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Beyond Teaching invites academicians and professionals to launch their own educational venture with a minimal investment and assured returns. This is a qualifying step for the larger BT Franchisee engagement.

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BT Associate Proposal

  1. 1. Become a Beyond Teaching ASSOCIATE Help Teachers in your city!
  2. 2. BT ASSOCIATE  About Beyond Teaching  The Associate Opportunity  Benefits  Desired Associate’s profile  BT Associate’s Models  Training & Assistance  Investment  ROI  Next steps
  3. 3. OUR VISION & MISSION Vision We see a world where a teacher will be the first change agent to social improvement. Mission To help teachers do more: Know More  Earn More  Give More
  4. 4. ABOUT US  Founded by IIM Alumnus and Ph.D. from Australia  Funded by Australian Education company  Offices in Noida, Indore and Melbourne  Launched in Sep, 2011  More than 80,000 members by July, 2013
  5. 5. Anirudh Phadke  Vision to take Beyond Teaching to each teacher  More than a decade-long experience in teaching, managing education ventures and technology  Worked with Career Launcher, Indus World School, People one Consulting  Engineering experience of 4 years  MBA from IIM-Kozhikode ABOUT THE CEO
  6. 6. THE ASSOCIATE OPPORTUNITY: CTET  Central Teachers Eligibility Test  Introduced by CBSE as a mandatory requirement for all primary and secondary teachers  Nov 2012: 9 Lakh test takers  Less than 1% qualified  Teachers will keep attempting till they qualify and every 7 years  Conducted twice a year  Scores valid for 7 years  Expected to expand to Class 9-12 teachers too
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITY SIZE FOR CTET  Number of prim school teachers*  Full-time: 36.5L  Para/ Contract: 8.5L  Number of secondary school teachers*  Full-time: 11.6L  Para/ Contract: 1.4L  City level  Number of K-12 schools  Number of teachers in your city  Number of B.Ed. colleges and students  Projected size: All teachers up to Class 12  Lack of any formal training classes *Source: 8th All India School Education Survey (2009)
  8. 8.  Partnership with India’s LARGEST Teacher Network  Low investment ( Rs. 25,000 only!)  Expected to earn good profits within the first drive  An untapped market opportunity  Conversion to BT Franchisee after successful operation BENEFITS
  9. 9.  At least 3 years' experience in Education  Well qualified, with professional qualification  Excellent communication skills  Willingness to invest in business and ability to take ownership  Ability to arrange resources for ground work DESIRED ASSOCIATE’S PROFILE
  10. 10.  One-time training included in the registration fee  Operational assistance and web-based modules TRAINING & ASSISTANCE
  11. 11. An upfront Associate Fees for the upcoming Jan’14 CTET examination Rs. 25,000 BT Share on Billing amount (begins only after Rs. 25,000 billing) 50% BT ASSOCIATE FEE
  12. 12. PROFIT & LOSS PROJECTIONS BT Startup Fees 25,000 INCOME ESTIMATE Unit Price or Cost (Rs.) Units Rs. CTET Postal 3,000 50 150,000 CTET Test Series 1,200 100 120,000 Total Revenue 270,000 Less 25,000 towards investment recovery 25,000 25,000 Less BT Share (after 25K deduction) 50% 122,500 Cash-in-hand 122,500 Less Costs Payout to promoters for distribution/ posters etc 500 4 2,000 Cost of conducting CTET Test Series in the city Venue cost (if hired)- Rs. 1000 per day for 5 test days 1,000 5 5,000 Invigilation cost (1000 per day needed only for 75 + candidates) 1,000 5 5,000 Misc costs (1,000 per day for 5 papers) 1,000 5 5,000 Total Cost 17,000 Net Profit/ Loss 105,500
  13. 13. Pack Configuration/ Components Special features Price Paper 1 Full Pack 5 Practice Test Papers for Paper-1 with English/ Hindi as language choices • Online Analysis • Instant results •Comparative results Rs.1,200 Paper 2 Full Pack 5 Practice Test Papers for Paper-2 with English/ Hindi as language choices Rs.1,200 Make Your Own Pack Choose any number of tests for Paper 1 and/ or Paper 2 Rs 250 - Rs.2,000 CTET TEST SERIES PRODUCT VARIANTS
  14. 14. CTET TEST SERIES  All tests will be in English/ Hindi only.  All tests conducted physically (paper based) will need to be taken in the designated centre.  All test results will be made available online and sent to the student’s email-id.  Online Analysis Sessions can be attended from home using a PC/ laptop and internet connection.  Results will be compared across India  All tests prepared by expert CTET-qualified faculty
  15. 15. CTET POSTAL  More than 1,000 pages of concise material  Delivered in 2 convenient packets  Covers all subject areas  For self-study at your own pace  Includes CTET test-series with 5 Practice tests  Online Analysis of your tests to give you detailed strong and weak areas Rs. 3,000
  16. 16.  Enroll candidates for Test Series for CTET to be held in January 2014  Conduct CTET Practice Tests in the city for enrolled candidates  Ensure distribution of CTET Collaterals/Leaflets at CTET test centers in your city (1,000 test-takers on an average)  Assumed cost of distribution at Rs. 1,000 each for engaging 2 promoters  Cost to be borne by the Associate at actual.  Hold CTET (Jan 2014) Analysis session for interested candidates ASSOCIATE RESPONSIBILITIES
  17. 17.  Provide training support to faculty for test analysis  Provide marketing collateral for the test date distribution, that is, leaflets or any other material by courier at no extra cost to BT Associate  Provide design for any brochures/ posters to cover the colleges and schools  Provide quality web-services to all customers BT RESPONSIBILITIES
  18. 18.  A first-right of refusal for the BT Franchisee opportunity  Associate has to decide within 15 days of being offered a Franchisee  More product opportunities as a BT Franchisee LONGER-TERM VIEW
  19. 19.  This is not a business agreement, but only an offer to test the CTET preparation market  Contract will be valid for 6 months or till the next CTET, whichever is earlier  Contract will not be extended, but the Associate can be converted into a BT Franchisee with mutual consent SOME FINE POINTS
  20. 20.  Make a payment of Rs. 25,000 only to BT  Start receiving marketing strategies and collaterals for CTET Jan’14  Arrange for distribution of the CTET Pamphlets/Leaflets at the test centers in your city  Enroll CTET aspirants for the coming & next CTET Test Series NEXT STEPS
  21. 21. Contact us: Beyond Teaching Services Pvt. Ltd. 218A, City Centre M.G. Road, Indore (M.P.) - 452001 Email: Or Call 0731-4282617 (Mon – Fri : 10:00 am to 5:30 pm)
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