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Sound spelling exercise

Sound spelling exercise






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    Sound spelling exercise Sound spelling exercise Document Transcript

    • PronunciationSounds and spellingThere are 26 letters in the English alphabet but there are44 sounds in the English language. This means that thenumber of sounds in a word is not always the same asthe number of letters.The word CAT has three letters and three sounds but theword CATCH has five letters but still only three sounds.If we write these words using phonemic symbols, we cansee exactly how many sounds they have.CAT is written /k æ t/CATCH is written /k æ ʧ/In CATCH the three letters TCH are one sound represented by one phonemicsymbol /ʧ/Try the exercise below to help develop your knowledge of Englishpronunciation.
    • Pronunciation ExerciseSounds and spellingExerciseLook at the words below and put them into the correct column based on thenumber of sounds.Clue:The number of letters and the number of sounds is always different in thesewords.horse through judge enough sugarcaught island daughter knowledge cupboardcow know business singing morecarrot chemist treasure thinking laughheart singer thorough door check2 sounds 3 sounds 4 sounds 5 sounds 6 soundsPronunciation © BBC Learning EnglishSounds and spelling Page 2 of 3 bbclearningenglish.com
    • Pronunciation ExerciseSounds and spellingANSWERS2 sounds 3 sounds 4 sounds 5 sounds 6 soundscow horse singer carrot chemist/k aʊ/ /h ɔ: s/ /s ɪ ŋ ǝ/ /k æ r ə t/ /k e m ɪ s t/know caught daughter island business/n əʊ/ /k ɔ: t/ /d ɔ: t ə/ /aɪ l ə n d/ /b ɪ z n ɪ s/door heart thorough knowledge thinking/d ɔ:/ /h ɑ: t/ /ɵ ʌ r ə/ /n ɒ l ɪ ʤ/ /ɵ ɪ ŋ k ɪ ŋ/more through enough treasure/m ɔ:/ /ɵ r u:/ /ɪ n ʌ f/ /t r e Ʒ ə/ judge sugar singing /ʤ ʌ ʤ/ /ʃ ʊ g ə/ /s ɪ ŋ ɪ ŋ/ laugh cupboard /l ɑ: f/ /k ʌ b ə d/ check /ʧ e k/Pronunciation © BBC Learning EnglishSounds and spelling Page 3 of 3 bbclearningenglish.com