Story board kiss with a fist


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Story board kiss with a fist

  1. 1. Storyboard Beth Dobson
  2. 2. OutsideThis scene will be outside by a building, this will give an urban and casual look to the music video. At the beginning of the song I will film the artist changing positions on a set of steps, then I will place her by a wall so the stoned surface will be in the background. The costume that the artist will be wearing is a brown scarf, navy blue coat and then natural looking hair and make-up. The camera shots involved will be a long shot, mid shot and close up.
  3. 3. LipsThis scene is an extreme close up of the actress’ lips. I will edit the footage to be brighter so that the audience can’t see anything else around the face apart from the lips this is to make the video look more professional and exciting.
  4. 4. Lying DownThe lying down scene is commonly used in musicvideos, its a very simple technique but is veryeffective. This will involve the artist looking up atthe camera whilst lying down on the floor miming.The artist with a patterned material as the base.The costume the artist will wear will be a dresswith curly hair and dark eyes and natural glossylipstick. I will perform a mid shot, extreme closeup and a close up shot.
  5. 5. FireThis scene will need to be located in aclassroom that has a white screen and aprojector. I will need a projector for this scenebecause I will project a footage of fire onto thescreen whilst the artist is singing in front of thescreen (so the flames will project on her as well)I will capture a long shot and a mid shot. Theactress will wear a black leotard and blackleggings with natural make up and red lipstickand hair will be raised at the front scraped backinto a pony tail..
  6. 6. Spot LightThis scene will be a theatre style scene with the artist sat on a stool at an angle with the spot light on her whilst the blue curtains are shut. The costume will be a black dress and black heels with the hair curled at one side with red lipstick and pink cheeks.
  7. 7. Rosas Danst RosasThis is the dance scene that is inspired by the famous dance named Rosas Danst Rosas choreographed by Teresa De Keermaeker. This scene will include three dancers (including the artist) the dancers will be formatted in either a diagonal line or a triangle. The costumes for this scene will be black top and trousers for the two dancers and then the artist will be wearing a grey top with black trousers all with hair down and natural make up. This will beedited in black and white.
  8. 8. Smudged Make UpThis scene is inspired from a clip in Marina And The Diamonds music video of I Am Not A Robot. This will entail a close up of artist so the camera will capture the face and the top of the shoulders (the artist will have bare shoulders, so she will wear a boob tube but you cant see it on screen). The footage will be a reversed version of the artist with perfect make up that she slowly smudges down her face. But because its reversed it starts with a smudged face that will end with the artist happy with perfect make up.