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How to write an a+ accounting dissertation
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How to write an a+ accounting dissertation


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How to write an a+ accounting dissertation by

How to write an a+ accounting dissertation by

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. How to Write an A+ Accounting Dissertation Presented by
  • 2. The success of your dissertation is determined byyour choice of topic. This therefore means thatthe key to a successful dissertation lies in yourthesis. Use the following systematic guide to writeyour accounting dissertation.
  • 3. 1. Choose a suitable topicIn your quest for a perfect dissertation topic, askyourself: Whether the topic is interesting Whether it is worth researching Whether there is an ample resource for information on the topic Whether the topic has been tackled by other researchers
  • 4. 2. Research processOnce you have the topic, you can beginresearching for your accounting dissertation.Remember that accounting works closely withother disciplines. You will find information usefulinformation from different areas. This is not aneasy task and not an impossible one.
  • 5. To succeed you need:A strong will power, passion, right attitudeand commitmentAdequate time to complete thedissertationBe open and liberal to new ideas becauseyou might meet conflicts in differentaccounting areas.
  • 6. 3. The writing processAccounting dissertation follows a similar structureas any other dissertation. It should have thefollowingAbstract- this section gives a brief account ofthe dissertation to the reader.Introduction- it introduces the thesis, statesyour research objectives and significance ofresearch.
  • 7.  Literature review- provides theoretical knowledge and reviews previous research on the topic. Methodology- it states the instruments, procedures and participants in the research process
  • 8. 3. The writing process Data presentation- presents findings using tables, chats, graphs, diagrams and illustrations Data analysis- this section studies and interprets the findings Suggestions- it recommends areas of the research that require further research
  • 9. Conclusion- provides a summary of theReference- consists of a list of sources used toAppendixes- it lists down any tables, graphs,
  • 10. Look at current research publications bypredecessors. Take time to analyze theinformation critically. Be open minded whenreviewing other publications. Often mostresearchers pay more attention to publicationsthat concur with their ideas and disregard thosethat do not.
  • 11. To triumph in accounting dissertation, you needto put a lot of effort in it. Writing a dissertation isnot an easy task. Massive knowledge on thedissertation topic, energy, and effort is required.Plan your dissertation and allocate adequate timeto each section.
  • 12. For more information on writing accounting dissertations, consult experts At
  • 13. THANK YOU