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  1. 1. Industrial Production & Warehousing Plant A Property ofA Kazakhstan Limited Liability Company Almaty, Kazakhstan
  2. 2. Industrial Production & Warehousing PlantA Property of a Kazakhstan Limited Liability CompanyOctober 2007GENERAL INFORMATION AND DESCRIPTION OF FACILITIESGENERAL INFORMATION:Location The Properly is conveniently located in Almaty Oblast Llijski Region, Kazcikovskiy Rural District, and Northern Land Plot, near the EFES Brewery. The site is 12 Kilometers from Almaty City Center, in the industrial city of Burundai, a dynamic and steadily growing industrial area and on the main road that connects Almaty to Astana, Karacanda, and as well as other major cities in Kazakhstan. The site has a distance of only 300 meters from the railroad, and 500 meters from the main road. The plant is accessible from three major roads from Almaty: Northeast of the City, Northwest of the city, and from the City Center. Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan, with a territory of 324.8 Sq. Kilometers of land, and a population of over 1.3 million in the city and 0.5 million in suburban area. Almaty is the commercial hub for Kazakhstan. The volume of investment in capital construction has been increasing year after year in Almaty. In the 2nd half of 2005, the Physical Volume Index (a relative ratio characterizing changes in the volume of industrial material produced) in Almaty was higher than the same index in the entire Republic of Kazakhstan. This Region is a leader in attracting investment and registration of companies with foreign capital. Almaty attracts foreign investors more than any other region in Kazakhstan due to it’s high level of transport infrastructure and qualified professional workforce. According to the land code of Republic of Kazakhstan, adopted on 20th of June 2003, foreign companies are able to buy or lease properties in Kazakhstan.Land The plant is located on a land of 7.5 Hectares (300m x 250m), equivalent to 75,000 m2, and approximately 807,000 Sq. Ft. or 18.53 Acres in the industrial city of Burundai. Directly across from this property, there are two major factories in the city of Burundai; The EFES Beer Factory, and The Coca Cola Factory. The two factories are respectively located on 10 Hectares and 22 Hectares of land. A 20-centimeter thick, and 180- centimeter high, concrete block wall that surrounds the property and insures the privacy of the plant secures the entire site. Two automated security gates have been constructed to monitor access to the property. 2
  3. 3. The plant and all other facilities have been built on approximately 2.0 Hectares of land with an additional 5.5 Hectares of land available for future expansion. The ACT of the property is registered for building of any Type of Industrial Production, Factory, and Warehousing.Buildings a) Production Plant: the production plant consists of a 2,912 m2 (32m x 91m) Hall. This space has been constructed with the highest quality of material workmanship and offers a high ceiling. The height of the production hall is 10 m in the middle and 6 m on the sides. The Production Plant can be utilized for any type of industrial production, factory and or warehousing purposes. See attached site plan for location. b) Office Building: 300 m2 of premium office building supports these facilities. Office building includes an office with dedicated bathroom facilities for the plant director, offices for assistant, accounting, administration, marketing, sales, and restroom facilities. The administration facilities also offer a high ceiling and are constructed with premium materials and high- standards of workmanship and finishing. All floors are finished with marble tiles. c) Material Warehouse: 2 warehouses with a total of 410 m2 (350 m2 and 60 m2 ) are built for storing materials and depot for finished product. d) Maintenance Rooms: There are 5 maintenance rooms with a total of 345 m2 : Automobile maintenance room (200 m2), Parts maintenance room (60 m2), Generator room (50 m2), Compressor Room (15 m2), Heating Room (20 m2). e) Personnel Dining and Restroom Facilities: The dining facilities consist of 150 m2 and offer separate restrooms, and shower areas. f) Security Gates & Kiosks: Two automated security gates and two kiosks (24 m2 & 15 m2) have been built for facilitating security guards to monitor and control traffic. g) Weigh Station: The property is equipped with a 30-ton (3m x 15m) weigh station.Parking Covered-parking area has been constructed to facilitate 10 automobiles. 3
  4. 4. Site & Landscaping The site consists of a main boulevard and major streets for loading and unloading purposes. Most of the site has been developed and landscaped with trees. A 200-meter-long, and 40 centimeter in diameter pipeline has been installed to provide drainage for the entire site.DESCRIPTION OF UTILITIES:Power / Electricity The PLANT is equipped with one Megawatt (1000 Kilowatts) of electricity, with 2 transformers offering 600 and 400 Kilowatts of power. A 500 Kilowatt generator is also provided for emergency cases.Gas Supply A gas pipeline has been brought to the plant that extends 2.5 Kilometers from the main line. This pipeline has the capacity to supply the plant with 80,000 Cubic Meter of gas daily. The plant is also equipped with a second gas pipeline for emergency cases.Water Supply A 140-meter deep well has been drilled and constructed. The well supplies the plant with 20 Cubic Meters of water per hour. A 15 Meter water tank has been built to facilitate the water distribution to all of the buildings. A major water distribution pipeline of 80-Millimeters connects all of the buildings to the main water tank. A secondary 60-Meter deep well has also been drilled and constructed to provide water for the landscaping and irrigation purposes.Sewer A main sewer pipeline connects all the buildings to a dedicated septic tank (3m x 6m wide & 3m high).Heating Facilities Heating facilities have been supplied to all the buildings with the exception of two warehouses, Maintenance shops, and the Production Hall.VALUATION AND PRICING:Valuation This facility was appraised on the 25th of May 2007 by a independent and licensed appraiser from CBRE/Scot Holland, an international real estate company, for $10,300,000 (Ten Million Three Hundred Thousand USD). The valuation was calculated based on Comparative Approach. License of the appraiser and a copy of the appraisal are available upon request. 4