Written analysis of opening sequence


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Written analysis of opening sequence

  1. 1. Written analysis of opening sequence: Scream.In the opening scene of the thriller movie ‘Scream’, we see an opening title beingused, which pictures the title of the movie ‘SCREAM’. First we see the title beingused with white colors, which then turns color to red. Red can be associated withdanger and blood, in which this gives the audience an idea of what particular thegenre this film is going to be.
  2. 2. Next we see a close up shot being used, which captures the shot of a house phoneand uses diegetic sounds when the phone begins to ring. Typical genreconventions within Thriller movies use this technique to create suspense withinthe audience and to set a mood that the movie is trying to evoke within theviewers.Then a medium shot of a woman picking up the phone is used in the next part ofthe sequence. This scene uses dialogue when the woman is interacting with thecaller. The impression that the characters gets from the caller is a friendly toneand that the caller just wants a casual chat with the woman. When the womanhas finished speaking to the caller, she places the phone down and begins to walkaway from the phone. Then diegetic sounds emerge from the house phone again,in which the woman turns around and the camera zooms in to the woman’s facein which to identify her emotions and even fear within the character. When thewoman picks up the phone again, a medium shot is used which not only capturesthe woman and her body language but also captures the background andenvironment that she is in, which shows us a view of doors, in which this sets thescene of night time and this could link to the typical setting of the thriller genrewhich lets the audience know that something bad is going to happen.
  3. 3. The next part of the movie uses a long shot which captures a view on tree’s, fromthis particular shot it now informs the audience that the setting of this moviecould be near to a forest, which identifies the genre of this film as a commonenvironment for a thriller film is usually forests or wood area’s.
  4. 4. We then see a long shot of the woman making popcorn. This could be telling theaudience that she is a student living on her own; due to the particular simplefood she is eating. This scene also uses diegetic sounds of the popcorn cooking,and the hob heating up as we can see the source that the sound is emerging from.Continuity editing is used through the whole kitchen scene and when the phonebegins to ring again. After the woman has finished speaking to the caller on theother side of the phone, for the third time. We then see a medium shot beingused when the woman puts the phone down and we see her silhouette throughthe doors, this is also a common genre convention for thriller film because they
  5. 5. build fear within the audience, create suspense for the audience which makesthem think what is going to happen next. From this the woman is moving aboutthe kitchen from side to side cooking the popcorn still and the continuity editingis still taking place.Continuity editing is used when the caller rings the woman once again. Whichuses a medium shot which captures the woman walking from one side of thekitchen with the phone, after she picks it up and then when the woman walksover to the worktop, in which she leans over when she is speaking to the caller.This shows the audience that the woman is very chilled and relaxed and is notworried that something bad is going to happen due to her body language that isbeing used in this scene. We see iconography being used by props like knifes, inwhich the woman picks up and places back. Knifes are a typical symbolassociated with a thriller as they have connotations of blood, death and pain.
  6. 6. This continuing editing is still carried on as the camera follows the womanwalking to different rooms of her house.We then see a long shot being used which pictures the shot of the garden, wenow know by this that the woman is starting to panic due to not only by the wayshe is rushing around the house looking in different area’s but also by herchanging tone of voice being used through dialogue when the woman is speakingto the caller. From this scene it now makes the audience identify that the phonecall is not just a friendly chat, in which this creates suspense in this particularscene and builds up fear in the audience as the viewers are thinking about whatis about to come next.