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Introduction to rural infrastructure development in nepal 2012.01.14

Introduction to rural infrastructure development in nepal 2012.01.14






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  • Nice presentation...i feel bad whenever i see people crossing river with twin ..i wish we could at least upgrade those twin rope to suspension bridge...
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    Introduction to rural infrastructure development in nepal 2012.01.14 Introduction to rural infrastructure development in nepal 2012.01.14 Presentation Transcript

    • W E LC O M E Introduction to Rural Infrastructure Dev in Nepal PresenterDodhara Er Bhim Upadhyaya DDG DoLIDAR 1
    • Engineer & Engineering"Engineering is a great profession. There is the satisfaction of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper. then it moves to realization in stone or metal or energy. then it brings homes to men or women. then it elevates the standard of living and adds to the comforts of life. this is the engineers high privilege." -Herbert Hoover (Er.) 31st President, USA 2
    • Engineer & Engineering"The great liability of the engineer compared to men of other professions is that his works are out in the open where all can see them. His acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the judge like the lawyers. He cannot, like the architects, cover his failures with trees and vines. He cannot, like the politicians, screen his short-comings by blaming his opponents and hope the people will forget. The engineer simply cannot deny he did it. If his works do not work, he is damned." -Herbert Hoover, Engineer & 31st President, USA 3
    • Engineer & Engineering"The ideal engineer is a composite… He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer, but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems." -N W Dougherty (1955)
    • Civil Engineering: American Society of Civil EngineersCivil Engineering is the profession in which aknowledge of Mathematical and Physical sciencegained by study, experience and practice isapplied with judgment to develop ways to utilizeeconomically the materials and forces of naturefor the progressive well-being of mankind increating, improving and protecting forcommunity living, industry and transportationand providing structures for the use of mankind. 5
    • Large no of rivers, Scattered Habitations.• About one-third of the Hindu-Kush Himalaya in Nepal• About 80 % of the country within mountainous / hilly terrain• Immature mountain landscape, extreme monsoon rainfall and periodic large earthquake leading to high vulnerability of landslides
    • Area 147,000 Sqkm Nepal Where Population 27M is Nepal Pop Growth 2.1% Agri. GDP 30% in the Arable Land 16.07% World? Irrigated Land 11,700 Sqkm Below Poverty 28% Road Network 50,000 Km• Size Area-wise: 92nd Largest Lowest Land 70m• Size Population-wise: Highest Land 8848m 42nd Largest • We are 28 M+ People.• GDP Growth Rate: • 45,000 Villages with 22.5M Rural People (86%). 2nd Poorest • 15M Youth Below 25 yrs Age(60%).• Human D. Index: • 4.5 M (20%) Youth 15-25 Age, 136th/177 • >4.5 M People Unemployed.• Global Competitive • Multi Language, Multi Ethnic, multi-cultural, Diverse Index: 125th /139 ecological, Traditional and Religious Nation
    • Infrastructure Status in Nepal (Approx.)1. Irrigation 5. Roads Cultivated Land- 26.5 Lakh • All Weather 11,000 km ha.( 20% of Total Area) ( All type 40,000 km) Irrigable-17.6 Lakh ha.(66% • Paved Road- 4,000 km of Cultivd) 6. Electricity Irrigated- 11.2 Lakh ha. (62%  Hydro- 556 MW(0.67% of Potential) of Irrigable)  Diesel- 55 MW Year Round Irrigated-4.5  Coverage- 40%(quality?!) Lakh ha.( 40% of Irrigated, Total- 618 MW 25% of Irrigable) 7. Fuel/Energy2. Water & Sanitation  Fossil Fuel- 18 Lakh L/Day (11,550 B/D)• water-76%, Sanitation- 26%  LP Gas - 225 MT/Day (Quality? Quantity?) 8.Telephone Lines- 10 M3. Railway- 59 km 9. Internet Users- 0.2 M4. Airport Paved 10 Nos
    • Why Rural Physical Infrastructures?For Access to Social Services-HealthEducation securityFor Access to PhysicalCommunication- ComfortFor Access to EconomicDevelopment- Employment 9
    • Local Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction Poverty Reduction Rural Development Local infrastructure
    • Local/Rural Infrastructures Local Transport Housing, Building & Social Urban Dev. Infras. Small LocalIrrigation Infras. Water & River Supply & Control Sanitation Micro-hydro Solid waste & Alternative Mngt. Energy 11
    • Rural Infrastructure Stakeholders USERS CONSUL- NGO TANTS (4 International , 20 National, 100 Individual) DoLIDAR CONTR- DONORS ACTORS (ADB, DFID,(More than FINISH,GTZ 100 JICA, SDC, WB Budget – 24 Billion per year WFP, UNICEF….) for infrastructure
    • Government Organizational Tiers for Rural Road Development Ministry of Local Dev Dept of Local Infras Dev & Agri Roads (DoLIDAR) District Dev Com. Office 75District Technical Office 75 Municipality 58 Vill. Dev. Com. Office 3915 13
    • Project(Public Works) Defined A Project has… • Objective or Goal • Time • Cost • Location or space 14
    • Public Works Management PROJECT MGMT PROCUREMENT MGMT DISBURSEMENT Insurance CONTRACT FINANCIAL MGMT MGMT mobilization Claim & Refund Technical QLTY/LAB Audit MGMT QAPCONSTRUCTION MGMT Reporting SITE MGMT WORK PLAN paymentCompletion Closing O&M 15
    • ProcurementGoods Services Works 16
    • Phases of Public Works WorksPrecons- Operation and Constructiontruction Maintenance Phase Phase Phase 17
    • Preconstruction PhasePreparation Procurement Contracting or or or Design Tendering Agreement 18
    • Construction Phase Completion Closing &Supervision Verification Handing Over 19
    • Supervison of Works Aspects Process Payment (Quality Performance (Cost TimeSystem or (Output) Control: direct (Progress) control) indirect)Drawing, Specification, Lab Scheduling, Gantt, CPM,Tests, Qualified Supervisors PERT 20
    • Supervisory Hierarchy 3 Parties Mutual ContractorCheck and Balance Consultant Client Project Manager or Clients Representative Project Manager Engineer Field Supervisor Labor 21
    • Running Local Infrastructure Programs1. District Road Support Programme-DRSP (SDC)2. Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Program–DRILP (ADB/SDC)3. Rural Access Improvement and Decentralization Project-RAIDP (WB)4. Rural Access Program - RAP II(DFID)5. Trail Bridge SWAp and Motorable Road Bridge Program6. Rural Transport Infrastructure Sector Wide Program7. Road Board Nepal, Road Maintenance Program8. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program –RWSSP9. Rural Village Water Resource Management Project–RVWRMP (FINIDA)10. Water Supply and Sanitation Project-Western Nepal–WSSP-WN (FINIDA)
    • Running Local Infrastructure Programs…….11.Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Sector Development Project–RRRSDP (ADB, DFID, OFID, SDC)12. Peace and Rehabilitation Program13. Local Infrastructure for Livelihood Improvement-LILI (SDC)14.Project for Community Access Improvement – JICA15. Community Irrigation Program – CIP (ADB)16. Small Irrigation Program17. Other Infrastructure Program
    • Highways in Nepal 24
    • Strategic and Local Road Network of Nepal & Accessibility (2hrs; 4 hrs) National Rural Roads Network: 40,000 Km Operational Rural Roads: 10,000 KmSRN : 5400 Km(78% Access.)LRN: 4500 Km (85% Access.) of Agri Engineers National Society TB: 4800 Nos. 25
    • Good Quality road inprogress 26
    • Good Quality works in progress 27
    • LabMangmt 28
    • Road Construction Technologies 29
    • 30
    • Road ill-designed and in DisrepairPoor-Maintenance and hardships 31
    • Rehabilitatedroad up-to thestandard qualityworks 32
    • 33
    • 34
    • 35
    • 36
    • 37
    • 38
    • 39
    • 4040
    • RAIDP Funded Trail BridgesLaphagad, Kalikot Phugad, Kalikot 41
    • 42
    • 43
    • Tuin Gravity Ropeway 44
    • 45
    • 10,000 tanksconstructed so far 46
    • 47
    • 48
    • 49
    • 50
    • 51
    • 52
    • 53
    • 54
    • 55
    • 56
    • 57
    • Fisling 58
    • 59
    • 60
    • 61
    • 62
    • 63
    • 64
    • 65
    • u|fdL0f If]qdf ;x/L ;ljwfsf Joj:yf -k/f_ b"/;+rf/ • a[Q ;8s • OG6/g]6 /]n ef}lts kx"r • O{ zf;g ;fj{hlgs k"jf{wf/ • b"/ lrlsT;f uf]bfd s[lif pBf]u cfly{s kx"+r • b"/ lzIff ahf/ :yn c:ktfn ;Id phf{zlQm s]Gb| ;xsf/L pTkfbgdfs]{l6+u ljBfno cfWoflTds kx"+r e"pku|xsf lrqx?sf] pkof]uM hdLg / afnL Joj:yfksf lglDt b]zsf ;j} ufpnfO{ hn Joj:yfkgsf lglDt  jl4dfg gful/s hf]8g] kSsL ;8s;lxt ag Joj:yfkgsf lglDt jftfj/0f Joj:yfkgsf lglDt  g}ltsjfg g]t[Tj sl/a @%) k/f k|f]h]S6 ;lqmo :jf:Yo x]/rf/sf lglDt cf}Bf]lus pTkfbgsf lglDt ;DkGg ug{kg]{ . 66
    • ;d[4 u|fdL0f g]kfnsf k"jf{wf/ k|fs[lts >f]t /fhgLlts OR5fzlQm vlgh 1fg h}ljs ljljwtf hnzlQm % ldzg hn, jiff{, e"ldut hn  lzIff ;f}o{ ls/0f  hn vfB, :jf:Yo Pj+ d"Nojw{g  phf{ Pj+ zlQm ;fdflhs ;/Iff  k"jf{wf/ ljsl;t dfjg >f]t  /f]huf/L k/Dk/fut 1fg l;h{gf u|fdL0f u|fdL0f k|ljlw 1fgd"lv ;+u7gx? ;d[l4 ojfzlqm ;]jfIf]q jfXo nufgL cfsif{0f g]kfn 67 ug]{ of]hgfx?
    • Engineers Vs Rapid Development S. Korea UK Germany 68
    • 4 Vice A 5 SCs PMs Zhou Huang Ju l Yongqang Electrical SC Hu Jintao Hydropower l Prez Wu Yi, VPM Cao E Petro-Refinery Ganchuang SC Look CHINA! n g Engineers TangZeng Qinghong Jiaxuan SC Automation i V Prez Lead Nation ! Zeng Peiyan n Hua Jianmin Electronics e SC e Hui Liangyu Chen Zili Wen Jiabao Agriculture r Geological SC69 PM s
    • Indias Visionary Political, Science and Engg LeadersDr V Kurien M VisweswaraiyaJamshedji Tata A Premji Dr B PathakSreedharan N Murthy Dr A ReddyDr Sam Pitroda 68 70 Vilasrao Salunkhe Dr R A Mashelkar
    • "The Earth containsenough resources toenable present and futuregenerations to live likekings if we but harnessthe best technologies." -Buckminister Fuller 71
    • zf:q jrgcdGqd cIf/d gfl:t, Gffl:t d"nd cgf}}ifwd .cof]Uof] k?iff] gfl:t, of]hs:tq bn{eM ..
    • Vivekananda 73
    • 74
    • 75
    • bhimupadhyaya@gmail.com bhimupadhyaya@yahoo.com www.twitter.com/bhimupadhyayawww.youtube.com/user/bhimupadhyaya www.scribd.com/bhimupadhyaya www.slideshare.net/bhimupadhyaya www.facebook.com/bhim.upadhyaya
    • Any Question? Thank You New Nepal Mb 9851104057 77