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  • 1. Picture of the three Yokoland inhabitants from 2008. The picture is taken by Morten Spaberg, and his dog Aki is the one in the front.
  • 2.
  • 3. N° + ºC
  • 4. N° + ºC = F° 1
  • 5. N° + ºF = F° 1
  • 6. N° + ºF = F° 1
  • 7. Intervjuer B : […] Og så vil de alltid gå på kafé hele tida, og snakke om ting. De kan Intervjuer snakke i timevis nå, virker det som. Og jeg vet ikke, av og til tenker jeg bare sånn, åh, nå må du holde kjeft, Frank Lande Frank Lande ikke sant? Jeg føler ditt, jeg føler datt. Det driter vel jeg i, jeg har jo nettopp møtt deg liksom. A : Ja, også dette med at de vil kose etter at vi har hatt sex. Hvorfor tror de at dét er så viktig for oss ? Jeg sover best når jeg er alene i senga, så når vi er ferdige foretrekker jeg å snu F°25 ryggen til og late som om han ikke engang er der. Men nei da, det kommer alltid en hånd rundt meg og så legger han seg helt inntil ryggen min og kysser meg i nakken eller noe. B : Det er utrolig vanskelig nå om dagen. Jeg tviler på at mamma måtte tenke på slikt. Å hele tida passe på at man ikke knuser disse mennene, følelsesmessig. Jeg er sikker på at hvis hun hadde sagt til pappa at han skulle snu seg og sove, så kunne han ikke brydd seg mindre. A : Han lå sikkert allerede andre veien, så hun trengte sikkert ikke å spørre engang. B : Nettopp.
  • 8. 2 poems about modernity by Álvaro de Campos
  • 9. Portrait of Álvaro de Campos with issue No. 2 of Orpheu on his desk. Painted by José de Almada Negreiros. 2 poems about modernity by Álvaro de Campos
  • 10. Photograph of Michael Ondatje’s family from the 1920s. 13 poems about the family by Michael Ondatje
  • 11. Photograph of a lonely Sonja Åkesson in 1968. 11 poems about loneliness by Sonja Åkesson
  • 12. Poster from the revolts in Paris May 1968
  • 13. ONE STORAGE SPACE Riding a car gives you the advantage of bringing lots of stuff you need and don’t need. The fact that you also have passengers makes trips by car much more sociable than riding alone on a bike. Can your bicycle bring home a Christmas tree, an Oriental carpet and a fake Monet print? Forget about removal loads or shopping at IKEA. And what about transporting items you don’t want people to see, like your favourite Ming vases, crystal chandeliers and other valuables?
  • 14. TWO POWERFUL ENEMIES You can’t be too careful in choosing your enemies. One of the worst adversaries you can pick certainly has to be the auto industry. No one knows how many deaths they are responsible for, and nobody wants to find out. If you want to stay alive, you better watch your back or fill it up.
  • 15. THREE MULTITASKING When you’re driving, you’re usually doing several things at the same time — whether it’s smoking, eating, reading the map, sending text messages, talking to passengers, putting on some extra lipstick or changing music. All these things are hard to do on a bike, since you have to keep both hands on the handlebars. A Sony Walkman with headphones could be of some help, since most bikes don’t even come with a stereo.
  • 16. FOUR INJURIES Bicycle riders collide constantly. And who’s supposed to clean up the mess? It sure isn’t a bike. Take the old crash and bone fracture story for instance. Who gives you a lift to the infirmary, and who drives your broken legs around when you get out? If you’re still breathing, that is. Since the 1930s more than 44,000 cyclists have been killed in the traffic in the US alone, not to mention all the babies who will never be born as a result of bicycle induced sterility.
  • 17. FIVE SAFETY (SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST) Cars have a roof, steal girders, airbags and seatbelts. Bicycles offer nothing but a Styrofoam helmet. The first car crash ever occurred in New York City in 1896, when a motor vehicle collided with a bicyclist. The first car crash killed a cyclist, and still today drivers are at fault in almost 90% of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths in New York. It’s easy to see who comes out on top here.
  • 18. SIX KRAFTWERK’S AUTOBAHN IS A BETTER ALBUM THAN THEIR TOUR DE FRANCE EFFORT Music pioneers Kraftwerk changed the face of pop music, much because their Autobahn from 1974. The 22-minute title track captures the feeling of driving on the freeway: from the high- speed concentration of the fast lane, to the monotony of the long journey. When the band made the official anthem for the cycling race Tour de France in 1983, it went strait down hill. Two of the original members, Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, got so hooked on cycling that it became a serious problem. After several disputes the two percussionists in the band left. Kraftwerk has never again been able to reach their former heights.
  • 19. SEVEN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES Bank robbing, hooker pick-ups, drive-by shootings, dope pushing, people smuggling, getting chased by the law – all are done more efficiently by car. If you want fast money and a slick style, you’d better rethink your Grand Theft Biko.
  • 20. EIGHT MOBILITY There’s no doubt the car beats the bicycle when it comes to sufficiency. If you think you can go anywhere on a bike, think again. Consider your favourite place to spend time: on the freeway. Bicycles aren’t even allowed there, which puts them in the same pathetic category as tractors, mopeds and pedestrians.
  • 21. NINE BETTER TO GET A LOST FRIEND BACK, THAN LOOSE ONE FOREVER Most bicycles get stolen, and they never turn up again. Estimates of the number of bicycles that disappear in Amsterdam each year run as high as 180,000. That’s in a city of 740,000 people. A theft may leave your car a bit smashed and foul-smelling, but you’ll get it back eventually.
  • 22. TEN SUPPORT THE UNDERDOG There are about a billion bicycles in the world, twice as many as automobiles. Be courageous. Don’t follow the crowd.