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  • 1. British Columbia Salmon An Endangered Species
  • 2. Endangered Species
    • Endangered species are an important environmental issue for the Pacific Coast.
  • 3. Wild Pacific Salmon
    • Wild Pacific Salmon numbers are rapidly declining in Canada. Without government intervention, it faces potential extinction.
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  • 4. Awesome Statistics from Oceans Canada Total Pacific Salmon Catch in Million Tons 1986 - 2006
  • 5. What Can Be Done?
    • Canada has an excellent legislative tool for protecting endangered species called the Species At Risk Act (SARA).
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  • 6. SARA
    • A species at risk can be registered under five categories in Canada.
    Threatened Extirpated Special Concern Endangered Extinct
  • 7. How does SARA Work?
    • Scientists provide the assessment.
    • The federal Minister of the Environment makes a recommendation.
    • The spices is listed.
    • The listing includes legal protection.
    • A mandatory recovery plan is required.
  • 8. The Recovery Plan
    • Habitat Protection
    • Habitat Restoration
    • Creation of Artificial Habitat
    • Quotas on Catches
    • Salmon Hatcheries
  • 9. Salmon Hatcheries
    • Fertilizing Salmon Eggs
    • Raising Salmon Fry
  • 10. The Precedent
    • SARA has been used in the recovery effort with Atlantic Salmon, by listing it as an endangered species.
  • 11. Salmon In Other Pacific Rim Societies Threatened Endangered Washington X X Oregon X X California X X
  • 12. Pacific Canada’s Economy Total Value Pacific Salmon Catch Million Dollars 1986 – 2006 (Oceans Canada)
  • 13. Compliments of Best Fit Consulting 2358 – 349 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V6B 3W5 [email_address]