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The world needs leadership. Take the decision now, to get out of your own way, be the leader you want to be from this moment onwards and allow others to be guided by your example. No excuses. Leadership can be shown by anyone from the mailroom to the boardroom. To take a leadership role you need to have awareness, accountability and action, all focused on the stand you want to take in your life, your work and your community.

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  • Our political, economic, technological, social and environmental landscapes are changing.In some areas the changes are obvious and happening right now.In others they are more subtle, unclear or emerging.These evolving new states can be seen as unsettling, frustrating and worrying or exciting, inspiring and opportunities to be grabbed with both hands.Which way you see them, will determine the impact they have on you, your business and your life.I believe you can be a victim and bystander or a leader and a playerI believe they offer the perfect time for new levels of authenticity, accountability and leadership ; no matter who you are where you are or what you currently do.I believe each of us is capable of being a lighthouse whose beacon can act as a guiding light. for others. Over the next 30 mins I’d like to share with you some thoughts on why you might choose to be a “steadfast, serene immovable quenchless flame “– to quote Longfellow, the rocks, undercurrents and waves that might get in your way and 1 simple thing you can do to start today .But first I’d like to tell you how I got to this point
  • There’s a movie called The Perfect Storm. It’s based on the true story of the fishing boat the Andrea Gail which in 1991 encountered a natural, weather phenomenon never before seen – or so the movie says!. The crew, led by skipper George Clooney ,in their eagerness to find the perfect catch and end a poor run of luck, decide to go further out into the Atlantic ocean than normal. They decide to do this despite the meteorological evidence of the build up of a “perfect storm”. The simultaneous coming together of a number of weather systems which create a powerful storm. The decision they made cost them their lives. I’d now like to share with you my Perfect Storm.It started about 12 months ago when I went through a personal development programme which enabled me to remove a lot of baggage from my past; baggage that was getting in the way of my future. I also uncovered the reasons why I was being who I was. I saw that in many ways that wasn’t the real me but a version of me that had grown out of stories, assumptions, beliefs and ways of thinking about myself and the world that weren’t real or true. This removal of baggage & unveiling of my so called truths, most of which were untruths, cleared the way for me to write a new future not rewrite my past as my future – something I had been unwittingly doing for many years & funnily enough getting the same results even though I thought I was doing things differently.
  • The process of creating a new future started with the declaration ofmy personal mission - to be a courageous & inspirational leader for others. I didn’t really know what that would look like in reality or how my business would need to look as a result. The process has been both scary and exciting at the same time.About 2 months ago I hit my perfect storm. It built gradually over @ 2 weeks and consisted of 6 things, which, had they occurred at different times might have had little or no impact. It was the fact they occurred together which created my perfect storm . A friends mother was going through her last days of terminal cancer and this got me thinking and asking myself was I really making the most of my life - answer NO A conversation with a friend about living your life with passion and doing the things you loveI didn't feel fully engaged in my business which was having an impact financially I felt tired, lethargic and unmotivatedA conversation with a friend who said she had dreamt about me sitting in a boat fishing and saw that I wasn’t fishing in the right place even though the right place was close by and I just wasn’t looking. The pond I was fishing in was too small for me to catch what I wantedA friend sent me a link to a video clip by Bob Newhart called Stop itAll of these “mini storms” built into my Perfect Storm . Rather than push on into the storm and try harder to do what I was already doing, I decided to chart a new course.My perfect storm led me to clear waters, blue skies and bright sunshine – that’s literally how it felt the moment I made the decision. In that moment I chose leader and player not victim and bystander.From that moment I took a leap forward in understanding what my business will look like and my working business mission is to inspire active, accountable leadership from the mailroom to the boardroom and I will do that as a speaker, coach and writer. So you might not feel you need to wait for your perfect storm to consider reflecting on where you are now in your life/biz Can I suggest that taking that time to know where you really are now might offer some insights to help you grow a better business and have a better life. I’d also like to say that what I am about to say is not right or wrong it’s not good or bad it’s just a view. All I ask is that you consider it like a hat you can try it on and if it doesn't fit you don't have to buy it but at least try it on see what it looks like in the mirror and then decide.I mentioned at the start that I believe you can be a victim and bystander or leader and player. NEXT SLIDE Victim or leader
  • CLICK FOR SLIDE - Are you consciously aware of being a victim of or a bystander in your life or you are truly being a leader and a player.Let’s look at some of the differencesSo who would you rather be victim or leader. Can I suggest that for the sake of the next moments at least you want to be a leader and a player. In which case I’d like to share a philosophy called Leading from Your Lighthouse and start with why you might choose to adopt itNEXT SLIDE – WHY LEAD FROM YOUR LIGHT HOUSE
  • Customers and friends, family members of your community in fact there are many people out the waiting to be led and looking for someone to followHelp you in your work and life and help you in your business become customers, supplier, mentorsThe rise of CSR, social change and individuals looking for purpose in their lives beyond money, fame and material possessions. People want to give back, high profile business people are giving away their wealth and creating sustainable wealth is a strategic imperative for many global businessesASK - So what is the purpose of a light house?NEXT SLIDE – Shipwreck - shipshape
  • So what’s the make up of a lighthouse?In simple terms, a lighthouse is a structure that is made up of a building, some and machinery, a light and often a horn too.The building’s only real function is to support and protect the light. The machinery's only real function is to make the light and the horn work The light is where the real value is coupled in certain circumstances with the horn. And even at night when the light is rotating you know it is still there even though at times you can’t see it.So consider that you are the building and who you are and what you do is the lightThere are 3 elements to consider in building your lighthouse to gain maximum projection of the light you wish to shine and the noise you wish to makeNEXT SLIDE AAA
  • Awareness -Passion, Purpose & Values - Disney and “Personal hedgehog”Skills & Strengths, Things You Know & Enjoy - Victoria PBeliefs, Assumptions, “Truths”, Stories – these are the boulders & rocks which will shipwreck you if you are not careful These are calling you to think good/bad, right/wrong, true/false when in fact all they are much of the time is a story seen from your TV screen a screen which consider that no one else is watchingWho am I reallyAccountabilityWhat do I want my life/work to be about? Mandela and Apartheid, MLK and civil rightsWhat am I passionately, committed to doing?What is so important to me in my “being” that it is not negotiable? Ghandi freedom from British rule, non violent protest and no cooperation +hunger strike to stop the Muslim Hindu warringWhat do I stand for ? We all want to count for something – legacy, we can all account for something our “stand” in lifeActionWhat am I doing to live my accountabilities? Who am I being to live my passion & commitmentsHow am I making the most of who I really am to create the life and business I want?How do I show up in world? Is the light and the horn you project intentionally or notNEXT SLIDE - QUOTE
  • So at the start, I asked you to consider trying on the hat of Leading from Your Lighthouse and we’ve looked at why you might choose to be this wayWhat to consider and define for yourselfHow to make it realI recommend you take action now and to help I said I would give you 1 simple technique to help you and its called J1T of Just 1 thingNext Slide J1T
  • You can use this anything and here’s 1 way you could use it to build your lighthouse or if you already have one how you can make the light brighter and the horn louderTodayDefine/redefine your passion, purpose, value strengths, skills, and what you really enjoyDo it as a leader and player not a victim and bystanderWho Am I reallyThis WeekDefine your personal and business missionMake it bigger than you and make it shineBe a leader not a victimWhat do I stand for?This MonthTell 10 people what you stand for, your personal and business mission and why they are what they areAsk them how you are showing up in relation to those – is there authenticityHow do I show up in the world?There’s an episode of Friends ....However, if you still think adopting the Lead from Your Lighthouse philosophy is too big a step consider doing this 1 thing
  • Leading from Your Lighthouse : Take a Leadership Perspective

    1. 1. The Lighthouse by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Steadfast, serene, immovable, the same, Year after year, through all the silent night Burns on forevermore that quenchless flame, Shines on that inextinguishable light Leading from Your Lighthouse by Beverley Hamilton
    2. 2. The Perfect Storm
    3. 3. A Different Course
    4. 4. Victim or Leader • Done to • React to • Language of problem, blame and excuse • BMW attitude • Helpless • Life controls you and passes you by • Some day • No responsibility • Take control • Be in action • Language of possibility and opportunity • Answers are in the mirror • You lead your life • Today • Total responsibility
    5. 5. Why Lead from Your Lighthouse • Your customers are “in stormy waters” looking for you to be their leader in thought & guide in action • People that can help you want to be attracted to you but don't know you or how to find you • In a world often driven by glitz, gloss & superficiality, there is a definite shift to standing for something worthwhile, being authentic and showing leadership • If you don’t, might you be left on the shore, get caught in a “perfect storm” or worse?
    6. 6. Shipwreck or Shipshape? Avoid being drawn to the rocks and the “safety” of a familiar shoreline Set a clear path, get wind in your sails and commit to your course
    7. 7. 3 Elements for Building Your Lighthouse Passion, Purpose & Values Skills & Strengths, Things You Know & Enjoy Beliefs, Assumptions, “Truths”, Stories What do I want my life and work to be about? What am I passionately, committed to doing? What is so important to me in my “being” that it is not negotiable? What am I doing to live my accountabilities? Who am I being to live my passion & commitments How am I making the most of who I really am to create the life and business I want? Who Am I Really? What Do I Stand For? How Do I Show Up in the World?Action Accountability Awareness
    8. 8. What Does Your Lighthouse Shine For? “Responsibility begins with the willingness to take the stand that one is cause in the matter of one’s life. It is a declaration not an assertion, that is, it is a context from which one chooses to live. Responsibility is not burden, fault, praise, blame, credit, shame or guilt. In responsibility, there is no evaluation of good or bad, right or wrong. There is simply what’s so, and the stand you choose to take on what’s so. Being responsible starts with the willingness to deal with a situation from the view of life that you are the generator of what you do, what you have and what you are. That is not the truth. It is a place to stand. No one can make you responsible, nor can you impose responsibility on another. It is a grace you give yourself – an empowering context that leaves you with a say in the matter of life.” Werner Erhard
    9. 9. Just 1 Thing What 1 thing is it vital that I achieve today? What 1 thing will move me closer to achieving the BIG goals in my life and my business this month? J1T TODAY J1T THIS MONTH What 1 thing is it vital that I achieve this week? J1T THIS WEEK Take one step at a time and then one step further
    10. 10. J1T TODAY? Take the decision now, to get out of your own way, be the leader you want to be from this moment onwards and allow others to be guided by your example No excuses