Best of Android, Windows and iPhone


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Best Out of Android, Windows and iPhone

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Best of Android, Windows and iPhone

  1. 1. The Best Out of Android, Windows and iPhone Presentation By : Aiman
  2. 2. The smartphone world is currently dominated by three major ecosystems: Google's Android, Microsoft Windows mobile platform and Apple's iPhone. While there are other mobile operating systems such as Blackberry and Firefox OS, these three systems currently hold more than ninety per cent of the cellphone and tablet market. There are several handset manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and Asus who use these operating systems on their devices. These systems have their own pros and cons, and often it becomes difficult to determine the ecosystem a mobile user should invest on. As per the market statistics, Android phones dominate the total sales since there are several handset makers who have adopted Google's mobile ecosystem. In fact, organizations like Samsung, HTC and LG are part of the "Open Handset Alliance", which is a consortium that develops the Android operating system in collaboration. The biggest advantage of Android is that it is an open source project, and there are several developers who are working on its development. Moreover, it is completely integrated with Google, and therefore, for users
  3. 3. who are dependent on Google services, this is the ideal phone to own. The app store currently hosts thousands of free apps, which is a major reason why most smartphone users prefer Android. On the flip side, the Android core system has several optimization issues. Since manufacturers are free to modify the software stack to include their customized offerings, the system is not always optimized for the associated hardware. Microsoft has a different strategy in the smartphone industry. Unlike its desktop version, it caters to a very specific market, and has limited manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC and Samsung to collaborate. While the hardware-software integration is near-perfect, there are several issues with the ecosystem, which is why it is not yet popular among the masses. Firstly, there are very few choices when it comes to applications. Secondly, it is more suited for business users who need to be in sync with Microsoft products like Office suite.
  4. 4. However, when it comes to innovation there is no competition for Apple and its iconic product, iPhone. The true pioneers of the smartphone industry, Apple has redefined the perception of mobile devices and continue to bring in innovations with every launch of a new version. It is a closed and proprietary system, but has extremely useful and advanced range of apps. However, it is targeted for high-end users, and therefore do not cater to the mass market in general.
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