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Vantiv-Kalvin Presentation at CBIG event

Vantiv-Kalvin Presentation at CBIG event




Scott DeAngelo - SVP Pricing, Vantiv
Sarah Barber - Director, Pricing, Vantiv
Shankar Ranganathan - VP Analytics, Kalvin



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    Vantiv-Kalvin Presentation at CBIG event Vantiv-Kalvin Presentation at CBIG event Presentation Transcript

    • InstitutionalizingAnalytics intoDecision MakingCincinnati Business Intelligence Group Presenters:Cincinnati Business Intelligence GroupNovember 15, 2012Presenters:Scott DeAngelo, Senior Vice President ofStrategic Pricing & Portfolio Management,VantivSarah Barber, Director of Strategic Pricing& Portfolio Analytics, VantivShankar Ranganathan, Vice President ofAnalytics & Strategy, Kalvin
    • Merchant Services Financial Institution ServicesCard IssuerProcessingMerchantAcquiringNetworkServicesA Leading Integrated Payment Processor in the U.S.#3 Ranked U.S. Merchant Acquirerin Total Transactions#1 Ranked U.S. Merchant Acquirerin PIN Debit Transactions#2 Ranked U.S. Merchant Acquirerin Transaction Growth9% Market Share in the U.S. basedon number of FI customers1,300 Financial Institutionrelationships across the U.S.Vantiv is Well Positioned as a Market Leader
    • Leading MerchantServices ProviderLeading FinancialInstitution Services ProviderSingle, IntegratedTechnology Platform12b+ Transactions at 400k+ Merchant LocationsProcessed Annually through a Single PlatformProprietary Technology PlatformIntegrated BusinessComprehensive Suite of ServicesDiverse Distribution ChannelsStrong Execution Capabilities
    • Hot Trends• EnhancedExposure• Expanded• ExpandedOpportunity• “Major” Areaof Study
    • • Up-front vs.Back-end• Speed vs.Hot Mess• Speed vs.Accuracy• Form vs.Functionality
    • 5 things we’re doing to acceleratethe Institutionalization of Analyticsinto Decision Making at .
    • 1. Defining & ScopingWhat Analytics Is
    • Macro LevelDescriptive PredictiveAnalytics!?!? Analytics!?!?Micro LevelDescriptive PredictiveAnalytics!?!? Analytics!?!?
    • Macro LevelDescriptive Predictive“Top of House”FinancialsMonthly BusinessForecastsMicro LevelDescriptive PredictiveSegment SpecificReportingCustomer LevelPredictions
    • 2. Location, Location,Location
    • 3. Managing the “All orNothing” Mentality
    • Where We Will BeWhere We AreWhere We AreWhere We Were
    • 4. Balancing Accuracy& Understandability
    • “The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold twoopposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain theability to function.”-F. Scott FitzgeraldKey lessons learned from datavisualization at
    • Data tells the narrative…Opposing ideas by default work against each other.But if we think of opposing ideas like a magnetic force-- the very force thatcauses like magnets to push against each other also causes attraction.To get them to work together all relies on how they are positioned.…if that data is well-positioned
    • Visualizations deliverorganizational buy-in.Total Signature Revenue by Month – Vantiv Merchant DirectFeb. ’12$18,000,000$20,000,000Pricing EffectSpring ’11Pricing ActionsFall ’11 PricingActions+DurbinJanuary ’12Pricing ActionsAction 1 Action 2 Action 3Incremental$-$2,000,000$4,000,000$6,000,000$8,000,000$10,000,000$12,000,000$14,000,000$16,000,00002/01/1003/01/1004/01/1005/01/1006/01/1007/01/1008/01/1009/01/1010/01/1011/01/1012/01/1001/01/1102/01/1103/01/1104/01/1105/01/1106/01/1107/01/1108/01/1109/01/1110/01/1111/01/1112/01/1101/01/1202/01/12Volume Effect29%oftotal42%oftotal50%oftotalBaseline
    • Visualizations deliverorganizational buy-in.Z%Revenue by Industry Revenue Margin by Industry24%29% 32%100% = $_B $_B $_BX%Y%27%23%19%48%48%49%2010 2011 2012Industries 5-7Industries 2-4Industry 1
    • Keep it Simple, Statistician.Simplicity elevates insight to value.
    • Get in the weeds…… But don’t get lost.
    • 5. Pushing Intelligenceto the “Front Line”
    • From Push to PullPresenting intelligence through datavisualization pulls executive strategies to thefront-line
    • Discover the “Unknown Unknowns”- Donald Rumsfeld
    • Real Time and Proactive – What is it?
    • Decision SetPredictandActInformationSetReal Time and Proactive – What does it take?AnalyticsProcessAction DistanceProcessSource: Richard Hackathorn at TDAN.com
    • So, what is Analytical Process?• Shifts in MarginBusinessProblem• Attrition issue• Lower Margin CustomerAcquisition• Volume Mix ShiftAnalytics• Health CheckDashboard• CustomerMigration Report• Price/AttritionAlertsInformation• Volume Mix ShiftAlerts• Cross Sell• Up Sell• Reduce Price• Add-OnActivateOperationalizeand updatestrategy•KPIs•Dashboards•ROIMeasure
    • Speed of Analytics – Why business reaction is slow?BusinessValuebusinesseventdatastoredinformationdeliveredBusinessCaptureLatencyAnalysisLatencyDecisionLatencyTimeactiontakenCapturedBusinessValueSource: Richard Hackathorn at TDAN.comLost
    • Speed of Analytics – How can we increase speed?businesseventdatastoredinformationdeliveredBusinessValueTimeactiontakenBusinessCapturedBusinessValueSource: Richard Hackathorn at TDAN.comLost
    • Speed of Analytics – Getting Real Time …….businesseventdatastoredinformationdeliveredactiontakenBusinessValueLostTimeCapturedBusinessValueSource: Richard Hackathorn at TDAN.com
    • Data to Insights - How Traditional Process works?Data sourcesData Integration Data MartsPresentationToolDecision MakersReportConsumersIntegrated Data Warehouse and BIDataAnalyticsPresentationToolBusinessAnalystsDataAnalyticsEnd to End Data Analytics Solution6-8 months 6-8 months 6-8 months
    • We are building data and delivering insights at the sametimeData sourcesData Integration Data MartsPresentationToolAnalystsandBusiness UsersIntegrated Data Warehouse and BIEnriched andIntelligent DataPresentationToolFeedback Process ( Update Analytical Models)KalvinTellTM– AnIntegratedSolution AnalyticalEngineDecision MakersAnalystsBusiness UsersDecision MakersAnalytical Data Synchronization
    • KalvinTellTM– An Integrated Analytical Engine for fasterturnaroundDataIntegrationLogicReportCalculations& BusinessRulesDataQualityLogicDataSecurityLogicMultipleRegressionSurvivalSegmentationProbabilisticModelData sourcesKalvinTellTM – an automatedend-to-end solution withup-to-date predictiveanalytics embedded withindata layerKalvinTell™(Kalvin’sAnalyticalEngine)GrowthTargetedaudienceWebIDashboardsUpsidepotential ExplorerAttritionRatePricingStrategyMobility
    • Merchant Centric Analytics RoadmapDiagnosticsHealthCheckReportingPredictiveAnalyticsMerchantEngagement& Growthenables...todrive...togrow...– Customer MigrationReporting– Retention Modeling – RelevantCommunications– AnalysisReporting– Key Drivers & Metrics– Customer Loyalty– Customer attrition– Attrition Modeling– Revenue and MarginForecasting– Pricing StrategyCommunications– MerchantProductEnhancements– MerchantBehaviouralSelection(targeting)– Trends– Segmentations– Capturerelevantattributes
    • Real Time inDaysWhat? What Next?Pricing andAttrition AlertsCross Sell orUp SellReal Time inMonthsWhat? What Next?MerchantCentricSegmentation
    • 36Key Takeaways
    • Thank You!Thank You!