Production process of cashew industry
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  • 1.  PRABHAVA CASHEW PROCESSORS: Belongs to Srinivas Group of Industries Proprietor: M Vedhavyasa Prabhu 2nd cashew factory started by Srinivas Group At present 5 cashew factories Presently owning two 3-star hotels
  • 2. Prabhav Cashew Processors :The company was founded by M SubbannaPrabhu And Komala S Prabhu.It was established in the year 1988.The Company was commenced with 35 workersat the beginning and currently having 250workers.Initial capital was Rs. 40,00,000.At present the company having 15 male workersand rest are female workers.The capacity of production was 4 bags per dayand now it is raised up to 100 bags per day.The working hours of employees is 8 hours perday.
  • 3. Plant location :• Availability of workers• Availability of land at a cheaper rate• Availability of all other basic facilities, like water , power, etc,.• Transportation Facility• Nearness to market
  • 4. Raw Materials : Raw CashewsSource : Tanzania, Nigeria, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka.Machinery : Bought from Mangalore.Various MachinesUsed : Boiler, Cutting machine, Hot chamber, Metal Detector, Weighing machine, Packing machines
  • 6. DRYING For two Days nuts exposed to sun tillthey are dried and then dried nuts arestored in the store roomThe sun shine drying loss may come to 7%to 8% This increases the cost of raw cashew nutThe sun light changes color of cashew nutand turns to brown.
  • 7. Once the color is changed its know thatthe cashew nuts are dried. This is done to remove the oil containfrom the shell. Then the dried nuts are filled up in thebags and are stored in the store roomuntil the next process begins. This may be for one day or so dependingupon the stock
  • 8. The roasting of the raw Cashew Nut is doneby steaming roasting process.This process is carried on for 20 minutes at90 degree centigrade.Here firewood is used for the process ofgenerating steam for roasting the CashewNuts.
  • 9. In this 10 min process the After 8 an steam to 10estimate This which we minutes, 4 cases These roasting had weof 75 Kgs raw process released shouldeach are cashew is done will stop the put into nuts are by 4 come out steam vessel roasted. male from the and door and workers. door of must be steam is the opened. being vessel.released.
  • 10. Once the raw nuts are roasted theyare taken to a separate room andthey are being spread on the floor. Here they are kept for two to threedays so that they are cooledOnce they are cooled they aretransferred to the next process.
  • 11. The supervisor of this department willissue roasted raw nuts to the shellingdepartment for cutting purpose.The entire cutting process is handed bywomen workers.In one machine two women are workingand they can work around 8 to10kgcashew nuts per day.
  • 12. Then these nuts are fed into the handoperated cutting machines to separatekernels from the shellsIn case the used nuts are of good qualitywe are sure of getting 30 percent yieldand 2 to 3 percent pieces.Next day these kernels are transferred toBorma department.
  • 13. Each cashew shell is split open and thecashew inside is immediately taken outby hand.Shelling is a technique that can berelatively easily learnt. Strength is notrequired for breakage of the shell.Correct positioning of the nut and theability to hit the nut in the correctposition, so as to allow its breakage ismost important.
  • 14. Quality control and inspection aretherefore critical in ensuring that shellsproduce kernels of the highest qualityDuring the shelling process the workersuse Castro oil in order to keep theirhands safe .
  • 15. The Cashew nuts which are cut, aretaken to a hot chamber for Bormadrying.Borma which look like a rectangular boxin which 8 stands each with 60aluminum trey (480 trays) are there.They are loading 4kgs of cashew kernelsin one tray (total :1920 kgs in box) andthe door is closed.
  • 16. The shell cake of raw cashew nut is usedfor the fuel purposeThe door is locked & the heat isgenerated at 81 degree centigrade & itis released to Borma box for continuous8 hours.After that cashew kernels are taken toseparate room for cooling for a dayThis process continues for a whole day This entire process of Borma is handledby 2 male workers
  • 17. This process consist of 93 workers. So majorportion of employees are working in thisprocess. Average peeling to one employee is10 kg.Here the workers remove husk from thecashew nuts with the help of a small knife.These are transferred to Grading section verynext day.
  • 18. This is the process where the cashewnuts are categorized and they are givendifferent grades.Depending upon the grades the rates arebeing set.
  • 19. Here are some of the types of Grading: •Wholes 120 •Wholes 140 •Wholes 180 •Wholes 240 •Wholes 300 •Wholes 350 •Wholes440
  • 20. Scorched wholes Scorched butts Scorched splits Desert splitsLarge white piecesSmall white pieces Baby bits
  • 21. In this process the Once this is cashew nuts done the This is done This is the are being cleaned nuts to see that, final process passed in a are passed there are no before machine through the unwanted packing. where the metal particles. dust is detector.removed out.
  • 22. Weighing• This is done for the • Here the nuts are filled purpose of packing. in containers, bags and pouches as per the requirement. once this done the weighed container are passed to the next process.
  • 23. Packing is an important activity as itcontains the final product. Packing mustbe done in such a way that it shouldconvince and attract the customers tobuy the product.
  • 24. PackingMachines
  • 25. Flexi bags:- Nuts are filled in the packets and the air in thepackets is replaced witcarbon de oxide. this is done in order to keep the final product in good condition. thistype of packing is done when the goods are meant for export.
  • 26. Dispatching• Here the packed cashew nuts are being dispatched as per the orders received.
  • 27. The company has done a remarkableimprovement today. Even though in the timeof recession, the company has maintainedsame level of demand from domestic andinternational customers. This is mainlybecause of the brand and the quality it hasmaintained. They brings together the combinationof various processing units, professionalmanagement. More over it holds the policyof using the available resources in the mostefficient manner.