How to impress the girls, get rid of those man boobs!!
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How to impress the girls, get rid of those man boobs!!



To get rid of your man boobs download the free E-course here:

To get rid of your man boobs download the free E-course here:



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How to impress the girls, get rid of those man boobs!! How to impress the girls, get rid of those man boobs!! Document Transcript

  • ==== ====Struggling with man boobs? You are not alone but what are you doing about it? There is the wrongway and the right way to deal with this issue and one is the tough road and one is the easy road....choose the easy road now! ====Every morning you wake up after a nice dream and then reality hits - you have man boobs. Youremember your chest is not just weighing you down, but stopping you from getting on with yourlife. It may be the girl you like, the job you want or even something as simple as playing with yourkids. Its not your attitude towards life that is the problem, but more the fact you dont like feelinguncomfortable, it is so much easier to avoid those things right?As a result we seem to fall back and incidentally this often makes the problem worse. A lot of menput weight on, thats a fact. A lot of men in that position also find them selves feeling isolated, notjust from what they want in life, but also from the people they care about.Perhaps the worst part is that there is NO REASON for them to suffer at all, if you, yes you - theone reading this article, dont look behind you I am talking to you - if you are getting down aboutyour man boobs then dont. Seriously, in the age where technology is advancing at an exponentialrate, there is more help out there than ever. One of the problems is that there is so muchinformation, it can be hard to follow all of it, but you CAN get rid of man boobs easily. Read on.I will be putting it all in one place for you to follow step by step and you can then use it as a tool toget the life you want. When you think about how precious life is, it seems pointless to letsomething like man boobs take over your life, not when there are solutions to literally remove theproblem. It wont exist.Something I quickly want to point out is that a man boob problem is not always, in fact hardly ever,a gynecomastia problem. When we think "man boobs" we think a guy with breasts right? Well,most of the time this is caused by fat. Simple as that. When we gain excessive fat, it is stored overour pectoral muscle as a fuel store for medium-long term use by our bodies. When this happens,you get the man boob shape we all know about. Im going to give you some cool information in aminute that the big food companies dont want you to know.Why am I sharing all of this with you? Been there, done that and got the t-shirt (although afterusing what I know know my t-shirts are a lot smaller:D ). Being there isnt somewhere I want to be,I highly doubt that you do either. Fact is, you looking for this information tells me you are ready tostart to change your life, TODAY. NOT TOMORROW! There is NO OVERNIGHT CURE FORTHIS, but it could be gone in as little as 4 weeks.What I am about to tell you wont do it all for you. Its high quality information and techniques that Ipaid a lot of money for and experienced. It is up to you if you use them or you can take them forgranted and continue to live your life as you currently are doing, all I can do is tell you what you
  • need to do to lose your man boobs. Ready?92% (on average) of all men with man boobs, have their problem derived from chest fat (knownmedically as pseudo-gynecomastia. 8% have a problem called gynecomastia which is adiposetissue (breast tissue) over the mammary glands (where the nipples are). If you havegynecomastia, doing all of the exercise in the world will not remove it (there will always be breasttissue above the pectoral) - gynecomastia removal is only brought about by surgery. If you thinkthis is your problem then the below is highly unlikely to help you so I would suggest consultingyour doctor asap. NEVER put anything off and let it fester, take action and get it done.For the vast majority of you however, feel lucky your problem can be rectified from within your owncontrol. I mean that. Gynecomastia surgery can cost around $5,000 - you can get rid of your manboobs for FREE.Your man boobs are caused by your lifestyle and here is some important information, so keep up.I am sure you have all seen the adverts on TV with skinny females and butch guys all eating lowcalorie snack bars. Of course this insinuates that the lower the number of calories you consume,the less weight you will put on, including man boobs - right? WRONG!All calories are not directly proportional to each other - meaning that some are better than others.Did you know that the REAL reasons you are likely to be putting weight on is? Sugar and complex,processed carbohydrates."Huh? So I can eat as much of the other stuff I want without putting weight on?"Yep, as much fish veg etc as you like as long as you dont turn excessive other consumption into anew problem! (but Ill go through that with you in my free course later on, when we eat sugars and processed carbs, it combines with insulin in our body and causes areally difficult type of fat to contend with. This fat is incredibly hard and as a result, hard to shift.Ever heard of a beer belly for example? How much sugar is there in a beer..? You are just storingyours to form man boobs.Just because a large food company is promoting "healthy food" it does not mean it is what it saysit is. If everyone was healthy and not overweight, who would they have to BUY their food? Thinkabout it, your man boobs give them pay cheques.If youre between the ages of 12 and 18, what youll need to do to get rid of man boobs is -nothing. If youre a teenage boy and your man boobs are getting sensitive and even a little bitbigger, theres no reason to be concerned. This is a normal part of male development duringpuberty.Trust me, I had sensitive nipples when I was younger, and good god was I scared I was turninginto a woman - but I didnt, and neither will you. Just wait it out, or if youre really that concerned,go see a doctor and theyll tell you the same thing.
  • Take a look at your diet, what are you eating? I bet some of those "bad" foods are in there likecereal bars? Are you consuming smoothie after smoothie? Most fruits are smacked with glucose,not that fruit is bad for you, just dont over do it and eat the right ones.Still hungry? I need to keep this article short but here are some tips. Each pistachios, almonds,walnuts, pecans, cashews. These are all example of low Gi foods.GI stands for the "Glycemic Index. The Glycemic index measures and ranks carbohydratesaccording to their effect on blood sugar levels. Eating high GI food (such as mashed potato)causes a massive spike in the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood, which in turn causes arelease of insulin. Insulin is a hormone which encourages the body to store fat, not burn it.When insulin levels are high, you simply will not lose much other than your self esteem.High GI Food ( avoid )White rice, white bread, cornflakes, baked potato, pretzels, watermelonMedium GI FoodBrown rice, wholemeal, sweet potato, pasta, noodlesLow GI FoodEggs, fish, nuts, lean meats, lentils, chickpeas, wholegrain breads, salad, most fruit andvegetables, milkEating low GI foods can have lots of additional health benefits as well, such as lowering yourcholesterol levels and your chances of developing heart disease.Exercise:Diet isnt the only cool stuff we can change immediately, with targeted exercise we can reduceyour man boobs in the shortest possible time - here are some quick ones:The most obvious and possibly hated is running. Why? Aerobic exercise is going to burn up a lotof your stored energy, mostly the carbs. When your carbohydrates are used up your body will lookat your fat stores for fuel. Your body is an incredibly clever machine, but knowing how it worksmeans we can use that to our advantage relative to the results we want.Hate running? Ill go through the other options in my free course I am giving away, probably for alimited time. If its something people really want I may keep it open, not sure yet..Obviously I cant keep this article going forever so visit my website to get it, Ill explain step by stepin a lot more detail what you need to do - so Ill be there with you every step of the way - all free.Anaerobic exercise will also play a big part, we dont just want to lose fat, we want the perfectchest right? Ever seen the guys on the beach or around the swimming pool getting all of the girlsattention? Well that will be you in 4 weeks.The first exercise we will be focusing on is the incline bench press. Its harder to explain in anarticle but Ill show it all on your free course, this has taken me a lot of time and a lot of pain so
  • please, use it wisely.We will also be smoothing your lower chest, making your shoulders look like pillars that could holdup a small building and an upper back that could smash a coconut ( not that Im saying you wouldwant to of course).The methods shown on the course are the most effective ways of not just losing man boobs, but tofinding the perfect chest. Follow the link to right now while this is still available and Iwill take you through step by step for free. See you there.P.S if you found this useful, please link to it, blog about it, tweet it, tell your friends add it to yourFacebook etc so others may find it, thanks.Jerry Finch is a researcher for man boob and offers a free 4 week course on his website. It iscurrently being offered for free so go and get it now at Source: ====Struggling with man boobs? You are not alone but what are you doing about it? There is the wrongway and the right way to deal with this issue and one is the tough road and one is the easy road....choose the easy road now! ====