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Inspirational photos – plan of photo
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Inspirational photos – plan of photo


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Inspirational Photos – Plan Of Photo-shoot. Front cover of digipak. For the front cover of our digipak, we have decided to focus initially upon the artist Ellie Goulding and look at her previous photo-shoots. After researching and looking through photos of Ellie, we have both decided on this being one of our favorite photo’s of her, in which we hope to recreate this image to be presented on the front cover of our digipak. We are going to take the photograph outdoors, in order to catch greenery, trees etc, within the background of the shot. The reason for us taking the photograph outside relates to our filming, as our whole music video is located in an outdoor area. The artist will be holding her hair – in the pose as Ellie Goulding is portraying here. In this photograph Ellie isn’t over done with make-up, which particularly shows her inner natural beauty, which is the look we are trying to create within our own product. As the same as Ellie, the artist will keep her make-up to the minimum standard.
  • 2. Inside front cover of digipak. This is another one of our favorites by Ellie. In this photograph it puts the artist as the main focus, and presents her as the center of attention. The extreme close up which has been used in this photograph portrays the artist’s beauty. Again, the artist isn’t over done with make-up, in which we will use the same style for our own artist. To re create this photo of Ellie Goulding, we will use an extreme close up shot. Which will particularly capture the artist’s emotion and draw the audience’s attention to the artist. To create the luminous pink and purple lights in the left hand corner of the image, we will most likely have to use editing software to enable us to create this, by changing the contrast and adding color to the shot.
  • 3. Back cover of digipak. This is an inspirational photo of Ellie Goulding, which we hope to re create and use on the back cover of our digipak. This photo fits well with our music video as it is located in an outdoors area, where all of our filming for our music video took place, in which this will relate to our digipak as best as it possibly can. As well as the other inspirational photographs of Ellie Goulding, which we are trying to re create, again she is not over done with makeup, which shows of her natural beauty. To re create this image with our own artist, the artist will be positioned in the same pose that Ellie Goulding is portraying in this particular photo. We will use a medium shot when capturing this image, which will draw full attention to the artist and also display the greenery and forest behind the artist.