Evaluation- Q1


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Evaluation- Q1

  2. 2. POSTER 1 2 1.I incorporated pictures into the title on my poster like in ‘The Ring’ poster. I feel as though it fits in the with the theme of being stalked.2. I really liked the mise-en-scene on ‘The Ring’ poster so I chose to have a picture of the woods as my background and as this was one of thelocations in the trailer it works well. I also added a blue tinge which is also used on ‘The Ring’ poster. It creates an eerie look which fits well with the horror genre.
  3. 3. POSTER 3 1.Both posters have similar titles however I placed mine in the middle of the page as it is the main focus of my poster and it has a lot of detail.2.Both posters have taglines. ‘The Ring’ poster’s tagline is a review where as the tagline on my poster is a quote from one of the text inserts in my trailer. This gives the audience some clues to the storyline of the film. 3.The picture on ‘The Ring’ poster is highly edited to make the picture lookeerie. The lighting on the photo I took was quite dark as it was a dull day with no sunlight. I added a gradient which emphasized the shadows on the ground.
  4. 4. POSTER 1 31. I added the names of the stars on my trailer where as on ‘The Ring’ poster these are not present. This may be because they do not want to focus on the stars of the film, just the narrative and genre. 2. On my poster, I included an image of the villain as it looks like he is watching, he doesnt’t stand out which makes him look like he is lurking in the background. 3. I used the steel tongs font to add the credits where as on ‘The Ring’ poster there is no sign of this.
  5. 5. USE 1 3 1. I used the colour scheme red like in the Empire, this is because both the films being advertised are horror and the colour represents danger.2. I added a sticker like the Empire magazine, I think it is unique compared to just listing stories down the sides of the cover. 3. In reference to the stories, the name of the film ‘Stalk-Her’ is the largest font, this is so consumers will see this text first.
  6. 6. MAGAZINE 1 2 3 1. I decided that I wanted to make the whole of the photo fill the canvas on my magazine cover. The Empire magazine’s masthead has a white background, this is similar to my music magazine from AS year and I didn’t like it as much as my A2 magazine cover. 2. I used a medium close up where as Empire used a close up and the photo also has a lot of shadowing and is tinted red where as my photo has a blue tinge.3. I liked the idea of having banners at the bottom and top of my magazine however mine are a lot smaller than those on the Empire magazine.
  7. 7. MAGAZINE 1 21. I didn’t decide to add stories on the sides of the cover, this is because I wanted to make my magazine look unique. 2. I centralized the stories on the magazine which challenges the conventions on a magazine as they are normally
  8. 8. TRAILERThe use of the shot of the knife is very similar in both trailers, this fits with the horror genre very well and it also gives a massive hint that there is violence in the film. The use of the establishing shot is a convention used in most film trailers so my group felt asthough it was right to include one in our trailer, it sets the scene very well giving the audience a clear idea about what the film is about.
  9. 9. TRAILERLike in other films trailers I have studied, such as ‘Disturbia’, ‘Prom Night’and ‘Obsessed, they all include montages. We also included a montage in the trailer as it shows the peaks of the film.
  10. 10. TRAILERLike in ‘Prom Night’ we used titles which is another code and convention of film trailers, they narrate what is happening without a voiceover and they also add tension. However, ours are a lot more sinister.The idea of the villain have a sort of shrine for the victim was something we cameup with ourselves. However, after watching the ‘Prom Night’ trailer again we saw that a similar shot was used however the blue tinge over our trailer fits with the horror genre.
  11. 11. TRAILER This type of parallel editing is something that I have not seen in anyother trailer. It is a scene that shows that the villain is always in the same place as the villain which builds up tension.