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Production log Production log Document Transcript

  • Production LogTuesday 14th September 2010- got the idea to base the filmon technology, looked at the barnados charity idea.Also books to death. Started to talk about whatideas we had. To choose which one we would usefor our film. Scraped my “nightmare” plan. Twocomplex story line.Thursday 16th September 2010- Making ideas for short filmon technology. Mentioned Stop motion to group,since I enjoy it. Talked to Zoe about technologyideas.Monday 20th September 2010- Watching short films forplanning and productionTuesday 21st September 2010- did not have a lesson due toa talk. But carried on watching short films in freetime.Thursday 23rd September 2010- independent work sincegroup member was ill.Monday 27th September 2010- watched somepresentations. Then carried on with researchdeadline, which is Friday 1st October by 4pm.Tuesday 28th September 2010- carried on completing theresearchThursday 30th September- Carried and completed all theresearch and that needs to be uploaded on theblog.
  • Monday 4th October- Started audience research andplanning, I drew male and female audience, went onwww.findyourtribe.comTuesday 5th October- Carried on with audienceresearch.Thursday 7th October – Carried on with the audienceresearch and need to upload on the blog tomorrow.Monday 11th October- Started planning for our film. Didthe ideas Script, Storyboards and other. Needs tobe done by Friday 15th October, Told everyone in theclass about or film ideaTuesday 12th October- Continued on with our planning.Trying to finish the sideshow, which we managed todo.Thursday 14th October- completed most of our planning.Had a few things that we had to complete at homeand need to upload by Friday 15th October.Monday 18th October – Started filming our opening tothe short film. We completed that today. (Movingimage part)Tuesday 19th October- Carried on filming started all thestop motion scenes and the location was my house.Used the photography camera for this.Thursday 21st October- finished the major scenes in thefilm and was preparing to edit. Uploaded clips andphotos to my computer.Monday 1st November- got our film off the tape so thatwe can edit our film. Start to draft ideas four ourancillary tasks Put them on the computer.
  • Tuesday 2nd November- I edited this day. I started thetitles and put the moving image parts into the film.Thursday 4th November- Editing at my house withNavpreet. We started on the voice overs.Monday 8th November- Talked about exam and alsomade a time line about our AS and A2 productions.Tuesday 9th November – Navpreet Started drafting forancillary tasks on the computer. I continued to edit.Got various voice overs from people on MSN.Added to editing software.Thursday 11th November- Navpreet Was ill. I carried onediting. I found background music for the film. Iexperimented with the film.Monday 15th November- Did various drafts for Ancillarytasks.Tuesday 16th November- Ancillary Task, the magazine andposter nearly finished. I edited more.Thursday 18th November- Navpreet not in the lesson.Completed and finished ancillary tasks. I havefinished editing.Monday 22nd November- Uploaded stuff to navs blog. Ihelped sort out the problem. Edited some of thepower points, which needed it.Tuesday 23rd November- Started to plan our evaluationand audience feedback.
  • Thursday 25th November- I presented the film and gotaudience feedback from class via paper.Monday 29th November- Completed the PowerPoint andalso we changed the magazine but also themagazine review PowerPoint. Need to upload onour blogTuesday 30th November- Completed and finished ourevaluation.Thursday 2nd December- Completed and uploadedeverything. Now finishing the production log.