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  • How can I get more voices (eg:British male voices), preferably free, for the Kurzweil 3000.....send responses to billyis@fastmail.ca
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Kurzweil 3000 Overview

  1. 1. Kurzweil 3000 An Introduction to Kurzweil 3000
  2. 2. Text to Speech Software Kurzweil 3000 www.kurzweiledu.com Also see WYNN 3.1, Premier Programming Scan & Read, TextAloud MP3, ReadPlease 2003
  3. 3. Text to Speech Definitions Scan & Read Software converts printed word to electronic speech typically uses a scanner in the process & OCR – Optical Character Recognition – software Kurzweil 3000, WYNN, Read & Write Gold, Premier Programming Scan & Read Reading Software (& screen readers) converts e-text to electronic speech TextHELP, ReadPlease, TextAloud MP3, WordQ, HELPRead
  4. 4. Kurzweil 3000 - Overview Scan & Read (B&W or Colour)/Read Only Used for reading, writing, test taking, research For individuals with learning disabilities reading difficulties - print & physically disabled Improves reading speed and comprehension Highlights & tracks text as it is spoken aloud Uses a multisensory approach to reading and writing at school, at home, at work Classic literature CD – 1,100 titles!
  5. 5. Kurzweil 3000 Scan & read print materials scan in colour or black & white scan on flatbed or with ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) save with page formatting or as text only can open many formats (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .tif) Reading toolbar features track print visually, on the page or in the magnifier box (change colour & highlights) vary voice, reading speed, reading mode speak definitions, provide pronunciation guide toolbars are customizable Reading the web (integrates with Internet Explorer) web reading toolbar
  6. 6. Kurzweil 3000 study skills toolbar features navigate by page or to book mark add text notes, sticky note, audio notes highlight and extract notes test taking features scan & read write or speak responses to document integrates with Dragon NaturallySpeaking lockout various features, if required, for test taking
  7. 7. Kurzweil 3000 Writing skills toolbar features word processor dictionary thesaurus (synonyms) spell check word prediction (create a custom word list)
  8. 8. Fundamentals of Kurzweil 3000
  9. 9. Kurzweil Quirks 1. Kurzweil doesn’t have a searchable Help Menu 2. Adding, Removing, Changing Toolbars You must Right Click on any Menu or Toolbar
  10. 10. Scanning Scanning Basics Scanning a Page. Canceling a Scan in Progress. Replacing a Page in a Scanned Document. Inserting a New Page in a Scanned Document. Deleting a Page. Scanning Two Facing Pages.
  11. 11. Scanning Scanning Basics Using an Automatic Document Feeder. Selecting a Scanner Source. Reordering Scanned Pages. Setting the First Page Number Edit/Move Existing Page View/Page/Set Number
  12. 12. Scanning Tools/Options/Scanning Tab Advanced Scanning Setting Scanning Options Repeated Scanning. Setting Repeated Scan Delay. Displaying Each Page as it is Scanned. Setting the Scan Area. Specifying Page Orientation on the Scanner. Scan/Scanner Setup/ Scanned Page Size
  13. 13. Scanning Special Scanning Features Using the Despeckling Filter. Scanning White Text on a Dark Background. Choosing an OCR Engine. Scanning Color Documents. Setting Color Scan Options. Tools/Options/Scanning Tab
  14. 14. Editing Scanned Documents Automatic OCR Correction Tools/Corrections… ! for I, etc. Change Underlying Word Edit/Correct OCR/ Change… For Broken or Merged words Edit Underlying Text Edit/Correct OCR/Edit… For correcting Large Amounts of text Edit/Correct OCR/Edit Underlying Text
  15. 15. Reading Reading Basics Tools/Options/Text Tab Starting and Stopping Reading. Increasing or Decreasing Reading Speed. Choosing Reading Units. Choosing Reading Highlight Colors.
  16. 16. Reading Reading the Way You Like Continuous Reading. Self-paced Reading. Word by Word Reading. Reading by Heading. Reading by Highlight. Silent Reading (Highlighting Only). Moving by Unit.
  17. 17. Reading w/Magnification To get a large print view of the reading, select View/Magnify Spoken Word To Adjust Options – Tools/Options/Magnifier
  18. 18. Pronunciation Editor Change the Pronunciation of a Word Tools/Pronunciations
  19. 19. Using Reference Tools Looking Up Words in a Looking Up Words You Type Document Finding Definitions of Words You Type. Finding Definitions of Words in Documents. Finding Synonyms for Words You Type. Finding Synonyms for Viewing Syllables and Words in Documents. Pronunciation for Words You Viewing Syllables and Type. Pronunciation for Words in Documents. Hearing a Word's Spelling.
  20. 20. Using the Study Skills Toolbar iHighlighters let you add your own highlighting to the words in a typed or scanned document. iTyped notes let you attach typed notes anywhere in a document. iSticky notes let you attach rectangular yellow notes to a document. iText notes let you add notes on top of a scanned document. iVoice notes enable you to record spoken notes and attach them to a document. iBookmarks let you tag important places in a document so you can jump to these places quickly.
  21. 21. Study Skills Toolbar Features Extract text notes and sticky notes. Extract highlighted text to create study notes. Extracted highlights can be coloured or indented and can be read back. Can save extracts as text files to be used with other readers or converted to .mp3 files. Direct text to .mp3 will be a new feature in Kurzweil v.8.
  22. 22. Reading the Web Web Reading Toolbar
  23. 23. Reading the Web Features Read and Magnify text from the Web. Use Dictionary or Syllables Button. Save Files from the Web Save as text as .txt, .rtf. or .doc file Save Web Pages Complete to read later
  24. 24. Working With Other Document Files Will open most common document types. Tip for working with .pdf files Adobe Acrobat files “Print” from the .pdf document using the KESI Virtual Printer Version 6 auto installs the KESI Virtual Printer to your computer
  25. 25. Writing tools Read Back functions work with Word Processor Word Prediction Very easy to add new vocabulary - Train. Scan and Train complete glossaries from texts Note* words must be Fully functional spell checked and added Word Processor to the spelling dictionary before the Word
  26. 26. Zone Editor Change the properties and reading order of zones. Adjust the size of a zone to determine how much text it encloses. Add new zones. Cut zones. Note that cutting a zone does not remove the image or underlying text, but only the zone definition. Zoom in or out while working in Zone Edit view. Tools/Zone Editor
  27. 27. Customizing Toolbars Customizable Toolbars Simplify Toolbars for younger users. Remove functions that you don’t wish students use. Tools/Customize/Toolbars…
  28. 28. Test Taking i Students can also use the Fill In The Blanks option on the Tools menu to save time when taking a test. i Teachers can customize the presentation of material using zone editing, notes, and highlighting. Teachers can control access to reference aids such as the dictionary and spell checker using the Test Taking tab. Tools/Options/Test Taking
  29. 29. Installation Issues i There are patches for each version at the Kurzweil website www.kurzweiledu.com Customer Support Kurzweil 3000 for (Windows) Patches and Updates i Website also has: i FAQs i Downloads i Knowledge Base i List Serv Sign up i Scanner Compatibility
  30. 30. That’s all folks… Questions? Time for some practice!
  31. 31. Today’s Special - Freebies ReadPlease 2003 Project Gutenburg free text reader classic literature - go to lots for kids/youth www.readplease.com Aesop’s fables, Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, etc. go to http://promo.net/pg/ over 300 titles
  32. 32. Read Please 2003 www.readplease.com • Text-to-speech (no scanning feature) • Developed in Canada • Free version • Supports AT&T Voices • Very simple to use
  33. 33. Comparison Kurzweil 3000 ReadPlease 2003 (free Scan&Read, Colour download) + Sheet-feed Epson + Canon Flatbed Scanner Scanner with OCR $3544 $99
  34. 34. TextAloud MP3 http://www.nextup.com/TextAloud/index.html Another Text to Speech Program • Inexpensive • Reads text aloud or • Converts e-text to an audio file (MP3, .wav) • Listen to textbook or study notes on PocketPC, MP3 player, in the car, on a Discman, etc. • Adjustable voices: speed and volume • AT&T voices
  35. 35. TextAloud MP3 AT&T Crystal Mike Regular Jane
  36. 36. More Info . . . • On learning disabilities • www.schwablearning.org • www.ldonline.org • www.ldpride.net • www.ldao.on.ca • www.ldrc.ca • http://specialed.about.com/cs/learningdisabled • Nipissing University ESP site • www.nipissingu.ca/documents.cfm?smocid=1352 • Mike’s Learning Resources Page • www.nipissingu.ca/faculty/mikew/resource
  37. 37.   MCOM 585 Internship: Office of Disabilities September 9, 2009   Kurzweil 3000: How to Videos • Work with Kurweil 3000- The Basics o Main Menu Bar: File, Edit, Scan, Read, View, Tools, Reference, Window, Online, Help o Main Toolbar: New, Open, Save, Print, Scan, Back, Red, Forward, Aud, Def, Synonym, Syllables, Spell, Help o Reading Toolbar/Settings: Reading Speaker, Reading Speed o Document Window: To Read or Stop Reading Press: Read, Pause, F3 o Help or F1 for Online Help • Show or Hide Toolbars o Green= Study Skills Toolbar o Blue= Writing Toolbar (Editing Tools) o Yellow= Reading Toolbar o Red= Main Toolbar • Change Reading Options o Highlights Reading Unit in a Color & Current Word in Another Color o Speakers 1st Button the Left on the Reading Toolbar Nicky, LH Michelle/Michael, Microsoft Mary/Mike/Sam, VW Kate/Paul o Reading Mode 2nd Button the Left on the Reading Toolbar Continuous, Self-paced, Word by word o Reading Unit 3rd Button from the Left on the Reading Toolbar Word, Phrase, Line, Sentence, Paragraph, Heading, Highlight o Reading Speed 4th Button the Left on the Reading Toolbar #; how fast the voice will read aloud • Look Up a Word o Select Word, Select Definition in Main Toolbar, Click Read, End Close o Select Reference at Main Menu Bar, Select Look Up Word By Type, Type the Word, Select an Option, End Close o Short Cuts: Word Definitions= (Ctrl +D) OR Synonym= Ctrl + Q • Use Color Highlighters to Study o Green= Study Skills Toolbar (Erase, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Magenta, Footnote, Sticky, Text, Close, Voice, Delete, Bookmark) o Example: Highlight Yellow= Main Ideas, Cyan= Details, Select Reading Unit Highlight in the Reading Toolbar, Select Read o Study Documents: File, Extract Annotations, Highlights, OK
  38. 38.   MCOM 585 Internship: Office of Disabilities September 9, 2009   • Create an Outline o Use Highlighters from Reading Toolbar: Yellow= Main Ideas, Green= Details; Same as Study Documents: File, Extract Annotations, Highlights, OK; Indent 0.30 in. and Prefix %I) or %1) . • Create Sticky Notes and Text Notes o Study Skills Toolbar: Footnote, Sticky, Text, Voice, o Sticky Note Maker: Select Sticky Note Button, Click in the document to where you would like to place it, (Notice: it is not transparent.) Type/ Copy/Paste Text into the Note, Reads at the end of the Document o Text Notes Maker: Text, IT IS TRANSPARENT, so place into a space where there is no text underneath, Next Type into the Note, Read as part of the Doc • Prepare a Test Documents o To Fill in the Blanks of a Word/Kurzweil Document: Select Tools, Select Fill in the Blanks, Test Takers Click & Type their Answers into the Text Notes, Select Apply Toolbar Sets #10 Test Taking Tools Test Taking Tools: New, Open, Save, Print, Read, Delete, Spell Check, Predict, Highlight, Red Circle, Erase, Help o Save Toolbars in Document: File, Properties, General Options, Save Toolbars in Document, OK o Speak as Typing: to hear what is being typed; Select Tools, Options, General, Speak as typing Choose ANY or ALL of options (Whole Words/ Whole Sentences are most helpful), APPLY, OK, Save Doc & ready for Test Takers • Highlight and Circle Test Answers o To Highlight Answer: Select Highlight (Yellow) in the Test Taking Toolbar, then drag mouse over the correct answer o To Circle Answer: Select Red Circle in the Test Taking Toolbar, then drag over the correct answer o Erase: Select the Erase Button, Drag over the Answer o Save test document often, and read over to check answer • Work with a Fill in the Blanks Test o Select Read or F3 to read over the test; Kurzweil 3000 Pauses at each BLANK o This blanks are actually Text Notes, Click Note & Type, Tab for next blank, If Answer is already in the type Drag and Drop, Save test document often, and read over to check answer
  39. 39.   MCOM 585 Internship: Office of Disabilities September 9, 2009   Kurzweil 3000 • Kurzweil 3000 Files o From Publisher Should be in Kurzweill Format OR PDF Saved files by chapter of textbook o Not from a publisher/ From Print Scan in whole textbook or one chapter at a time Save files per chapter of text • Files from PDF o Click File Select Print Select KES1 VPrinter (Kurzweil Format) • To Create an MP3 File from Text o Unwanted Text/Images Select Scan at the top Menu Bar Select Header/Footer Editor Right Click Mouse Mark Header/Footer and create a text book to edit any unwanted text/images o MP3 File Select File Audio Filer Create Audio File Create Audio File Speaker: VW Paul Speed: 140-150 (145 =common) • After MP3 is Created o 2 Folders on Desktop Per= Working On Output= Done o Put on Student Jump Drive or MP3 Players o Stored MP3 Files Desktop Folders • MP3 Files as audio files from text • Create new Folder Name it by Textbook Save files by Chapter #
  40. 40. SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 SQ3R Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review Active reading requires thinking about text, activating background knowledge, making connections, taking notes, reviewing notes, rereading text and testing your newly acquired knowledge. SQ3R is a proven systematic strategy for actively reading text with a goal for improved reading comprehension and retention of learned information. Kurzweil 3000 Kurzweil 3000 is an integrated scan and read software program that provides multisensory access to reading material and tools for reading, writing, test-taking and learning. Research has shown that text-to-speech technology is most effective when combined with explicit instruction in comprehension and study strategies (MacArthur et al., 2001;Engstrom, 2004;Pisha&O’Neill, 2003). Kurzweil 3000 is a technology tool provides a digital environment for implementing proven leaning strategies and accessing the general education curriculum. Kurzweil 3000 is designed in accordance with the principles of Universal Design for Learning, providing multiple means of representation, expression and engagement in an effort to support all students with tools that are necessary for some, but beneficial for all. Kurzweil 3000 can be used as a tool to differentiate learning and instruction for individual students, in small facilitated groups, or as part of whole-class strategy instruction. SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 Copyright Cambium Learning Technologies 20008 Page 1 of 6
  41. 41. Step 1 S: Survey SQ3R Kurzweil 3000 What to use… Strategies Tools to support strategies Preview the entire text ! Text to speech technology to Main toolbar: Read button Selection. correctly read text selections aloud, model fluent reading, and Look at the general support difficulties with decoding. structure of the text: o Adjustable Reading Speed • Title o Choice of Reading Voices • Introductory Reading Toolbar: Paragraphs Reading Speed and • Headings Reading Voice buttons • Subheadings • Concluding Paragraphs • Charts • Graphs Main toolbar: Dictionary ! Word Study tools available to • Pictures (Adult, Children’s, Foreign ensure understanding of new • Captions Language and Picture) and vocabulary words and support • Key Synonym buttons, which are reading comprehension. Vocabulary part of the Word Attack tools. o Dictionary • Review (Picture Dictionary also o Thesaurus Questions available.) o Picture Dictionary This provides the big picture or gist of the text, providing opportunities to think about what the text is about before beginning ! Highlighters or Circle Tools for Study skills toolbar: a thorough reading. highlighting/circling key text Highlighter (teacher-selected structures before thoroughly color code) and Circle reading the text. o Different colors of highlighters can be used to indicate specific text structures. ! Read by Unit: Reading Toolbar: o Headings Reading Unit button o Highlight SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 Copyright Cambium Learning Technologies 20008 Page 2 of 6
  42. 42. Step 2 Q: Question SQ3R Kurzweil 3000 What to use… Strategies Tools to support strategies Turn each heading into • Sticky Notes can be used to insert Study skills toolbar: a question. questions/notes about the text. Sticky Note • Who They are brightly colored and • What standout when reading the text. • Why • When OR • How • Where To support students by modeling the Study skills toolbar: • List… strategy: Bubble Note • Name… • Bubble Notes can be pre-inserted by a teacher. They are used to This gives you a embed comprehension questions, reason to focus your clarify information, etc. Answers attention on the text can be written, saved, and when reading it by extracted for teacher or student looking for answers to use with Extract Annotations. your self-generated questions. • Writing Tools can be used to Write toolbar: support the writing of test Spell check and Begin to guess what questions in Sticky Notes: Word prediction buttons the answers might be o Speak as Typing and make predictions. o Speaking Spell Check o Word Prediction Do NOT create “yes/no” questions. Create open-ended questions that Note: Study skills toolbar encourage you to • Extract Annotations feature can Or File Menu really think about the be used to extract any/all of your Extract Annotations topic. notes and highlights and create a new text document that can be used later to record answers or study for tests. • Tile Vertically feature can be Tile Vertically used to look at the textbook and your Sticky Note questions side- by-side. Later, answers to questions can be typed or dragged-and-dropped into the question document. SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 Copyright Cambium Learning Technologies 20008 Page 3 of 6
  43. 43. Step 3 R: Read SQ3R Kurzweil 3000 What to use… Strategies Tools to support strategies Read the entire text ! Text to speech technology to Main toolbar: Read button one section at a time. correctly read text selections aloud, model fluent reading, and Focus on finding support difficulties with decoding answers to the Questions you developed. ! Word Study tools available to Main toolbar: Dictionary ensure understanding of new (Adult, Children’s, Foreign Note important details vocabulary words and support Language and Picture) and and relationships as reading comprehension. Synonym buttons, which are you read. o Dictionary part of the Word Attack tools. o Thesaurus (Picture Dictionary also Revise questions or o Picture Dictionary available.) add new questions based on your reading. ! Highlighters or Circle Tools for Study skills toolbar: indicating key ideas, supporting Highlighter (teacher-selected details, answers to questions. Be color code) and Circle sure to read the entire section of text first, then go back and make informed decisions about what to highlight or circle. o Different colors of highlighters/circles can be used to indicate specific categories of text selection. (e.g. Green-Topic and concluding sentences, Yellow=Key Ideas, Pink=examples, evidence and elaborations, Blue=new vocabulary) ! Writing Tools can be used to Write toolbar: support the writing of test Spell check and Word questions in Sticky Notes: prediction buttons o Speak as Typing o Speaking Spell Check o Word Prediction SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 Copyright Cambium Learning Technologies 20008 Page 4 of 6
  44. 44. Step 4 R2: Recite SQ3R Kurzweil 3000 What to use… Strategies Tools to support strategies Answer questions. ! Writing Tools can be used to Write toolbar: support the writing of answers to Spell check and Word Cover your reading test questions in Foot Notes: prediction buttons text and just focus on o Speak as Typing answering your o Speaking Spell Check questions – state o Word Prediction answers from memory. Reread any ! Footnote tool for writing answers Study skills toolbar: information related to to your self-generated questions. Footnote button questions you can’t The content of Footnotes is answer. hidden until the footnote is opened. Footnotes appear as Summarize numbered boxes within the text. Information. OR • Voice note tool can be used to Study skills toolbar: Voice insert a recording of your own button voice reciting answers to your questions. Note: Microphone is needed to record voice notes. OR • Extract Annotations feature can Study skills toolbar be used to extract the sticky notes Or File Menu and put them into a new Extract Annotations document. This document can be printed. • Tile Vertically feature can be Window ->Tile Vertically used to look at the textbook and your Sticky Note questions side- by-side. Later, answers to questions can be typed or dragged-and-dropped into the question document. SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 Copyright Cambium Learning Technologies 20008 Page 5 of 6
  45. 45. Step 5 R3: Review SQ3R Kurzweil 3000 What to do… Strategies Tools to support strategies Review/Study Notes ! Create a study guide using Study skills toolbar for retention of Extract Annotations feature. or File Menu information. This allows you to extract the Extract Annotations: sticky notes and footnotes put Make sure you can them into a new document to be answer all questions. used later. Try to recall main OR points of the text. • Create an outline by using Look over highlighted Extract Annotations to extract headings and questions highlighted notes with topics and and see if you can supporting details. remember the answers. The more time you Option: Window -> Tile Vertically spend reviewing, the ! Tile Vertically feature can be better able you will be used to look at the textbook on to remember the one side and your extracted Study information. guide with Sticky Note Questions and Footnote Answers on the other side. This can be helpful for reviewing the text and notes. ! Re-Read any sections of text for Main toolbar: Read button further reinforcement. For detailed instructions on how to use any of the Kurzweil 3000 features mentioned above, please refer to the Kurzweil 3000 “Help Menu” or to your Kurzweil 3000 Foundations Participant Workbook. Note: Kurzweil 3000 can be used to read tests aloud to students when they are required to demonstrate their understanding of curriculum content. It is also a powerful word processor with tools to support students through all stages of the writing process so that they can successfully express their knowledge through writing. SQ3R Strategies with Kurzweil 3000 Copyright Cambium Learning Technologies 20008 Page 6 of 6