Leatherback Turtle Watching - A Costa Rican Emphasize !


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Leatherback Turtle Watching - A Costa Rican Emphasize !

  1. 1. Leatherback Turtle Watching - A Costa Rican Emphasize !As you are trudging along a sand-fly infested beach in darkness , sweaty and itchy, you might beginto question why you thought this was advisable in the first place when you could have finished yourday with an icy chilly beer and good organization. But then your best guide mutters something , aswell of excitement goes through the group youre with there it is...the dark form of a female turtleslowly dragging herself up the beach. Just about all discomfort is actually forgotten as you watch theawkward improvement of the huge creature pull himself into position to seek out her home in the sandwith her flippers and lay her one hundred or so eggs. She utilizes her flippers to cover the soft eggsand then techniques the sand to conceal her unborn offspring through predators, prior to returning tothe water. As much as an hour might have passed during the womans labors, but it certainly does notfeel like it !Baby turtles normally hatch 2 to 3 months after becoming laid and seem to be in tune along withmoon cycles , as it is the reflection from the moon on the ocean which guides these phones the waterbecause they emerge struggling from the sand with their brothers and sisters. If you are fortunate ,you might also have the joy of watching the tiny Leatherbacks make their own first steps on the beachthat they will go back to years later on to lay their very own eggs - that is if these people survive theirown first few times out of the shell. Amazing to assume that these little turtles are somehow imprintinginformation that will allow them to come back over journeys of a large number of miles through justthis brief but hard trek to the ocean! so resist that temptation in order to lift 1 up and help it to the sea!Leatherback turtles are large (up eight feet in length and weighing up to 1 ,496 lb ), ancient creaturesand to see this incredible moment in life cycle is a real opportunity. They are protected from poachersby local people who are frequently poachers switched gamekeepers and zealous volunteers, but theeggs remain susceptible to natural predators and decided poachers. Turtle watching is usually strictlycontrolled in costa rica for the protection of this endangered species. Expect to be allowed on turtlebeaches just with a guide during the season and to be kept in a reasonable distance from the turtlesso that their own laying isnt disturbed. You may find that you are not allowed to use flashphotography for the very same cause. The turtles supposedly get into a trance-like state throughoutlaying, so you might be able to look at the animal more closely at that moment , but who needs aphoto reminder of such an unforgettable experience anyway ?Leatherbacks lay on the off-shore Coast of Costa Rica in between November and April, mainly atPlaya Grande, Nicoya. Most vacationers opt to remain in the laid-back resort town of Tamarindo anddrive the very short distance to the nationwide Park to view the turtles. The guides charge the $25charge if there is the turtle to view.On the caribbean Coast of the nation , turtles arrive between 04 and july in Tortugera and Gandoca.The small village of Gandoca has little to provide tourists besides some standard cabinas, so mostchoose to make the forty five minute generate from possibly Cahuita or even Puerto Viejo instead ofremaining there. Tours are available through many hotels and tour operators, so shop around or even
  2. 2. go directly to the Gandoca/Manzanillo Reserve in order to book a tour for around $65 per person (thiscost includes transport ).If it doesnt fit with your own Costa Rica vacation schedule, then you could check out the times whenOlive Ridley, Hawkbill, Green or even Loggerhead turtles can be found round the countrys coastlines,so you can also share the turtle encounter that so many have come to keep in mind as a Costa Ricanhighlight !all inclusive resorts in Costa Rica