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  • 1. Role of the ULR Within the SCP Branches
    Judith Sullivan 2010
  • 2. Introduction
    Explain who I am and what I have been doing.
    How many ULR members are there here tonight?
    JS to discuss how she is trying to motivate her branch:
    Questionnaire to identify learning needs.
    How many of you have done learning questionnaires?
    What is your opinion about the results?
  • 3. Results of Questionnaire Buck Branch
    Members felt training was important for HPC registration.
    They would like to improve their computer skills.
    They wanted the opportunity to have study days and evening courses.
    They required help with their CPD portfolios.
  • 4. Branch ULR Role
    Working with members and other union reps to improve learning opportunities and keeping them informed of training and courses.
    Offering information and support to members about learning issues.
    Helping individuals to overcome barriers which may prevent them getting involved in learning.
    Accessible to members to discuss any matters.
  • 5. Personal Journey
    Development of own Skills and Knowledge.
    Building Contacts and Networking.
    Development of a learning strategy. Using a systematic approach to problem solving .
    Personal Satisfaction.
    Motivation of members is difficult unless regulation enforces it.
    Personal time is used, may result in loss of earnings as a private practitioner.
    Infringement on family commitments.
  • 6. Dunstable College
    Interview with head tutor of Union Learn courses at Dunstable.
    Accessing the facilities of the college for the launch of Pebblepad and the Huddersfield modules.
    Basic computer training, leading on to more advanced courses for branch members. This is all free as long as at least 12 people register on each course.
    Poor interest might jeopardise the availability of courses.
    It may be necessary to build a network of adjoining branches from nearby locations to ensure full participation.
    A cost may be incurred for tutors, money to come out of branch funds.
  • 7. Training Opportunities for Branches
    Launch November 2010
    Trial format for CPD and electronic portfolio for 1 year.
    Encouraging: reflective practice and concurrent record keeping.
    Private and secure storage of files in one virtual box.
    Huddersfield Modules
    Launch January 2011
    Distance Learning
    Access to University and Electronic Library including Cochrane and Athens.
    Modules include: Pharmacology, Wound Healing, LA, Practice Management and Audit and Research.
  • 8. Training & Responsibilities of ULR
    3 day Training (level 1)
    Learning needs Questionnaire
    Branch member Interviews
    Further opportunities include: Level 2 ULR; Diploma in Employment Law; Occupational Health and Safety.
    Information gathering
    Reporting to senior ULR’s
    Acting on members behalf
  • 9. TUC Southern and Eastern Education
    Central Bedfordshire College Dunstable.
    Highways Agency, Manton Lane, Bedford.
    Cambridgeshire: Huntingdonshire Regional College, Huntingdon. Simon
    Westbury Centre, Barking. Alison Foster
    Colchester: Colchester Institute, Centre for Trade Union Studies. Trisha Alford
    Chelmsford: Chelmsford College, 1 Wells Street, Chelmsford. Trisha Alford
    Greater London:
    College of Haringey Enfield and North East London, N15. Alison Foster
    West Thames College, Isleworth, West London. Pam Singer
    WEA, Clinton Street London EC2A. Becky Wright
    Lewisham College, Deptford, London SE8. Rossina Harris
    South Thames College, London SW15. Graham Peterson
    Hampshire: Southampton City College. Sucha Sing
    Red Star Learning Centre, Chatham.Rossina Harris
    Maritime House, Dover. Rossina Harris
    Norfolk: Norwich Trade Union Studies Centre, Norwich. Mark Hughes
    Oxfordshire: Walton Street, Ruskin College, Oxford. Nigel Williams
    Suffolk: Bury St Edmunds: Mar Hughes
    Sussex Downs College, Newhaven. John
    Tbc, Hastings John
    TbcWorthing. John
  • 10. Finally
    Education, achievements, understanding and personal attributes enhance an individual’s ability to successfully explore opportunities.