IKEA Training & Development


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Details about IKEA training methods

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IKEA Training & Development

  1. 1. IKEA Presentation by… Bhavana GICE MBA + PGPM To create a better everyday life for the many people…..
  2. 2. Introduction.. 5 October 2013 Human Resource - IKEA 2 A Sweden based retail chain which deals in furniture and house decor items Has branches in around 41 countries & has an annual turnover of about 27.6 billion Euros Founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad Ingvar Kamprad ,Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland, South Sweden. Offers a wide range of well- designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Designs and sells ready-to- assemble furniture, appliances, and home accessories. Currently IKEA employs more than 1,20,000 employees in the world
  3. 3. 5 October 2013 3Human Resource - IKEA Steve Howard Jesper Brodin Helen Duphorn Peter Ange Petra Hesser Alistair Davidson Leif Hultman The man behind IKEA and his team….
  4. 4. IKEA Strengths… 5 October 2013 4Human Resource - IKEA Our product range We design the price tag first We see things differently Responsibility for people &environment Good design and function Low prices are the cornerstone of the IKEA vision, business idea and concept…
  5. 5. welcome on board…..hr practices 5 October 2013 Human Resource - IKEA 5 Come be Yourself with Us. ABOUT THE JOB As goods flow team leader you support your manager in leading your team in the co-ordination and optimisation of the goods flow operations under your control. This important role contributes to achieving the agreed availability of products to IKEA customers at the lowest possible costs. The position is ideally suited to a person who enjoys quick decision-making and solving daily work issues while on the go. YOUR ASSIGNMENT Your tasks will include: planning, organising and monitoring the flow of goods within your area of responsibility in the store, i.e. from goods receiving to sales locations for replenishment so that sufficient stock is available to meet the needs of customers. working actively to improve productivity through efficient resource planning, including managing sickness leave, staff allocation, flexible working and efficient goods flow operations. providing input to your manager on logistics capacity requirements in your area of responsibility and the creation of a business plan and goods flow action plans. empowering your team of co-workers by delegating responsibility to help each person grow and develop, according to their individual ability and experience. working closely with your merchandising partners in the store commercial team to implement an efficient and successful goods flow process that leads to more sales. YOUR PROFILE Your knowledge, skills and experience include: You are self-reliant and motivated with a proven ability to work as part of a larger team. You are able to set expectations for others and provide clear direction and follow up. You can prioritise and organise your work and the work of others to make the most efficient use of time available. You have a keen interest in retailing and logistics as well as experience of working in a fast-paced environment. You can adjust your style of communication to get a message across to the receiver. GROWING TOGETHER IKEA offers an exciting and empowering work environment in a global marketplace. And as the world’s leader at life at home, you have exceptional opportunities to grow and develop together with us. Few important insights that can be drawn from the job description are: By emphasizing co- worker, it is emphasizing equality in terms of how one should treat fellow employees about the job, “at the lowest cost” emphasizes the core DNA of the organization i.e. creating value by incrementally reducing cost points
  6. 6. Training 5 October 2013 6Human Resource - IKEA •Co-workers who have mastered their current job are encouraged to seek new challenges •Job enlargement/enrichment, changing the Job scope/location •Annual development talk to discuss and outline career paths •On-the-job training
  7. 7. Practices through which IKEA retains its employees.. 5 October 2013 7Human Resource - IKEA Internal Promotion Incentive System Encouraging Diversity in the workplace Grievance Procedure Flexi Time Keeping Co-workers Informed Supporting Work-Life Balance
  8. 8. Suggestions.. As aTraining Manager of IKEA 5 October 2013 Human Resource - IKEA 8 • Employees should be given a mock situations and ask them what would they do in such situations, through which the trainer can analyze all his employees analytical skills. •Since the company deals with home furnishings etc , the employees should be encouraged to interact with the customers more so that they can relate to it and understand their job much better. • Should encourage Internships so that these interns are very much aware of the company and will also save on the training cost for
  9. 9. 5 October 2013 9Human Resource - IKEA Thank You…