Making the Move to Cloud Computing


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This presentation outlines the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of moving to Cloud Computing.

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Making the Move to Cloud Computing

  1. 1. MAKING THE MOVE TO CLOUD COMPUTING Mark Riley College of Health Sciences and Professions
  2. 2. TODAY’S OBJECTIVES Selling You on the Idea of Cloud Computing
  3. 3. Features, Advantages, Benefits • What are the features of cloud computing? • What are the advantages of moving to the cloud? • How will moving to the cloud benefit me?
  4. 4. FEATURES Making the Move to the Cloud
  5. 5. The Cloud Metaphor My Documents Office PC Home Desktop Laptop Smartphone iPad Public Computer
  6. 6. Data Centers The Cloud is actually a world wide grid of data centers with servers.
  7. 7. WAIT! What about the security and privacy of my data?
  8. 8. The Current Shift • Shift to web-based services • Businesses and large corporations are making a big push to move to the cloud. • Software is starting to make it’s move to the Cloud • Office 365 • Adobe • iWork and iCloud
  9. 9. THE GOOD NEWS There's a good chance you've already used some form of cloud computing, but you might not know it.
  10. 10. Data Management • A prerequisite skill for cloud computing. • Storing files in folders is very important. • File naming is also important.
  11. 11. ADVANTAGES Making the Move to the Cloud
  12. 12. OPERATING SYSTEM INDEPENDENT PC, Mac, Android, Linux, or other, they all speak Cloud.
  13. 13. INSTANT FILE SYNCING All your files, across all your devices.
  14. 14. SHARING Easily share files and folders with others.
  15. 15. MOBILITY Your files are always with you.
  16. 16. BENEFITS Making the Move to the Cloud
  17. 17. SIMPLICITY A simple, more-efficient form of data management.
  18. 18. ACCESSIBILITY Access your cloud from anywhere. The cloud is everywhere you go.
  19. 19. AUTOMATIC BACKUP Your data is constantly backed up in many locations.
  20. 20. FILE RESTORE Accidently delete a file? Restore it!
  21. 21. LOWER COMPUTER DEMANDS Your computer or mobile device no longer has to do all the heavy lifting.
  23. 23. Next Steps • Sign up for a cloud service • Create a folder in the cloud • Upload some documents to your cloud • Smartphone uploads
  24. 24. Tips and Tricks • Be cautious when accessing the cloud on Public computers. • Keep your personal stuff in one place and your work stuff in another. • Don’t go all in right off the bat. • You never have to go all in 100% with the cloud.
  25. 25. Frequently Asked Questions • How secure is cloud computing? • Can I un-share folders that I’ve shared? • Will it work if I have a PC and a Mac? • How do I get more storage?
  26. 26. Notable Cloud Applications • Evernote – your notes in the cloud • Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive – your files in the cloud • Office 365 – Microsoft Office in the cloud • Flickr – Your pictures in the cloud • Google Drive – Documents, storage, and more • Wunderlist – your To-Do list in the cloud
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