Need for speed marketing campaign


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Need for speed marketing campaign

  1. 1. ‘Need for Speed’ Marketing Campaign Need for speed’s marketing campaign was varied over multiple media platforms. They used TV interviews, radio interviews, podcasts, TV appearances and the internet to sell the film. To gain an audience in the UK for the film, Aaron Paul was interviewed on The Graham Norton show. The reason behind this is because of the mass amount of people that watch the show. It is a popular programme so Aaron Paul will get lots of views. The Graham Norton show is aired Friday nights on BBC1. I think Need for Speed was promoted on this show because it was on one of the most watched channels (BBC1) at 20 to 11 on a Friday night. It is a comedy chat show that appeals to all adult audiences. By going on Graham Norton this is reaching out to a wider audience. Fans of Aaron Paul would probably be the fans of Breaking Bad (mainly men) so going on Graham Norton would reach out to women as well as men. Even though the film is very male orientated and aimed this target audience. Whereas the interview on Top Gear is aimed mainly towards men. The film is about fast cars and so is Top Gear so fans of top gear will enjoy Need For Speed. Top Gear is a car related programme aired on BBC2. It has a small interview with the guest then challenges the guest to race a car around a track. This will appeal to Need for Speed audience as this is what they want to see in the film. I think that the top gear appearance was the most successful because top gear has the same target audience as Need for Speed. I think Aaron Paul was the right fit to head up the marketing campaign because at the moment Aaron Paul is everywhere. The UK are still on the Breaking Bad hype so people will be excited to see Aaron Paul in something other than breaking bad. With Aaron being the main character in the film this gives him every right to be in all the interviews. Aaron Paul is also considered to be a good looking man, therefor he will appeal to the female audience.