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  • 1. Question Two:How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?
  • 2. Reflects how a products name, is perceived by A successful brand has a consistent sense of ‘brand the audience identity’ throughout the media so it has the same reputation A USP. What makes your brand stand better than competition? Creating a brand for your product enables it to stand from competitionAs a brand develops it’s own identity; so does brand loyalty.This is when consumers choose to only purchase your productbased on the brand and how it is presented Not the same as a product.. the face and recognition of the product What is a brand?
  • 3. How? Through our music video, digi-pak and magazine advert. Why? For our artist to become noticed by consumers, we needed to create a sense of brand identity and ensure that we promoted her effectively and break into the music industry Brand Identity Who? To create a successful brand, a target audience has to be established. 15-20 year old caucasian females. C1 - E in the socio economic status. Why? Because this age range are the highest music consumers, therefore have an abundance of music and music artists. This gives our artist the chance to break into the music industry. However, this can also be seen as challenging because of the existing competition. Nevertheless, if we create brand identity by providing consistent themes and ideas, our artist can become noticed by the target audience.
  • 4. Eliza Doolittle signed to Parlophone records as a new artist entering the competitive streak of music, her aim was to address her target audience (16-25 females) and establish herself as an unique, niche individual. The record company began to create an ‘identity’ for her name so that consumers could instantly recognise her. How? Continuity. Using the same themes and styles in every media text: photo shoots, album covers etc. This is the cover for her single rollerblades. Yellow connotes happiness and youth that will appeal to a young audience This cleverly thought out idea of having wheels painted on the wall to make it look like Eliza Doolittle is wearing rollerblades is very effective when portraying the message of individuality. Throughout her cd cover designs the same font is used for her name. This typography has become a logo in itself and has become recognisable by music consumers. The slanted type and small case ‘i’ add to her quirky style.Artist’s and Branding
  • 5. To represent her fun, youthful personality, bright colours like purple and pink were the perfect colours to choose. Even the artist’s fiery red hair show that she has a rebellious side to her. When coming up with our initial ideas for the digi-pak album and magazine advert, we wanted to make sure that vibrant colours were used to show that she was a positive, fun individual. These colours would appeal to our target audience as they are feminine and ‘cute’ (stated in our audience feedback) Placing this bird on the artist products and promotional texts becomes aUsing a hand-rendered font like this looks as if the artist herself, making it more personal and logo in itself. Consumers begin to identify and distinguish this image with‘autograph’ like. the artist. Our Brand Identity: Ancillary Tasks
  • 6. Quirky fashion sense Exaggerated, confident body language Colourful album front cover designs Benchmarking with an existing brand helped us decide how we Why? wanted our brand to come across to consumers. In addition, using Eliza Doolittle as an example was crucial because this meant that we could challenge and conform to existing brand identities categorised by similar genre’s and audiences.Comparing an Existing Brand to
  • 7. We felt that when creating a brand image for our artist, continuity was important, so we used the same ideas and themes that would be associated with the artist. Hence, the mis en scene’ are the same in the music video, digi-pak album and magazine advert.Media Language and Music Even the narrative of the music video is a positive aspect of the artists brand identity because consumers can relate to personal identity and gain insight into their own life’s. This suggests that this artist is passionate about being an individual and confident. The natural scenery in the back ground suggests a boho style linked with pop/folk genre The juxtaposition between the loud, bright coloured playsuit and earthy colours stands out and suggests that her personality and music makes her stand out
  • 8. Cartoon effect suggests a naive, fun personality and style Merge between location shot in music video and splashed ink from front cover album. Suggest a creative side to the artist The titles of her songs are have a sweet, innocent life experience. Consumers can relate to her through these songs Body language such as looking down is really appealing to a target audience who are aware that promoters try to create brands that are ‘ too in your face’. This is more subtle and suggests being shy - ‘girl next door’. ‘This Little Bird’ lyrics placed on merged image of location shot and splashed ink.Media Language & Digi-Pak
  • 9. To promote an artist and maximise their chances of breaking into the music industry, we had to produce a magazine advert that promoted her new album. Brand identity is a crucial point when trying to catch the attention of consumers. Therefore, we have place her in the same clothing and the same theme of splashed colours - similar to her digi-pak album. Using conventions of a magazine advert such as contacts like Twitter link with the uses and gratifications theory when consumers can key into surveillance : satisfying curiosity and general interest in the music industry Therefore, using the same style as the album cover is easily recognisable to consumers when flicking through a magazine. immediately, the bright colours seen on the magazine advert can later be noticed on the shelves when the digi-pak album is released.As it is placed in a musicmagazine full of promotionalmaterial, competition is fierce! Media Language & Magazine
  • 10. ?So by having a consistent sense of brand identity in our music video, digi-pak album and magazineadvert, we were able to create a brand that appealed to it’s target audience of females aged 15-20!