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  • Thank you so much for meeting with me…
  • ____________, because every Seller is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So, in order for me to better understand your situation and your particular goals, I’d like to ask you a few questions. Then, we’ll review my marketing plan and focus on the solutions that best fit your situation. I’ll also explain how I work so you know what to expect of me as your agent. After that, we’ll take a look at the detailed research that I’ve done to assist you in determining the most likely sales price for your home. Hopefully, at the end of our discussion, we’ll make a mutual decision to work together and we’ll get started. If not, we’ll just shake hands and part ways. Does that sound okay?
    When I previewed your home yesterday, you indicated that you’re selling your house because _____________. Is that correct?
    Ideally, when would you like to have your house SOLD and closed?
    If, for some reason, your house has not sold by then, what will you do? Would you be more likely to give it more time or adjust the price?
    What is the price you have in mind for your home?
    What is your single biggest concern in selling your home?
    What are the main things you expect from your agent?
    NOTE TO AGENT: This is not a comprehensive list of questions….add some of your own.
    Great! _______Let’s take a look at the steps that my company and I will implement to get your home sold…..
  • One of the most important elements in getting your home sold is the agent you select. As you know, there are many agents from which to choose…but all agents are not created equally.
    As an experienced real estate professional, I have the skills and expertise needed in today's highly complex and competitive real estate market. As a result, when you hire me, you are far more likely to accomplish your goal of selling your house.
    However, it’s my goal to do much more than that…Not only will I take the steps that should lead to the sale of your property, but you will enjoy exceptional service in the process. I want you to be so pleased with the service that I provide that you wouldn’t think of using any other real estate agent in the future and you’d happily refer others to me as well. That is the kind of service you want, isn’t it?
  • Let me tell you a little bit about my company and why it’s the company you want representing you in the sale of your home…
  • My company, BHGRE Metro Brokers, is the largest real estate company in Georgia with 26 offices and over 1,800 agents. Because of our coverage area and number of agents, it’s quite possible that another Metro Brokers agent is working with a buyer RIGHT now who would be interested in your home. That could result in a fast sale…you would like that, wouldn’t you?
  • We also offer our clients and customers the convenience of One Stop Shopping for all their real estate needs. We offer real estate, mortgage, insurance and closing services. Because of the close coordination and control of these different areas, the benefit to you is it’s less likely that there will be problems in getting to a successful closing…that is what you want. Isn’t it?
  • ______________, What do you think of when you hear or see the name Better Homes and Gardens®?
    Yes, I hear that often. Most people are familiar with and trust the Better Homes and Gardens brand name. The magazine itself has a readership of nearly 40 million people each month and is the #1 lifestyle magazine in the world. In a study, an incredible 97% of participants were aware of the Better Homes and Gardens brand. The magazine regularly directs readers to its website…and on its website, there’s a link to search homes for sale. If someone is looking for a home like yours in this area, your property will be included in their search. Can you see how the Better Homes and Gardens brand will help attract more buyers to your home?
  • So do I…one more point when it comes to the strength of the Better Homes and Gardens brand. Because consumers associate quality and desirability with the brand, real estate agents have been using it for years in their ads for properties they’re marketing. Quality and desirability…that’s what you want buyers to think when they learn about your home, isn’t it?
  • Many agents take what I call a passive approach to getting a home sold…that is, they implement some basic steps…like putting up a sign and using the MLS…then sit back and hope the property will sell. That just doesn’t work in today’s highly competitive market.
    My company and I take an active approach to get your home sold. We will market your home in a variety of ways because we want to reach prospective buyers the way they shop. By that, I mean we will expose your property to buyers who drive by your property, qualified buyers working with agents and buyers who are doing research on the internet. Regardless of how they shop, your property will be there! That is what you want isn’t it?
    Great…let’s review the active marketing steps that we’ll put in place to get your home sold.
  • Let’s talk about internet exposure… __________, now that you’ve decided to move, have you done any research for a new home on the internet?
    Like you, most buyers use the internet to search for properties today. In fact, according to the 2012 National Association of Realtors Home Buyers and Home Sellers Survey, 90% of all home buyers used the internet when searching for a home and over a third of them found the home they actually purchased on the internet.
    When you searched the internet, did you see any properties without pictures? Did you look at those? Like you, most buyers skip properties without photos. Because photos are critical in attracting buyers, I will utilize multiple photos of your home and make sure that the photos present your home to its best advantage. You would expect that, wouldn’t you?
  • One more important point when it comes to internet exposure. It’s not enough for a property to simply be on the internet. A property must be on the websites most visited by buyers….such as, Trulia and Zillow to name a few. When you hire me, your house will be promoted on all the top real estate websites with multiple photos and a virtual tour. Can you see how that will help us attract more buyers for your home?
  • In addition to all those websites, not only will your property be on my personal website but it will be on all of BHGRE Metro Brokers’ agent websites – over 1800 websites. That’s significant additional internet exposure for your property that could lead to finding a buyer, don’t you agree?
    Note to Agent: Don’t forget to insert a screenshot of your agent website. Instructions are on MetroNet under “Marketing Tools” in the “Listing Presentation” section.
  • In addition, when you hire me, your property will be be on the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate website and on our company website, Let’s take a look at how will help us find a buyer for your home….
  • is heavily promoted and has 30,000 unique visitors a week! Isn’t it realistic to think that one of those visitors could be the right buyer for your house?
  • On average, buyers spend more time on our website per visit than is typical on other sites. That’s because there are numerous tools that simplify the process for them such as the search and mapping features….
  • As well as, schedule a showing. These tools make it much more likely that a buyer will find your home on our website and contact us, don’t you agree?
  • Because more and more people are using their smart phones to access online information, Metro Brokers has a mobile version of its website. This enables a prospective buyer to easily access the information and photos on your home and contact me directly from their phone.
    As a result, we won’t miss out on a prospective buyer or an agent working with a buyer that’s “on the go” and wants the information NOW. Can you see how this will help us attract more buyers for your home?
  • We’ve positioned as “the site for homes”. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Just as important as the internet marketing itself, is how quickly I respond to a prospective buyer’s inquiry about your property. Sadly, as an industry, we don’t do a very good job. The average response time is 52 hours and by then most buyers have moved on to another property. But that won’t happen when you hire me.
    We utilize unique software, called LeadRouter, that instantly calls me on my cell phone when someone sees your house online and inquires about it. This enables me to contact them immediately….when their interest level is the highest. Because of my quick response, I will not lose a possible buyer for your home. Can you see how this can help get your home sold?
  • Another unique marketing tool of BHGRE Metro Brokers is our Atlanta area billboards…have you ever noticed one? They are in front of over a MILLION drivers a day. The lighted display advertises the number of properties available for sale on, as well as positive call-to-action messages.
    This drives a significant number of prospective buyers to our website to search for properties. A buyer may very well find your property because our billboards got them to our website. Can you see how our billboards put us in a better position than other companies to find a buyer for your home?
  • Another marketing tool that is unique to BHGRE Metro Brokers is our Super Sunday Open House on the second Sunday of each month when hundreds of homes are held open.
    BHGRE Metro Brokers spends thousands of dollars to heavily promote Super Sunday each month. All of the advertising promotes the fact that we give away $1,000 to one lucky open house visitor. As a result of all the promotion and the giveaway, our Super Sunday Open Houses attract numerous buyers….one of which could be the buyer for your home.
    Would you like for your house to be held open during our next Super Sunday on ________? Great…we’ll cover those deadlines and details later.
  • BHGRE agents have exclusive access to a data base of over 85 million people who are subscribers to the Meredith Corporation’s magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Traditional Home, Family Circle, Parents and many more. This database has demographic, geographic and behavioral data that allows me to target or “Pinpoint” my marketing to specific people who are the most likely buyers for your home
    For example, I could select all buyers living within a 5-mile radius of this zip code who fall into a specific category such as first-time buyer with or without kids, move-up buyer, empty nester, mature consumer, luxury homes or second home buyer) and choose a specific income bracket as well as target people by their current home value.
    Can you see how this could help you sell your home?
  • As I’m sure you know, the Atlanta area is home to many corporations including many of the Fortune 500….as a result, corporations are constantly moving people in and out of the area. In my experience, the corporate transferee who is moving to the Atlanta area is typically the most motivated and qualified buyer. That’s the kind of buyer you’d like, isn’t it?
    That’s great because we work with buyers directed to us from dozens of the major corporate relocation companies. And, proudly, we are affiliated with the world’s largest corporate relocation company – Cartus, which handles more corporate relocations than its next 3 closest competitors combined. In fact, we are one of only a few select companies who have access to their business.
    What that means to you, ________, is that it is far more likely that we will have corporate transferees, who we agreed are the most qualified and motivated, as prospective buyers for your home. Can you see how we will be able to attract more buyers for your home because of these affiliations?
    Speaking of relocation…..have you selected an agent to work with in the purchase of your next home in _________? I would be happy to hand pick an agent from our proven network to assist you.
  • A big part of our marketing is directed to agents with other companies who are working with qualified buyers. Unlike many companies who choose to join only one MLS to save money, Metro Brokers is a member of all the major multiple listing services in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia such as First MLS and Georgia MLS. As a result, your property will be exposed to ALL the agents in the Atlanta area who are working with qualified buyers. We want to make sure that we don’t miss a single agent who may have a buyer for your house. That’s what you want, isn’t it?
    Note to AGENT: Delete logos and text of MLS services that don’t apply to you.
  • Making it easy for agents to access your home is critical to getting it sold. We’ll do this by putting an electronic lockbox containing a key to your home on the front door. It’s a very secure system…only licensed real estate agents who have passed a background check will have access.
    Do you have a spare key for the lockbox? Great!
  • In addition to easy access, another advantage of using an electronic lockbox is that I’m notified immediately by email when an agent shows or previews your home. Then, I can quickly follow-up with them for feedback on your property. The sooner I’m in touch with them, the more likely it is that I’ll get helpful feedback.
    I’ll contact you every _____ between ____ and ____ to update you on any feedback from the previous week. Do you prefer phone or email?
  • And certainly I will put our distinctive BHGRE Metro Brokers sign in your front yard along with a flyer box. But I’ll need your help with the flyer box The number one problem with flyer boxes is that they are often empty when a buyer stops to pick up a flyer. I will supply you with plenty of flyers and ask you to check the flyer box every day to make sure that there are 10 in it at all times. Would you be willing to do that? Great!
    Here’s a sample of the flyer I’ll create for your property.
    Note to AGENT: Show customer a sample of the flyer you’ve created for their property.
  • Are you familiar with QR codes?
    Because it’s quick and easy, more and more people prefer to scan a QR code with their cell phone for information rather than take a printed flyer. I’ll place a QR code sign in your yard that will grab potential buyers’ attention and be large enough to scan from their car (up to 16 feet away). When the buyer scans the code from their mobile phone, it will take them directly to the information on your property as it appears on our website. They will be able to see detailed information which includes the price and photos…and they can contact me immediately.
    Do you see how using a QR code sign could be a huge advantage to selling your home?
    Note to AGENT: Give customer a free QR Code flyer from the Supply Superstore to help explain this marketing.
  • Another way to make your home stand out from competing properties is to offer the buyer a 1 year home warranty. Most buyers prefer to buy a home with a warranty because of the peace of mind that it brings…and you will be protected for covered items while your house is on the market.
    But you pay nothing until the closing.
    Can you see why a buyer would choose your home over one that does not offer a warranty? Great….we can take a look at the details later.
  • Over the years, I have built a large database of contacts that consists of past buyers and sellers, friends and professional acquaintances. Each time I’m hired to market a property, my contacts receive promotional information about the property – some by telephone, some by mail or email, and others personally. You never know who may have an interest in your property!
    I’ve also developed relationships with many agents. I’ll contact them personally regarding your property and see if they are currently working with buyers who may have an interest.
    Another way that I attract buyers is through social networking like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I have more than # contacts on these sites.
    _________ is there anyone you would like for me to add to my list of contacts so they will receive information regarding your home?
  • Can you see how my active marketing will attract more potential buyers for your home which will lead to a quicker sale?
  • ________________, Once I’ve done my job in exposing your property to as many prospective buyers as possible, it’s critical that your house puts its best foot forward in order to maintain and increase their interest. Have you seen any of the HGTV and similar shows that focus on getting your house ready to sell by enhancing the curb appeal and interior staging?
    Regardless of what one thinks of the shows, it’s true that these 2 elements are crucial to the sale of your property. Because there are so many competing properties on the market, simply put, the homes that are selling are those that are priced right, smell good and look good.
    According to the latest NAR survey, buyers look at 12 homes on average. So, at least 11 other houses are competing with yours for the same buyer. In essence, in addition to competitive pricing your property must win the “beauty contest” to be at the top of a prospective buyers list.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”…that is never more true than it is with curb appeal. Prospective buyers will make a quick decision about a house based upon their first impression from the outside…sometimes eliminating it and moving on without ever going inside. When a buyer does enter a house, they are already “hoping to like it” or “hoping not to like it”. Prospective buyers definitely “judge a book by its cover”. So, we want the buyer’s first impression to be the best possible.
    __________, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, how would you rate the curb appeal of your house? What do you think it would take to make it a 10? Hmmm…we can discuss that in more detail later.
  • Once a buyer is in your house, you want that positive impression to continue by having the interior in top showing condition. Doing things like eliminating clutter, being sure the house sparkles from top to bottom, neutralizing colors and minimizing “personal” items like family pictures…Not only do we want a positive impression, we want the buyer to easily picture themselves living in this house.
    When all is said and done, you can’t live in your house the same way when it’s on the market as compared to when it’s not. It’s important for you to think of your house as a product that you’re trying to market and sell…and no longer think of it as your “home”. Essentially, it has to be “show ready” at all times. Does that seem reasonable?
  • Like I asked you earlier about curb appeal __________, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, how would you rate the showing condition of your house? What do you think it would take to make it a 10? Can you see how great curb appeal and staging makes a home more appealing to buyers?
    Let’s do this… I’ll email you a link that will take you to a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate video on staging. I think you’ll find it very helpful. I can also give some ideas before I leave.
  • Once we have a qualified buyer who makes an offer on your home, we’ll want to get together as soon as possible to review the terms. In my experience, this process is more efficient if we meet at my office to review offers because I’ll have access to all of the forms and information we may need. It will make the process much smoother for you. If it’s convenient for you, will you be willing to come to my office to review offers? Great!
    In negotiating offers on your behalf, my #1 priority is to protect your position and promote your interests. My thorough understanding of the forms used in a real estate transaction will ensure that all forms and required disclosures are properly executed. Nothing will be left to chance and your position will be protected.  
  • After we’ve negotiated an acceptable contract on your behalf, there are lots of details that must be managed in order to get to a successful closing. Are you aware that there are over a dozen time sensitive provisions and clauses that could allow a buyer to cancel the typical sales contract?
    So, to assure that you have a successful closing, I will
    Maintain contact with the buyer’s lender and track the progress of the buyer’s loan through closing and advise you as to the status
    Maintain contact with the buyer’s agent
    Track time sensitive contract provisions
    I will also…
    Negotiate inspection concerns, suggest options and assist in securing bids and contractors, if needed
    Monitor the progress of the title search, survey, appraisal, inspections and removal of contingencies
    Keep YOU informed throughout the process
    Attend the closing with you
    Can you see how my management of the details and negotiation skills will get you to the closing table? Terrific!
    Assuming we can agree on an acceptable price….are you ready to put me to work? Terrific….let’s take a look at the detailed pricing comparison that I completed for your home…
  • Before we look at the actual details, I’d like to review the process that I went through to determine the best price possible for your property.
    First, I carefully researched properties, in this area, that are similar to yours that have sold in the last 90 days. This tells us what buyers have been ready, willing and able to pay for homes similar to yours… and what a buyer is willing to pay is the most important element of pricing. I only looked at sales that occurred in the last 90 days because that’s what an appraiser will do…and ultimately, regardless of what a buyer is willing to pay, the house must meet the test of an appraisal…
    Next, I researched properties that are similar to yours in this area that were on the market…but did not sell. We call those “Expireds”. Basically, they tell us what buyers have NOT been willing to pay…and you don’t want to be on that list, do you?
    Last, I researched properties that are currently on the market because they are in competition for your buyer. These are the properties a buyer will look at in addition to yours before making a decision….and, typically, buyers look at an average of 12 homes. And because of that, it’s not enough to simply be priced competitively…you need to have a compelling price….one that separates your home from all the others and puts it at the top of a buyer’s list, don’t you agree?
    Can you see how a careful analysis of recent solds, expireds and actives is the best way to determine the right price for your house? Terrific!
    Now, let’s review my research….
  • In addition, I have relationships with many different vendors to make this process smoother for you. I can make recommendations based on what you need.
    For example, if you need an appraisal, D.S. Murphy and Associates is the leading provider of real estate valuations. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and are really good at value recertifications and appraisal reviews.
    For moving and storage services, you should use Atlanta Peach Movers. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and are the official movers of the Atlanta Braves. They offer free estimates and give you a 5% discount as long as you mention my name and “Metro Brokers” when you call them.
    And you can’t beat Georgia Natural Gas. When you move, be sure to call them and use my discount code. They’ll give you a $50 Visa gift card or a discounted therm rate.
  • _____________, are you ready to get started?
  • Listing presentation

    1. 1. Home Sale Strategy Bharat Ragha Cell; 770-265-8882
    2. 2. A Plan For Success  What To Expect  Marketing Plan  Detailed Pricing Comparison  Mutual Decision
    3. 3. My Background Metro Atlanta – Area served Distinction Award - 2010, 2011, 2012 Fulltime, Full Effort Real Estate Sales Professional 8 Years Of Sales Experience REALTOR® Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) Graduate P.H.D. (Partners Helping Development) Graduate M.B.A. (Metro Brokers Advantage) Graduate M.B.A. (Metro Brokers Advantage) Bharat Ragha
    4. 4. BHGRE Metro Brokers The largest real estate company in Georgia 94% Customer Satisfaction Rate The fastest growing real estate company in metro Atlanta and north Georgia with 26 offices and 1800 agents Unparalleled marketing One-stop shopping with Metro Brokers Financial, Metro Brokers Insurance and Metro Title Trust. Top 25 real estate company in the country according to
    5. 5. Georgia’s Largest Real Estate Company 26 Offices and 1,800 Agents serving the entire Metro Atlanta area and North Georgia Mountains
    6. 6. One Stop Shop Convenience  Buyers appreciate the convenience of our “One Stop Shop”  Real estate, mortgage, insurance and title/closing services
    7. 7. Better Homes and Gardens®  What do you think when you hear or see Better Homes and Gardens?  An American staple since 1924  Magazine circulation of 7.6 million  Readership of nearly 40 million  97% brand awareness - Consumers know and trust the Better Homes and Gardens brand #1 Lifestyle Magazine in the World
    8. 8. What’s in a Name?
    9. 9. Reaching Buyers the Way They Shop Drive-By Buyers Buyers with Agents  Yard Sign  Flyers  Information Sheets  Caravans  Direct Mail/ Postcards  Open Houses  FMLS/GAMLS/NEGAMLS  Networking  Telemarketing Internet  BHGRE Website  My Company Website  My Website  Property search sites  Virtual Tours
    10. 10. Internet Promotion and Exposure 90% 84% 45% 41% Source: National Association of Realtors 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers
    11. 11. Additional Internet Exposure for YOU Your listing appears on more than 2,000 websites!
    12. 12. My Own Website
    13. 13.
    14. 14.  More than 1 MILLION page views per week  30,000 unique visitors per week  Online Appointments  Best search feature  My Metro saves listings for later  Schedule a showing online  Google Maps integration  Large photos
    15. 15. Searching & Mapping
    16. 16. Schedule a Showing Online
    17. 17. Metro Brokers Mobile Site  Easy-to-use interface for mobile real estate searching  Optimized for touch screen phones  “Search Nearby” utilizes GPS for geo-location  Can be accessed by any cell phone with internet access
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Capturing Online Leads  Average industry response time to an online lead is 52 hours*  Most prospects work with the first real estate agent who contacts them*  My team contacts me immediately after a lead comes in and I follow up immediately. *According to the National Association of Realtors.
    20. 20. Atlanta Area Billboard Campaign  Billboards on major interstates around metro Atlanta reach more than 1 MILLION drivers EVERY DAY  The lighted display advertises the number of homes for sale on our website and positive callto-action messages
    21. 21. Super Sunday Open House Hundreds of homes held open generating thousands of potential buyers:  The second Sunday of each month  One lucky visitor will win $1,000  Unique website allows buyers to find open houses in their area and plot a course using Google Maps
    22. 22. PinPoint Database  Exclusive to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agents  PinPoint accesses Meredith’s database of 85-million subscribers  Send customized postcards to targeted buyers and sellers  Database includes demographic, geographic and behavioral data points
    23. 23. Relocation Services  Primary broker in Cartus network  Cartus is the world’s largest relocation company  Handles more corporate relocation than the next 4 closest competitors combined  Over 800 companies are represented by Cartus Weichert 10% Real Living 7% Sirva 10% Prudential 16% Cartus 57% Market Share – Top 5 Companies
    24. 24. Multiple Listing Services  First MLS  Georgia MLS  Northeast Georgia MLS
    25. 25. Easy Access for Agents with Buyers
    26. 26. Showing Activity Instant Email Notification Of Showings Or Previews
    27. 27. For Sale Sign
    28. 28. QR Code Sign  Scans of QR codes have increased by 810% in the past year. Get the most from this powerful new technology!  Add a QR Code sign to your yard  Potential buyer scans the code from your sign with their mobile phone  Buyer is directly connected to your home’s listing details page on 10,000 sign scans in 2012!
    29. 29. HSA Home Warranty Seller Benefits Separate Your Home From Others By Offering A 1 Year Home Warranty Coverage while your home is on the market – If a failure occurs while your house is listed, you can continue to concentrate on selling your home instead of worrying about repairs. Powerful marketing tool – The home warranty will help set your home apart from the competition. Research shows that 8 out of 10 buyers prefer to buy a warranted home. Post-sale dispute prevention – If a failure happens after closing, the buyer will turn to HSA – not you – to resolve the problem.
    30. 30. Networking  Personal database  Professional agent network  Social Networking  Metro Brokers Blog
    31. 31. Appealing Conditions
    32. 32. Appealing Conditions Curb Appeal
    33. 33. Appealing Conditions Interior Condition
    34. 34. Appealing Conditions Staging
    35. 35. Managing the Details  Every offer will be presented for your review on a timely basis!  My thorough understanding of the forms used in a real estate transaction insures that nothing is left to chance and you are properly protected  I will ensure that all disclosures and associated forms are provided to protect you
    36. 36. Managing the Details To further protect your position in the transaction, I will:  Require buyers to provide written evidence of their loan qualification  Maintain contact with the buyer’s lender and track the progress of the buyer’s loan through closing and advise you as to the status  Maintain contact with the buyer’s agent  Track time sensitive contract provisions
    37. 37. Negotiation & Closing  Negotiate inspection concerns, suggest options and assist in securing bids and contractors, if needed  Monitor the progress of the title search, survey, appraisal, inspections and removal of contingencies  Keep YOU informed throughout the process  Attend the closing with you Our experience enables us to anticipate problems and provide solutions
    38. 38. Competitive Pricing Detailed Comparison  Recently Sold  Expired  Active Competition
    39. 39. Additional Services Appraisal  Leading provider of real estate valuations  More than 20 of experience  678-584-5900 Moving and Storage Services  Official movers of Atlanta Braves  5% discount – mention my name and “Metro Brokers” to receive discount  678-728-2354 Natural Gas Provider  Discounted therm rate or $50 Visa gift card  Call 1-888-258-5897 and use my discount code
    40. 40. Ready to Get Started?