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Beverly's professional portfolio


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This is a final reflective assignment.

This is a final reflective assignment.

Published in: Education

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  • My comprises of both my personal and professional life. So my husband and grandmother are family but my pets are also included as they enhance my life as well.
  • This section deals with my profession. It reveals the length of time I have been in active teaching. I believe I was born to teach. This also demonstrates how much I am willing to upgrade my skills so I can improve my competency in the field.
  • I not only depend on training through the Government but have used my initiative and received proficiency in computer skills.
  • As any normal adult I engage in leisure activities. I also willingly attend workshops that will prove beneficial to me so that not only my professional but emotional and spiritual life can be enhanced.
  • As a teacher I take advantage of opportunities that can make me feel better about myself. In this way I feel more enthused when I can make valid contributions. I also try to assist students in need. Hence the co-ordination of a vacation camp in church.
  • That quote means a lot to me. Since education lies in respecting the student no matter the size. I always consider the students I teach be it infants or grade 6 as my biological children. In this way I take more interest in their learning and cater for their individual needs.
  • As a teacher appropriate planning must be done before, during and after a lesson and the students must be actively engaged with the content
  • When I begin the first term with students I aim to get to know them better and let them know what my policy is on discipline. Communicating with the parents is also essential as knowing what affects the child’s home life help solve some school related issues.
  • Classroom management policies are essential to effective teaching.
  • Students see this display each time they enter class. Three of my physically challenged pupils.
  • Some approaches to teaching. The ideal situation is what works the best as it has the holistic child in mind.
  • We not only have fun learning in the classroom but prepared for Powergen Sports and won best dressed.
  • Sample item during a talent show at the vacation class in church.A student receives a certificate of completion upon graduation.
  • Transcript

    • 1. PRESENTINGBeverly Alexander’s Profile
    • 2. MY FAMILY
    • 3. MY RESUMEA highly motivated teacher with a verifiable record of many contributions spanningsixteen years. Highly creative, recognized as a results-oriented and solution-focusedindividual. Areas of strength include:•Organizational Skills•Computer Literacy•Work as Team Player•Lesson planning•Classroom management•EDUCATION•Teacher’s Diploma (Valsayn Teachers’ College) 2001•Certificate in Administrative Professional Office Management (University of the WestIndies)•Bachelors in Educational Leadership & Management (pursuing 3rd year
    • 4. MY RESUME CONT’DCOMPUTER SKILLS• Microsoft Office User Specialist (2002)SOFTWARE EXPERIENCE• Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point• Microsoft Publisher• Educational software including the one used with intellikeysPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE• On-The Job Training• Assistant Teacher 2• Teacher 1
    • 5. MY RESUME CONT’DSPECIAL INTERESTS include:-• Singing, listening to music, computer games, going to movies,sports, dancing and avid gym member.WORKSHOPS ATTENDED• Disability Sport Education Workshop• Training of Special Needs Resource Trainers’• Developing emotional literacy• Anglicanism TodayKnow Your Faith• Professional days sponsored by TTAPPS
    • 6. MY RESUME CONT’DSPECIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS• Acts as senior teacher when the principal or other superiors areabsent• Co-ordinates POWERGEN Sports for the Princess ElizabethSpecial School• Currently a member of Very Special Arts• Computer teacher for the school• Instrumental in initiating a summer camp at the St. James TheJust Anglican Church
    • 7. MY PHILOSOPHY ON EDUCATION"A persons a person, no matter howsmall." - Dr. Seuss• I believe in makinglearning meaningful tomy students• I believe in treating allstudents with respect• I believe that allstudents can learn• I believe in getting toknow my students e,g,strengths, weaknesses• I believe in group work• I believe in studentcentred, constructivistlearning.• I believe in behaviourmodification• I believe in treating allstudents fairly
    • 8. MY PHILOSOPHY ON EDUCATION CONT’D"A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it ispersonally responsible for his society.“Thomas Jefferson• I believe in makinglearning meaningful tomy students• I believe in treating allstudents with respect• I believe that allstudents can learn• I believe in getting toknow my students e,g,strengths, weaknesses• I believe in group work• I believe in studentcentred, constructivistlearning.• I believe in behaviourmodification• I believe in treating allstudents fairly
    • 9. To be an effective teacher I• Plan and instruct each subject area using a widevariety of teaching aids, motivational andimplementation strategies to engage.• Involve students in active learning.• Incorporate learning modality principles intoclassroom and individual instruction.• Implement technological approaches to subjectmaterial.• Research educational resources on the Internet
    • 10. Classroom ManagementBefore the 1stday of schoolThe 1st day The first fewweeksGet to know mystudentsIntroducemyself to classand let themknow what isexpected ofthemDisplaystudents’ workEncourageparticipation &group workGet to knowparentsForm class ruleswith classAdhere to rulesand reinforcegood behaviour
    • 11. CLASSROOMMANAGEMENTRules, procedures andexpectations withinthe classroom aremade with studentsUse new and variedtechniques to holdattention spanUse positivereinforcementstrategies e.g. stickers,stamps, certificatesStudents areencourage to takeresponsibility for theirbehaviourBehaviour Modification
    • 12. CHARACTER BOARDThese are the qualities we try to encourage
    • 13. APPROACHES TOTEACHINGTHE IDEALCooperative learningGuided discussionConstructivist teachingGuided learning centresScaffoldingReflective lifelong learnersTeacher centredPresentationsDirect teachingLecturesquestioningStudent centred- Discovery learningLearning centresDiscussions"The government is best whichgoverns not at all"-H.D. Thoreau
    • 14. Before Planning lesson1) Decide what needs to betaught and why2) Brainstorm ideas3) Find resources4) Consider environment,learning styles and students’interests.
    • 15. During lesson planning
    • 16. ASSESSMENTWhat?MultipleintelligencesAcademic abilityLearning behaviourPotentialWhy?Has teaching been effectiveTo determine strengths and weaknessesTo cater for individualized instructionTo provide feedbackWhen?Beginning of unitThroughout unitEnd of unitFormative and summative assessmentHow?RubricsObservationWorksheetsSelf assessmentWho?TeacherStudentResource personnelPeersparents
    • 18. Physical education
    • 21. REFLECTION ISa window through which the practitioner can view and focusself within the context of his own lived experience in waysthat enable him to confront, understand and work towardsresolving the contradictions within his practice between whatis desirable and actual practice
    • 22. Roth (1989) summarized the basic elements ofreflective process as follows,Keeping an open mind about what, and how we dothings.Awareness of what, why and how we do things.Questioning what, why and how we do things.Asking what, why and how other people do things.Generating choices, options and possibilities.Comparing and contrasting results.Seeking to understand underlying mechanisms andrationales.Viewing our activities and results from variousperspectives.Asking “What if …..?”Seeking feedback and other people’s ideas andviewpoints.Using prescriptive (advice) models only whencarefully adapted to the individual situation.Analyzing, synthesizing and testing.Searching for, identifying and resolving problemsand result limitation
    • 23. The 10 C’s of ReflectionCommitment – believing that self and practicematter; accepting responsibility for self; theopenness, curiosity and willingness tochallenge normative ways of responding tosituations.Contradiction – exposing and understandingthe contradiction between what is desirableand actual practice.Conflict – harnessing the energy of conflictwithin contradiction to become empowered totake appropriate action.Challenge and Support – confronting thepractitioner’s normative attitudes, beliefs andactions in ways that do not threaten thepractitioner .Beverlys ProfessionalPortfolio.pptxCatharsis – working through negativefeelings.Creation – moving beyond self to see andunderstand new ways of viewing andresponding to practice.Connection – connecting new insight withinthe real world of practice; appreciating thetemporality over reality.Caring – realizing desirable practice aseveryday reality.Congruence - reflection as a mirror forcaring.Constructing Personal Knowing in practice –weaving personal knowingwith relevant extant theory in constructingknowledge.Johns (2000b)
    • 24. A poem on reflectionRis for the concept of reflective practiceE aims to achieve it everydayF means only the framework for the models of reflectionLmeans a lifelong learner I’ll always beE stands for experiential learningC is for the construction of new knowledge.T tells of the importance of time managementI is for individual reflectionOmeans that reflection will not grow oldN means dealing with negative feelingsPut them all together we get reflection. A concept that will forever reign