Retail Store Management


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Retail Store Management

  2. 2. Introduction about companyRetail makes every effort to delight its customers, tailoring store formats tochanging Indian lifestyles and adapting products and services to their desires.We operate some of India’s most popular retail formats. Across value and lifestylesegments, our multi-format retail strategy caters to all the consumption needs of awide cross-section of Indian consumers Target Audience: 15 to 30 age. DhokaliRoad, near highland Society, opp Dmart Thane [W]Our business is well capitalized to propel pure retail growth momentum. Webelieve the Indian consumption story is intact and the combination ofconsumption and investment driven growth will power our success. We aim tomaintain our focus on increasing consumption demand through innovativecustomer engagement activities.We aim to continue on our growth path through a combination of realizationefficiency and space expansion. Our aim is to maintain the momentum of toplinegrowth through continuous efforts to increase store efficiencies and productivityas evident in improved.
  3. 3. Mission To provide our customers with exceptional values and an changing variety of top-quality goods in fun & friendly shopping experience. To be the preferred choice of the world’s best manufacturers, importers and wholesalers as a unique, honest and professional solution for the disposition of closeout, end-of-season and other surplus merchandise. Equally, to be a purchaser of opportunistic inventories from the smallest localized situations to large-scale business closures.
  4. 4. Vision We recognize the equal importance of our customers and our suppliers in a business that must earn the respect of each with every new transaction. We will treat both with fairness, integrity, always keeping the long-term relationship and our reputation in mind.
  5. 5. Steps to Start a Retail Womens Clothing Business Selecting Location Finding Supplier Advertising Business
  6. 6. Challenges of Retail Marketing High-Ticket Items Require a Consumer Sacrifice Small Stores Have Limited Merchandise Trendy Stores are Expensive
  7. 7. Management system Bhakti Salunke Pooja Chowdhuri Prerna Jyoti Harsha Gulati Shatakshi Dixit [Store & Floor [Advertising & [Merchandise [Product Manager][finance manager] Manager] Promotion] Manager] Heena patel Hemlata Deora [Creative Dept] [Quality Dept] SHOP 1 • 12 WORKERS SHOP 2 • 13 WORKERS
  8. 8. FLOORE SPACE MANAGEMENTPurpose of Store Design- To support the retailers market position in maintaining its customer image, by relating to the needs and aspirations of the consumer. To meet the operational needs of the company in keeping costs down and maintaining sufficient stock to supply customers.Space audit Hot spot Warm spot Cold spot
  9. 9. Layout of Store
  10. 10. Clothing products
  11. 11.  These ladies jeans are available in different styles like lowJeans rise, mid-rise, regular, straight cut, boot but, flares etc.  Our spectacular collection of ladies elegant jeans are available in various sizes, lengths, and colours.  This amazing range of jeans is lauded for its resistance to wear and tear, durability, strength and comfort level.  Price starting Rs. 800* according to quality & Size  
  12. 12.  Women’s Tops which are made by using veryTops superior and premium quality raw material.  The provided tops are designed by our expert designers to give attractive and luxurious look to the wearer.  . These Women’s Tops are available in different colours, finish, designs and various patterns.  Price starting Rs. 500* according to quality & Size
  13. 13.  These are stitched to perfection and are of best quality. These Kurties areKurtis designed using best resources and we also keep in mind the colour combination, embroidery, pattern and the stitching part.  Womens Kurtis Tunic designed for teenagers in cool cotton with hand embroidery. Our kurtis are well known for appealing designs, neatly stitched and shrinkage resistance.  Banarsi booti kurti with velvet sequence embroidery work and jari lace work. Our Banarsi Booti Kurtis are available in various colours and designs.  Price starting Rs. 700* according to quality & Size 
  14. 14.  We specialize in making high grade quality of women dress Fabric,Dresses women dress materials. These are a rage among our clients and can be worn by all age group women.  manufactured from high quality of fabrics by using advance techniques by help of our team of expertise. We apply innovative design and production techniques while keeping trends with the latest fashion and produced quality  productsPrice starting Rs. 1000* according to quality & Size 
  15. 15.  These Womens Sarees are in wide demand in the market due to their excellent quality of fabric,Sarees flawless workmanship and tempting designs.  We provide Lehenga style saree with Georgette foil & nett fusion, antique material and gota work. We offer our range of Heavy Work Sarees in various fabrics.  We are counted as one of the most reputed name in producing and supplying a premium quality range of silk sarees to our esteemed customers  Price starting Rs. 1200* according to quality & Size 
  16. 16. Accessories
  17. 17.  Our specialization is to produce quality leather sandals. Most ofSandels our footwear are anatomical, with arch support, high comfort and contemporary designs. Our mostly known products are based on the following groups. Lady leather Casual Shoes Lady Slippers - sandals Lady Fashion Shoes Daily wearing Shoes.  Price starting Rs. 500* according to quality & Size 
  18. 18.  Our Bangles includes Indian Wedding Bangles, Fashion Bangles, Colourful WoodBangels Bangles.  We offer a wide variety of bangles, pendants and buttons which are designed by master craftsmen.  Our products have a brand value in the market and are recognized for creative designs, usability and competitive prices.Although we design our range as per the prevalent market trends or as per the requirements specified by our clients  Price starting Rs. 200* according to quality & Size 
  19. 19. Jewellary rings
  20. 20. Feature:1.New hot seller, most popular2.Nice exterior appearance design3.High quality fashion jewelry products4.Various styles and elegant design5.Quality is our best-selling guarantee6.Fashion gift7.Well-chosen raw material8.Various gemstones, various colors, various designs for your choice.9.Good products feature10.Quality approval11.Good quality and service12.Competitive price
  21. 21.  Every individual wears watches and the best watches for men &watches women are those that are not merely comfortable but also ones that make style statements. Best watches for women are from diverse brands like Titan, Fastrack, Citizen & many more categories. Luxury, premium, formal and casual wear watches may be included in the category which deals with best watches for women.  Watches starting price Rs. 200*
  22. 22. MERCHANDISE PLANNINGMerchandisingThe display of the merchandise plays an important role in attractingthe customers into the store and prompting them to purchase as well.Merchandising helps in the attractive display of the products at thestore in order to increase their sale and generate revenues for the retailstore.Merchandising helps in the sensible presentation of the productsavailable for sale to entice the customers and make them a brandloyalist.Promotional MerchandisingThe ways the products are displayed and stocked on the shelves playan important role in influencing the buying behavior of theindividuals.
  23. 23. Attractive packagingThe packaging of the merchandise goes a long way inimproving the brand value of the product. A productkept in a nice box would definitely catch the attention ofthe customers.Impressive presentation of the ProductThe display of the products at the retail store must enticethe customers. The merchandiser in coordination withthe store manager must ensure that the products areaccording to the season as well as latest trends.
  24. 24. Unique Pricing (Discounts)Attractive prices, discounts, rebates also bring customersto the store.Promotional schemes, giftsCoupons and attractive gifts make shopping apleasurable experience for the customers.
  25. 25. Category management The concept of segregating similar products into separate groups is called as category management. The complete range of merchandise available at the retail store is divided into separate product categories consisting of related products.
  26. 26.  Category The complete range of merchandise at the store is divided into separate groups consisting of related products. Such groups are called as categories. Each category is treated as a separate business entity. The retailer calculates the profit and loss of each category separately. Each category contributes in its own way to the profitability of the store. The retailer does not promote a single brand but the complete category. The concept of categories has gone a long way in developing a strong bond between the retailer and the supplier.
  27. 27. Market Segments for the Retail Clothing Market Gender-Related Segments Age-Related Segments Geographic Segments Behavior-Related Segments Lifestyle Segmentation
  28. 28. The Legalities of Selling Retail Clothing Resale Certificate Sellers Permit Labeling Laws Safety
  29. 29. Retail Selling Tips for Womens Clothes Know Your Product Know Your Customer Overcome Objections Listen to Your Customer
  30. 30. Duties Learn in the Retail Clothing Visual Merchandising Marketing Managing Staff Inventory Control Customer Service
  31. 31. THANK YOU