philip Kotler, Marketing Management 13th edition
  46. 46. Why are minority smaller companies targetingminorities this large market? Where are the bigbrands?
  47. 47. Kraft Gets ItSource:
  48. 48. State Farm Insurance gets itSource:
  49. 49. Wal-Mart gets itSource:
  50. 50. Rogers gets itSource:
  51. 51. Go 12 grain! It’s better for your long-term health!Source:
  52. 52. Twitter: @ethnicommFacebook: ethnicommLinkedIn: bgshahinfo@ethnicomm.com416.720.1205 | 888.927.8881