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Digitizing Local Collections
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Digitizing Local Collections



"Digitizing Local Collections": An Iowa Library Association preconference presented by Nancy E. Kraft, Emily F. Shaw, and Bethany Davis at the University of Iowa Main Library on October 16, 2013.

"Digitizing Local Collections": An Iowa Library Association preconference presented by Nancy E. Kraft, Emily F. Shaw, and Bethany Davis at the University of Iowa Main Library on October 16, 2013.



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  • “Healthy libraries build healthy communities.” Let’s build healthy digital collections, too. They increase access to our collections in more ways than one. <br />
  • When I think of a “healthy” digital collection, I think of these four words and phrases: metadata, well-formed digital objects, digital preservation, and access. One could argue that the first 3 together create access. That’s true. It’s hard (more like impossible) to create access to a digital collection without metadata. What kind of access would we be creating if our digital objects are of a poor quality? Is it really access if we’re not stewarding our digital objects into the future? <br /> It would be wonderful if we could talk about all of these ideas in-depth today, but... <br />
  • We have a full house and a lot to cover, but we would like to make this as informative and collaborative as it can be. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk about your own projects or project ideas. While this may feel like a huge blast of knowledge coming your way, it may include things you’ve heard or never heard before. I’ll be sharing these slides on Slideshare and with ILA after the conference. <br /> We’ll have mini sessions this morning covering a variety of topics. We’ll have a slightly early lunch today from 11:45-12:30. Then, this afternoon, we’ll break into groups for tours and discussions. Because of our large group, you’ve been divided into 3 groups at random to facilitate the tours and discussion. After lunch, we’ll split into our groups and travel to our designated spaces. Nancy and Emily will be leading groups to the 5th floor for tours of the conservation lab & digitization spaces. Nancy will be the groups’ guide for travel between the 2nd & 5th floors. <br />
  • Frederick W. Kent Photograph Collection - Subseries: Theatre <br /> Homogenous. <br />
  • Scrapbooks. <br /> Keith/Albee Vaudeville Theater Collection - Scrapbook 48 <br />
  • Workflows are easy when there is only 1 person performing the tasks. Workflows get more complicated with the more steps and people you add to them. <br /> Even the easiest project will have its surprisingly complicated patches to work through. <br /> Identify what needs to happen. Who does what? <br /> Can be as simple using post-it notes to show the various parts & arranging them on a table a few times. <br /> Do a pilot. <br />
  • Don’t be afraid that you’ll do something wrong. <br /> In the digital world, what’s “right” today could actually be “wrong” tomorrow? <br /> If you don’t know, ask. <br /> Sometimes it’s hard to understand what all the standards & best practices are talking about until you’ve started to work with digitizing a collection, played with scanner settings, etc. <br />
  • Easy to read resource. Jump right to the “Recommended minimum capture summary” for easy to follow information. For more in-depth info, refer to the various sub-headings based on desired format. <br />
  • Easy to read & follow. <br />
  • Resolution makes a differences. <br />
  • Can look scary & confusing at first. <br />
  • More in-depth information. <br />
  • Queue Nancy Kraft’s presentation. <br />
  • Queue Emily Shaw’s presentation. <br />

Digitizing Local Collections Digitizing Local Collections Presentation Transcript

  • Digitizing Local Collections A Preconference presented on October 16, 2013.
  • Healthy Digital Collections Metadata Well-formed digital objects Digital preservation Access
  • Outline for the morning * Introductions * Project planning & digitization workflow * Access & metadata * Digital preservation
  • Who are we? Who are you?
  • Project Planning * Value & Use * Condition & Characteristics of originals * Acceptability of the resulting digital object * Existing access aids * Copyright
  • Do this: Frederick W. Kent Photograph Collection - Subseries: Theatre
  • Don’t do that: Keith/Albee Vaudeville Theater Collection - Scrapbook 48
  • Digitization Workflow * Draw it out * Talk about it * Do a pilot * Revise
  • Digitizing Local Collections Digital copy stand: Nikon D300, 12-24 mm lens Cool Lites (compact fluorescent lenses) Image provided by Nancy Kraft.
  • Scanning Demo
  • Capture Resources Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations http://www.ala.org/alcts/resources/preserv/mi nimum-digitization-capture-recommendations
  • Left to Right: 200 ppi 300 ppi 400 ppi 500 ppi 600 ppi 700 ppi Images from the ALCTS Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations. Manuscripts.
  • Capture Resources National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) Reformatting Approaches http://www.archives.gov/preservation/product s/definitions/reformatting.html
  • Capture Resources Federal Agencies Digitization Initiative Still Image Working Group Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials… http://www.digitizationguidelines.gov/
  • Access & Metadata
  • Digital Preservation
  • Contact Information Nancy E. Kraft, Head, Preservation & Conservation nancy-e-kraft@uiowa.edu Emily F. Shaw, Digital Preservation Librarian emily-f-shaw@uiowa.edu Bethany Davis, Digital Processing Coordinator Librarian bethany-davis@uiowa.edu
  • Resource Links Helpful links compiled by yours truly: Capture Resources https://wiki.uiowa.edu/display/DigiDoc/Ca pture+Resources Equipment List https://wiki.uiowa.edu/display/DigiDoc/Equ ipment+List
  • "Digitizing Local Collections" An Iowa Library Association Preconference Find this presentation at Slideshare.net/BethanyDavis Presented October 16, 2013 by Bethany Davis, Emily Shaw, & Nancy Kraft.