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  1. 1. Ellie Goulding – ‘Your Song’ Concept Due to the lyrics in this particular song we believe illustrating the lyrics in a metaphorical sense would be an affective way to produce the music video. The song is classed as a love song; so the lyrics highlight the feelings and sensations love bring ‘How wonderful life is now you're in the world’. Due to Ellie Gouldings star image and her previous videos, which are all pretty relaxed and chilled, we wanted to follow this theme in our music video. We have took themes and ideas from many of her videos such as her video ‘Burn’ where Ellie is
  2. 2. surrounded in lights, we think surrounding her in candles would be effective due to the lyrics. Performance and Narrative Following Ellie’s previous video themes, were her performance is key in expressing her personality and confidence to the end product, we hope to follow this and create a video which follows this particular theme. We hope to create a conceptual video, this particular video will intertwine performance and narrative, in this particular video the lyrics are compassionate and emotional we need to portray this to create a successful conceptual video. Throughout the video I believe there are key themes and emotions we need to focus on. It is evident the song is a love song; so this is the key theme we want to play on. The theme ‘Love’ has many different elements that all contribute. In this case it is that she is ‘In Love’ this would mean she would be happy, day dreaming about the male and in that love bubble. We want to portray this by the performance, one particular idea we have is that our artist will be stood on a busy bridge with many people walking past her, we will speed these people up, this will show that our artist is so wrapped up in her love song that she is just letting the world go by. In our music video we will use varying different scenarios following our artist through her life. Although the artist will be talking and describing the male we don’t want to fully reveal the male she is describing, this gives the video a secretive element as the audience are not fully aware who the artist is talking about, it lets them use their imagination. Lighting
  3. 3. Lighting will be a key part in our music video, we believe lighting in a good way to portray feelings and emotions. As previously mentioned we want to use candles in parts of our video, Ellie previously used this in her video ‘Burn’ we believed it created a peaceful and beautiful scene, the theme ‘Love’ would be described as peaceful and beautiful. Natural light will be used throughout the video, as we will be following the artist through her life. We want to use the iconic bridge that can be founded in Newcastle. This particular bridge is very visual and changes colour over a period of time; we would want to use this when our artist is stood still with people walking around her. We were also inspired by Rihanna’s ‘We found love’ music video where she uses a sparkler to spell out the word ‘LOVE’. Camera & Editing The camera shots will be pretty basic throughout our music video; we want to go for
  4. 4. the simplistic take to complement the lyrics. Something like Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball video.However it is key we use a variety of camera shots of different distances, angles and focus to make the video visually interesting. This song has a slow tempo so the cuts shouldn’t be too snappy and fast, they should intertwine with the song. We hope to use a lot of close ups to portray emotions and feelings as this particular song highlights this all the way through again referring back to opening of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’. We will also use close ups to develop the artists star image, and this is very important in the ‘pop’ genre. Extreme and Long shots will be used when the artist is on the bridge, this will be to show the world around the artist whilst she is stood still. DanceLive Performance Due to the simplistic lyrics, we will not involve any live performance’s the song doesn’t have that feel to it. We want to strip the video down, although this is the case we may have some contemporary dance in the music video, we were influenced by P!nks music video ‘Try’, which we would class as a emotional video, the dance in this video complements the lyrics and narrative. We will however have movement throughout the video to make it visually interesting. Although the pop genre is known for a lot of dance we believe this song highlights so much emotion that dance would not be relevant to the song.