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Prototype & Test

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  1. 1. PROTEST Prototyping , testing & huge learning!
  2. 2. Problem statement A passionate , driven recruiter of a multinational organisation needs a way to bridge the gap between ace institutions and corporate with meaningful education that would make graduates work-ready from day one!
  3. 3. Idea for Prototype 1 Interactive website for newly hired resources to experience work- life at hiring organization even before joining! Context – what :  A end to end interactive website depicting the culture and work life of an organization  A walk thro that will provide complete understanding & learning experience Why:  This would help fight anxiety of a new entrant and get him familiarized with the organization  Help understand an organization culture before joining
  4. 4. Process – how: Every hired candidate to be given access to this website with a username &password The candidate to take a walkthrough of the website ; complete all the required milestones Walkthrough will have learning checkpoints – that will prompt / teach organization way of work
  5. 5. Location Website – Home page username Password Location Compan y logo
  6. 6. WOW Features  Create an new avatar (virtual character )for each new hire  Virtual walk around the campus (location)of work  Learn virtually  Interact with other avatars online (new as well as old hires)  This would be an opportunity to  Familiarize with work facility  Learn through interaction with other avatars  Understand organizational values  Learn Work etiquette  Know your hiring company – background ; organization structure ; teams  Learn IT specific aspects like Security; client set up ; onsite –
  7. 7. Who got involve/d  Interviewed / tested with two stakeholders ;  one a corporate recruiter  A manager at a corporate – who was a new hire in the same company few years ago
  8. 8. Feedback Grid - 1reviewer What worked Questions What could be improved Ideas “each associate should/ can be tagged to virtual buddy” “ get experienced employees to help ppl around” “virtual experience with avatar is good experience” “college grads will love it !” Will this kill the real life experience? Can be linked to social networking sites
  9. 9. Feedback Grid – 2 reviewer What worked Questions What could be improved Ideas •Add security aspects involved in a corporate environment – that is what surprises college gads •Help them understand Client aspects / onsite offshore model •“ this will definitely bring down anxiety of the new hires •“It will prepare them to be more confident of what is expected from them “ •Make the website really vibrant and lively
  10. 10. Idea 2 for prototyping Entrants of corporate to spend the first one week observing on project floors Context – what  “Most human behavior is learned observationally through modeling: from observing others one forms an idea of how new behaviors are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action." -Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory, 1977 Why: Harness on learn by observation Facing the project world first and then providing them with corporate training ensures entrants aware of what they don‟t know This awareness builds agility to learn – later when sent to corporate training they will know why they are learning what they are learning
  11. 11. Process – how: Trainees to spend the first week in observation – will be sent to project floors and would observe(with observation pointers) people in action The observation pointers will help associates motivated & look for opportunities to learn
  12. 12. Observation sheet On an average how many emails get exchanged on a day in your buddies inbox What happens during a meeting? What is an agenda? What is the role of the meeting facilitator? How does one log on to conference calls? What is a Tandberg? How does one conduct /behave on the project floor? Who is a client? What happens in a status meeting? If there is an escalation, how does it get reported?
  13. 13. Contd… What the role of a timesheet? What are the various horizontal and verticals in the organization? Name the 6 corporate functions groups? Name 3 occasions when one could go to a talent manager. What the core value drivers of this organization What is today‟s stock prize of this organization Name the top 3 CXO „s of the organization will their designations How do people learn to do challenging or new stuff required for their project? Most positive thing you observe in the work floor One thing that you are not comfortable in the work floor
  14. 14. Feedback Grid – 1 reviewer What worked Questions What could be improved Ideas “Keep it less intrusive to project teams “ “Opportunity to clear doubts in training that occur during observation period” 1. “can be seen as a disturbance / overhead for project teams “ 1. “Simulate the entire project scenario “
  15. 15. Feedback Grid– 2 reviewer What worked Questions What could be improved Ideas “Can be introduced during the training phase instead of the firs week so that they know what to expect on the floors and can validate the information” 1. “Not sure how much the project teams will cooperate as this could disrupt daily life “ 2. “When they are not allocated to their own team “ 1. “Will be an eye opener “
  16. 16. Reflections  You become so fond of your idea pretty soon   It is always nice to detach yourself from the idea – I kept reminding myself to do it  People see it from different perspectives that help make the solution holistic  Fantastic learning experience  Insights on the next slide…
  17. 17. Insights  For idea 1  Make this as close to real life and Experienced folks to interact  Find out from folks who have spent a few months in the company to understand what features would help them  For idea 2 – observing at the floors  Context setting before they observe the floors will play a critical role  Buy-in from project teams will play a critical role  Observation week can be designed in between the training period instead of the first week
  18. 18. Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin