Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-405


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In the heart of Lotus Zing is the hub of sports and leisure, 'The Leaf'. Encompassing an area of approx. 70,000 Sq. Ft. and offering a world of latest amenities, this club is envisaged to be a perfect amalgamation of varied shades of the young and vibrant.
For Best Inventory Call @ 9910006454

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Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-405

  1. 1. Prop World Offers 3c Lotus Zing Resale With Unit , Sizes, Tower3C Louts Zing Disperse crossways 17.5 acres land estate of grass-green environments, this greenresidential landed property is handly nested in sector – 168, Noida Expressways.Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-806,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-504,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-2204,Size-915Tower-8 Unit-2101,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-203,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-2001,Size-915 Tower-8Unit-1502,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-104,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-1002,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-606,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-405,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-205,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-1405,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-1204,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-1105,Size-915 Tower-16 Unit-1103,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-905,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-702,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-303,Size-915 Tower-15This modern day boundary mark is designed particularly towards the youth of nowadays, forwhom no ambition is too broad and no habitual is sufficient.Unit-2402,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-2205,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-205,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-1906,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-1906,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-1903,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-1503,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-1204,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-102,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-1002and 1003,Size-915 Tower-14 Unit-905,Size-915 Tower-14 Unit-806,Size-915 Tower-14 Unit-2501but floor 24th,Size-915 Tower-14 Unit-203,Size-915 Tower-14 Unit-1601,Size-915 Tower-14 Unit-1203,Size-915 T-16 Unit-2ND,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-807,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-701,Size-575 Tower-9Sophisticatedly crafted for a new refresh which aim for excellence ,3C Lotus zing with itsunparalleled location and faultless list of features is obliged to brighten the high and fast fying “Gen – NEXT “Unit-505,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-503,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-307,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-302,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-2606,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-208,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-205,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1704,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1404,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1402,Size-575Tower-9 Unit-1207,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1101,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-307,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-2208,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-1505,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-1008,Size-575 Tower-10Unit-1003,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-303,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-2201,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-201,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1906,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1904,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1606,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1602,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1404,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1402,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1103,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1002,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-903,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-605,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-402,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1901,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1805,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1803,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1802,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1702,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1401,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1401,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1102,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1804,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1706,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1706,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1604,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1104,Size-1415 T-1
  2. 2. Well-connected to the National Capital on the Noida Expressway, Lotus Zing is nestled at aprime location in Sector - 168, Noida.Floor-9th,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-704,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-605,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-206,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-1804,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-701,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-401,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-2003,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-1203,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-704,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2205,Size-1335 Tower-12a Unit-2203,Size-1335 Tower-12AUnit-2103,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-206,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2006,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2005,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2004,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1906,Size-1335Tower-12A Unit-1905,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1904,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1806,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1805,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1804,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1706,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1606,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1605,Size-1335 Tower-12AUnit-1603,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1506,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1505,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1406,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1405,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1204,Size-1335Tower-12A Unit-1202,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1106,Approximate key distances from Sector-168.Tech Boulevard ---- 03 min,Mahamaya Fly over ---05 min,Sector-18 --- 10 min,Sector-37 Metro Station --- 07 min,DND Flyway --- 10 minSize-1335 Tower-12a Unit-104,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1006,Size-1300 Tower-3 Unit-2201,Size-1125, T-7, Floor-4th,Size-1125, T-7, Floor-16th,Size-1125, T-5, Floor-9th,Size-1125Tower-7 Unit-806,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-705,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-602,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-406,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-2003,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1901,Size-1125 Tower-7Unit-1701,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1501,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1403,Size-1125 Tower-7Unit-105,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-903,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-805,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-805,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-802,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-506,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-306,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-2204 and 2205,Size-1125 Tower-5 Unit-704,Size-1125 Tower-5Unit-603,Size-1125 Tower-5 Unit-203,Size-1125 Tower-2 Unit-702,Size-1125 T-6 Unit-902,Size-1125 T-12 Unit-703 Spread across 17.5 acres of verdant surroundings, this green residential estate is conveniently nested in Sector - 168 on Noida Expressway. This contemporary landmark is designed especially for the youth of today, for whom no dream is too big and no ordinary is enough. Tastefully crafted for a generation which strives for excellence, Lotus Zing with its unmatched location and impeccable list of features is bound to delight the high flying "Gen-Next". In the heart of 3c Lotus Zing is the hub of sports and leisure, The Leaf. Encompassing an area of approx. 70,000 Sq. Ft. and offering a world of latest amenities, this club is envisaged to be a perfect amalgamation of varied shades of the young and vibrant. For Best Inventory Call @ 9910006454