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  • Marketing 2010Recent Digital Marketing capabilities have resulted in opening a whole new world of opportunities to connect with people. Hence in order to acquire new customers or retain the existing ones, you need to advertise online by using some of the best approaches to digital marketing. Hence you need to advertise - advertise online along with your offline campaigns.It’s essential for brands to understand why and where different groups of consumers participate in this new world. It’s not merely a question of identifying the best places to target – the classic media planning/buying approach – but truly knowing what motivates them to be part of it.
  • Everything is SocialMore and more people are now getting hooked onto the social networks. Whether it is related to reading product reviews, sharing experiences with a particular brand or a products, communicating with your friends about various happenings, questions, answers, opinions, people get connected with these social networks 24 x 7 x 365. As digital marketers, you need to “like”, “share”, “tweet” and adopt these tools. So it’s no surprise that meeting people, staying in touch and sharing experiences are key motivations for signing up to these platforms; acquiring a sense of belonging is another reason to be part of it.Social networks have become more embedded in our everyday lives, whether it’s Facebook, Orkut or LinkedIn, we now contact more people in our personal life through our social networks. Research shows that on average we stay in contact socially with 52 people via these networks than we do through any other means including face to face contact, email and phone.
  • Everything is MobileThe most significant shift in digital marketing over the last few years has been the ability of users to engage in social media via mobile.Mobile devices have changed our lives and have become an absolute necessity. The availability of powerful handsets and tablets with flexible operating systems, such as Google’s Android and Apple’s O.S. combined with flat rate data charges has created a fertile environment for the growth of mobile social media. As mentioned in the earlier slide, one can even control and monitor the smart devices with the mobile.Thus, it is not just about texting people or about placing small ads, technology and mobile development has created an intrinsic demand and engagement by providing relevant third party applications by way of Apps/Games/Payments/Virtual Wallets. Mobile is even bigger than internet !
  • Everything is ConnectedToday, everything is getting connected through one or the other medium. We are seeing a large rise in social connections via all digital means but leading the way are the social networks. Be it the TV or a desktop/laptop or the mobile or the AC, the dishwasher or the Refrigerator. All devices are smart. They are connected in this always-connected environment. As digital marketers, we strive to help users interact with every unprecedented opportunity through every medium like websites, blogs, social media networks, mobiles etc.
  • Everything is TrackedEver growing demand for super granular analysis have made it possible to track every other touch point in detail. Apart from gathering data and analyzing the effectiveness of a campaign, user behavior, content relevancy, likes and dislikes of people have given ideas and means to optimize the ROI for every campaign.
  • Online ! Well, the interruptive model of advertising continues weakening in favor of engagement. The web is changing. It’s no longer just a place for information seeking and shopping but a platform where connections are made, friendships formed and information and opinion exchanged. The new social web makes different demands on both consumers and advertisers. Consumers are not merely finding, they are contributing; writing, uploading pictures, videos, creating regular status updates and live-streaming their every day happenings. Thus you need to connect, engage via Blogs, online communities, social media and then social networks and get into a constant dialogue with customers who are increasingly playing critical roles in advocacy and recommendation. Understand that brands can create campaigns, messages and communities that consumers want to be part of, spreading the message far and wide much more effectively than simply buying banners and buttons in these spaces.
  • We all know these buzz words. There are a million and one things you can do with digital marketing. With diverse strategies that are often narrow in scope and unevenly diffused across a company with experimentation, we often forget to deeply analyze and optimize the ROI.
  •,1272608177,1/stock-photo-group-of-people-thinking-hard-contemplating-a-decision-52102882.jpg,1273427204,2/stock-photo-group-of-people-thinking-about-something-important-52692232.jpgHow do you determine which ones can provide the most value to your marketing organization. Which strategy has resulted in improving business benefits ? Which strategy and yielded the best value ? Which tools proved to be beneficial in strategic decision making ?Between Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google and the others, there's a ceaseless stream of new technologies and techniques for marketers to try, and the roadmaps for many brands remain unclear.
  • Integrated Platform UsageToday’s digital marketing require continuous involvement across all touch points while maintaining consistency. Moreover one cannot treat all touch points the same, consumers engage with a platform because it meet’s specific consumer needs and all platforms meet these needs differently. Along with our expertise in the area of User Experience Design, we fuse customer insights with our digital marketing partners to create an integrated and consistent marketing approach. Brand Re-enforcementRe-enforcement of a brand results in effective brand management in the long run. In today’s digital world, things morph and change incredibly quickly. Hence an incessant and consistent brand re-enforcement strategy can result in making a vital impact. Critical considerations like use of imagery, text video etc should be thoroughly planned and drafted thereby removing ambiguity from the minds of customer. Use of HumorThe very comic nature of the ad or even including slight sense of humor in viral marketing strategies, is generally accepted by the user and creates a lasting impression of the campaign with a positive and optimistic buzz of the brand.
  • Behavioral ShiftTechnological innovations are continuouslyaltering user behavior which was otherwise was stable. As a result, users are driving the information world by texting, tweeting etc. Users nowadays post their product reviews online which has become an integral factor that greatly influences buying decisions.Online ReputationWe help you maintain a positive image about your brand, products and services on the internet. Reputation of several good companies is damaged by unscrupulous competitors through review websites by posting false comments and feedbacks. We constantly monitor any negative posts/feedback that may damage your online brand identityMobile NetworksSmartphones and Mobile broadband has spread vastly and now within the reach of the common man. Accessing global information, jobs, payments, text, videos, sharing etc have become the need of the hour.
  • In order to cater to your Digital Marketing efforts, we have a strategic partnership with a third party vendor helping you devise the right strategy that results in business benefits. Our strategy strives to provide a consistent approach across all channels of digital marketing right from Planning - Where and what opportunities does the market hold ?Acquiring - Whom do we want approach and where ?Engaging - How to harness Digital MarketingRetaining -How do we get the best ROI ?We all know that people are more than willing to join social communities online and are doing so in their millions. And in doing so we help them interact with brands in these spaces.We have created a roadmap that will help brands create the right digital marketing experience. Driven by an open and balanced approach, our team of specialists assist the organization and its customers to provide mutually beneficial rewarding journey.
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    2. 2. If you are not advertising onlinethen you are not on the internet All images are used for illustrative purpose only…
    3. 3. In today’s world, everything is… All images are used for illustrative purpose only…
    4. 4. everything is… Social Can anyone help me with my disease ? It was a great movie! Should I buy this product? Messaging Sharing Hey ! Listen, this I need to recruit game is fun. new candidates. Experiences
    5. 5. everything is… Mobile Hey ! Lets meet at You know what !... the cafe Ideas Payments An excellent healthLemme pay this bill. tracker for me ! Apps I’ll credit the amount to your account. My portfolio tracker! What is the meaning of…
    6. 6. everything is… Connected Lemme switch on the AC before I reach home. Did you lock the car? Objects I’ll check my mail on my mobile. Devices Products Lets watch the movie on my iPad
    7. 7. everything is… Tracked Read recos before buying BehavioralCheck updatesevery minute Users didn’t fill the form Contextual Research content Analytics Bounce rate has reduced Hunt Jobs Returning visitor % has increased
    8. 8. If you are on the internetthen you need to advertise online, connect online, engage online, take part in the conversations All images are used for illustrative purpose only…
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    11. 11. We help you identify the right approach &strategy for your digital marketing needs toachieve optimal results by gaining customertrust & loyalty
    12. 12. Key Differentiators Integrated platform usage The use of more than one media platform to advertise increases awareness of the brand Brand re-enforcement A key objective of the growth stage of the products life cycle. No matter how small your brand is, a little effort should be devoted to continuous evaluation and reinforcement of your brand. Use of Humor Including humour creates extensive & memorable impact on users. Identifiable Character Unique Identification maybe something creative, memorable like use of imagery is a powerful psychological technique for brand recognition. Unique representation to the brand.
    13. 13. Key Differentiators cont.. Pass it On Develop a dialogue & engage with the user. Give reasons to share, re-tweet & re-post. Behavioral shift User-Driven world User Reviews - the top influencer of buying decisions User Recommendations Online Reputation Product Problems – can become global issues overnight Constant Monitoring of Viral Networks Mobile Networks Radical New Possibilities Explosive growth – enabling instant connectivity Text, email, video etc
    14. 14. Digital Marketing Strategy Plan – Analyze, Track, Position Business Pain Competitor Traverse Customer Objectives Points Benchmarking Social Media Analysis Acquire – Promote, Advertise Media Planning Keyword Define KPIs Website Email Marketing & Buying Research Optimization Engage – Persuade, Nurture, Personalize Campaigns & Contests Social Media Display Advertising Search Mobile Incentives, Rewards Discussions, Tweets, Blogs, Articles Banners, Social, Video SEO, PPC Apps, SMS Retain – Grow Lifetime Value Manage & Track Update Content Track User Generated Content Campaigns, Analytics Website, Blogs, Articles, Video Comments, Reviews, Profiles
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