How to present dissertation findings


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How to present dissertation findings by

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How to present dissertation findings

  1. 1. How to Present Dissertation Findings Presented by
  2. 2. If you want to present your findings the correctway, remember the following:  That you should present clear and unbiased findings  That you should presents findings only covered by the research
  3. 3.  That you should never include own opinions in your findings That you should never interpret findings in this section That you should present your findings using the same citation style used in other sections.
  4. 4. When it comes to presenting dissertationfindings, you should ensure you presentaccurate results. You can use figures, tables, andcharts to present accurate data. Limit your useof figures and tables to present only the mostsignificant findings.
  5. 5. Dissertation findings should only be based onfacts as deduce from the research. Moststudents fail to execute results of their researchbecause of adding information not present inthe research. Avoid the temptation to interpretresults in this section.
  6. 6. How you present the results also significantlydetermines the success of your dissertationproject. Just like the introduction andmethodology section, results section should takea formal style. This is a formal presentation;therefore, it should project the seriousness itdeserves.
  7. 7. Qualitative research includes interviews, videos,and artifacts and usually takes the humanapproach. Quantitative research on the otherhand heavily relies on statistical data such as intables, charts, and figures. Qualitative researchoften appears in the discussion section.
  8. 8. Dissertation findings section should show thereader that you understand what you are talkingabout. It should also show that your researchwas comprehensive. This section thereforedepends heavily on your introduction andmethodology section.
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