From Print to iPad: Keeping Your Content Current
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From Print to iPad: Keeping Your Content Current



With more people consuming information in a digital format the March of Dimes moved their award-winning pregnancy magazine, My 9 Months, to digital. Slide deck from session at 2013 Nonprofit ...

With more people consuming information in a digital format the March of Dimes moved their award-winning pregnancy magazine, My 9 Months, to digital. Slide deck from session at 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference. Panel session featured Beverly Robertson and Barbara Jones from the March of Dimes and Bob Levine, Technical Director, Tabulous.



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From Print to iPad: Keeping Your Content Current From Print to iPad: Keeping Your Content Current Presentation Transcript

  • #13ntc2ipad From print to iPad: Keeping educational material current Beverly Robertson Bob Levine Barbara Jones
  • #13ntc2ipad Know your audience • By Oct 2012, 25 % of American adults own tablet devices. • Tablet users want to experience their content on a deeper level. • Content needs to stay relevant to women of childbearing age (18- 44). • Reader fatigue is a growing problem.
  • #13ntc2ipad Our aims 1. Introduce MOD and it’s mission to a new audience 2. Provide interactive and up-to- date mission related content 3. Position MOD as a content provider in the digital magazine 4. Increase visibility for relevant video content
  • #13ntc2ipad Project specs • Look and feel that’s consistent with print version and overall branding • Inviting, fresh and speaks to target audience • Wireless connectivity • Native video • Imbedded links to detailed content
  • #13ntc2ipad iPad, Android, Kindle? • iPad shipment projected to hit 100 million in 2013 • 1 device vs. many • iPads have 43 % of market share1 • 47 % of users are 18-441 1. Comscore. Mobile Future in focus, 2013
  • #13ntc2ipad Visit:
  • #13ntc2ipad Which educational product do we choose? • Most comprehensive of consumer educational material • Exists in magazine format • Award-winning • Best selling product • Published since 1999 • Bilingual since 2008
  • Your first app:Getting started with tablet publishing
  • What you’ll need• Apple Developer Account• Hardware – iPad(s) for testing – Mac (Apple requirement for publishing)• Software – Adobe InDesign (part of Creative Cloud) – Creative Cloud includes unlimited ―Single Edition‖ apps
  • Dual vs Single OrientationDual orientation is a waste of time and effort• Pick one• Use two orientations only for special effects• 80% of users prefer landscape
  • Take your time!• There’s no “Easy Button”• Some things don’t translate well from print to tablet• Many interactive affects require new techniques• Non-intuitive• Hacks
  • Why my wagon is hitchedto Adobe• One vendor• No finger pointing• Regular updates• User forums monitored by front line employees• Single Edition apps included in Creative Cloud
  • Interactivity• Scrolling content• Hyperlinks• Video• Audio• Slideshows• Animations• Web content
  • Testing• Focus groups• Check everything! – Buttons – Slideshows – Links – Navigation• Fresh set of eyes late in the process
  • Avoid an Apple rejection• It’s an app!• NEVER call it a book• Include plenty of APPROPRIATE interactivity• Engaging content is the key• Glorified PDFs will be rejected!
  • New technology meanrapid change• Stay informed – User forums – Twitter: Follow me, IDGuy
  • App publishing vendors• Adobe (Digital Publishing Suite)• Quark (AppStudio)• Mag+• Twixl• Aquafadas
  • Look and feel – an engagingexperience• looks like the magazine• includes the same content, plus some• engages the viewer through interactivity• users look for action - but when’s it too much? ―Liked overall clean design and images in the app. Tons of info, videos and resources.‖ — Wendy
  • “I like how you don’t need to close thepopup to view another tip. You can justclick on the next tip.”
  • March of Dimes brand – moreMarch of Dimes brandthan just the logoEducation and health promotion• typography low literacy conventions• easy-to-read, - typography: 12/14 serif font for body copy, san-serif font• color palette (primary and secondary) for sub-heads, upper case and lower case• design elements - color palette: primary and secondary• photography - design elements: - photographyEducation and health promotion• easy-to-read (5-7 grade)• health literacy conventions
  • “My favorite section was the how your baby grows, Ithought it was really suited for an interactive medium…”
  • iPad design• Adobe InDesign CS5 or later• 4x3 (1024x768) format size• 16/20 font size – minimum 9 pt. (pinch & zoom)• fonts — Latin725 (for Sabon) and Avenir• low resolution images at 72dpi• lower cost of stock photography $10-20 vs $500 for print
  • “I like the handy resources/web links that let you click andopens in a new window for you to browse, but does not forceyou to exit the app.”
  • Content• English and Spanish – cutting copy to fit, adding copy for more interactivity• photos match content and need for diversity• interactivity - what’s enough?• easy-to-read, low literacy focus• creating charts• videos
  • Design, production and approval• art direction/design – consistent use of icons and actions, editing or cutting copy to fit, photo selection• review – proofing, corrections and pdfs• approvals – view on iPad, one-on-one observation• focus groups – view on iPad
  • Icon, splash page, app store• icon – the MOD system, iPad 2 and iPad 3• splash page – coordinated• App store description and screen shotsBrand consistency!
  • Free vs. paid - considerations• Apple keeps about 30% of sale price• Local vs global• There are tiered global tax remittances.• Paid app no native donation opportunity• Competitive pricing is key
  • Get the word out (marketing)• Traditional press release• blogger outreach• Tweet, tweet, and RT.• E-newsletters, English and Spanish• blogposts• website widget• print bug• English and Spanish
  • Ju 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 n0 4- Ju n1 0 Ju n1 1- Ju n1 7 Ju n1 8- Ju n2 4 Ju n2 5- Ju l0 1 Ju l0 2- Ju l0 Ju 8 l 09 -J ul 1 5 Ju l1 6 -J ul 22 Ju l 23 Blogger outreach -J ul Ju 2 9 l3 0 -A ugAu 05 g0 6 -A ugAu 1 2 g 13 -A ugAu 19 g2 0- Au g 26 Mis9Meses My9Months
  • 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 Ju n0 Ju 4 - n1 Ju 1 - n1 Ju 8 - n2 5 Ju - l0 Ju 2- l0 Ju 9 - l1 Ju 6 - l2 Ju 3 - lA u 30 - Analytics g0Au 6 - g1 Au 3 - gAu 20- g2 Se 7 - p 0 Se 3 - p 1 Se 0 - p 1 Se 7 - p 2 Oc 4 - t0 Oc 1 - t0 Oc 8 - t1 Oc 5 - t2 Oc 2 - tN o 29 - v0No 5 v1 -No 2 - vN o 19 - vD e 26 - cD e 03 - cD e 10 - cD e 17 - cD e 24 - c3 Ja 1 - n 0 Ja 7 - n 1 Ja 4 - n 21 - Mis9Meses My9Months
  • 2013 updates• improved navigation• improved animation• more video• audio• new technology• content
  • Stay in touchBeverly Robertson Bob Levine Barbara Jones@marchofdimes, @idguy @modbarb@modbev bjones@marchof